Maybe I’m a Leo but I ain’t a Lion

Mom always said of the month of March – if it comes in like a lion, it’ll go out like a lamb. Well it sure felt like a lion this week as temps dipped, we received heavy precipitation and saw severe weather return to the state. Matt stayed up at school again this week. Abby had ups and downs this week but kept up her breakneck pace of life. Luke started up his next sports season. Ann continued to struggle with her knees and finally made an appointment with the doctor to get another shot. And I continued to ramp up my workouts while still nursing my sore ankle. Hello again and welcome to the Scheu Family Blog.
We had a cool, rainy start to the week on Monday morning. It was a long day for both Ann & I. I got out after work and walked two and half miles. Ann worked on After Prom stuff for most of the evening. Luke had track after school then Ann took him to Hibbett’s for a new pair of running shoes. I need to have her get me a pair as well since I’ve worn mine out already. Abby was in early to school to work on math stuff. After a long day, she came home and wasn’t feeling well still. She rested for a while then went on to Dixon for her technique class. When she came home, she fell fast asleep. I enjoyed adding my new Hot Wheels from last week in to my database and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

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Poor Abs was still not feeling well on Tuesday morning and ended up going in to school late, missing Student Council. Ann & I ran Lukey in to school and put in another long day at work. It didn’t help that it was another rainy one – blah! Luke had track practice. Abby missed soccer practice due to working at Wings & Rings until late after school let out. I got in three miles of walking after work. Luke & I enjoyed watching the big Purdue / Indiana rivalry game that night. It was Senior Night with a lot on the line. It was your typical PU/IU game that was closely-contended. It was so loud in Mackey that I felt like I was there! The Boilers prevailed and won the Big 10 conference championship! It was quite possibly the final home game for Swanigan. I mean, I hope he comes back for his junior year (the Big Dog did!), but wouldn’t blame Biggie for jumping to the pros if he had the chance. It was quite the scene. Even if they don’t win another game this year, at least they swept IU and beat them to win the conference title! We had severe thunderstorm warnings late and overnight but thankfully no tornadoes.
Wednesday was another cold, rainy start to the day. The severe weather we had during the overnight hours caused power outages, debris in the roadway and flooding in several areas around us. Thankfully our neighborhood was untouched, our route was clear and at least my work had no issues. Ann, on the other hand, had no power at her North Vernon office and no phones at the Columbus office all day. She worked late then went out to eat with her scrapping buddies at BWR. I pushed my ankle a little harder, walking a 5K after work and had to ice/elevate it all night. In fact it ached the rest of the week. Abby went in early to school again to meet with her math teacher then presented colors at the sectional game (not the Greensburg game) that evening as a part of Pirateers. Ann took Bu to jazz class at Dixon where we learned that next weekend will work out after all as she will take the SAT on Saturday and then have dance competition on Sunday. Luke had track after school. It was a cold, blustery day and night. Bu & Duke both nursed broken hearts that night. 🙁 Here are random pictures from this week.

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Abby did her SAT prep class after school on Thursday then went on to the dance studio for tap class, where Ann met up with her. Luke had track then cleaned his room. I got in a couple miles of walking after work then iced my ankle all night. We felt bad for Matt. He had a very unique opportunity this weekend. As you may know, Indianapolis hosts the NFL Scouting Combines where the incoming rookie class goes through various workouts for NFL scouts ahead of the pro draft. Matt had the opportunity to work the event and be up front and close with these future stars. He had made it through the first round and was given a job but was too late in following up this week with the proper person and the role ended up getting filled by someone else. Too bad too, as there was an important record broken as the 40 yard dash time was shattered with a time of 4.2 by John Ross – wow! He should make a big splash in the league next year. Hopefully he will get the chance again next year and I know he won’t make the same mistake twice.
I was in early to work on Friday to meet my new corporate overlord. No but really; he turned out to be really cool and we had a nice visit. I went out to eat with Dennis & Lenny at Camilla’s after he left. It was good but what made it even better was going junkin’ afterwards and coming out with a jar of old Hot Wheels. Luke had a good track practice after school. Abby went to technique class then hurried home so Ann & I could take the kids to ElRep for dinner & a margarita. We came home and watched Moana, one of the newer Disney movies, until we all fell asleep towards the end of it. We’ll have to watch it again to see how it ended! We have tons of social media pictures to share this week: Abby solo and with friends; congrats to Baker for making it in to West Point!; Lynz & fam; the Guards; Purdue had a big week; Bill Paxton died; Simpsons stuff; Hot Wheels stuff; Judge Wapner died; the newest Scheu; more Bu; Lukey; and Paul & Pat.

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The kids were up and out the door early on Saturday for haircuts in Columbus with Jami. Abby came home and went right in to work. Ann enjoyed a quiet day as I picked up Luke from Innovations and headed on to Martinsville to go play Air Soft at Spec Ops Group, an indoor air soft & paint ball facility. It appears to have been an old Marsh from the look of it. We played for several hours with a group of about ten guys. Afterwards we grabbed lunch and hit a huge indoor flea market for another couple hours. Boy did we get plenty of exercise! When I got home, I headed straight for the Advil and elevated/iced my ankle the rest of the night. Ann “made” Papa John’s and a big salad for dinner then we watched movies all night – Shut In, Passengers, the classic Full Metal Jacket and finally Arrival. I was so wound up that night from the day’s activities that I finally had to force myself to go to bed at 3 in the morning.
We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning, to say the least. We eventually got up and started in on our weekly household chores. It was a calm day, spent on the couch chilling. We watched the three NASCAR races and replays of all the UFC fights from last night. Abby eventually got up and went junkin’ with Megan then ran to the Bowl for Kids Sake event out at Parkside Lanes before heading up to Indy to go dress shopping with Kuyhlia. Luke spent most of his day in the woods to set up his course for Air Soft wars. Drew came over in the afternoon and they were out there until dinner. Ann tried to cook flank steaks on the grill but I couldn’t keep it lit – I’ll have to clean it out sometime this week and see if I have something clogging the lines. “Linner” was amazing between the steak, the parmesan potatoes and salad…yum! The food from the Green BEAN delivery service is so good. I think the whole meal was from them. Luke & I watched Purdue face local boy Bryant McIntosh & Northwestern. Just like last time, the teams were both very physical and it was close all the way. It was the final conference game of the year for the Boilers before the tourney starts next week. They pulled out another W to end the regular season on a high note. They next play Friday against the winner of Michigan & Illinois. After the game, we watched the Walking Dead & Talking Dead, which is the perfect way to end the weekend…
Next up is our Waybac section which continues to include our young family at the turn of the century in our old house from our next six photo albums. We lead off this week with in March of 1999 for Matt’s birthday party on Main St; then a month later for Easter Day on Main St in April 1999; next is Ann with her BFFs and their first-borns on Main St in August 1999; and then Christmas break on Main St in December 1999; then on to the new century with Matt riding in the Barney-mobile for the first time in April 2000, outside the Main St home; then up to Rossville to visit Mom & Dad and get Easter baskets in April 2000; next we head down to Florida for a dip in the Gulf of Mexico outside the Sand Pebble in May 2000; next we head out to Westport in July 2000 to meet our new niece, Grace; then out to Brown County to a party at the Drews in September 2000; Memaw & Bu in September 2000; over to Gma & Gigi’s house on Christmas Eve in December 2000; putting up the Christmas tree on Main St in December 2000; then Matt’s 5th birthday party on Main St in March 2001.

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We wind up this entry with our video section which includes only one short home movie this week and a few from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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