Here I Am…Rock You like a Hurricane

It has been a lovely week since we last checked in with you from here in southcentral Indiana. We saw the first leaves fall as we mowed over a couple dozen that fell off our tulip tree in the back yard this weekend. Fall sports are in full swing. Luke tasted victory again this week while it alluded Abs. But Abby was in the paper for soccer whereas Luke’s game was hardly even mentioned. I really wish we enjoyed the same coverage of youth sports that I had up in LaPorte. Every game of every sport had coverage it seemed. It’s not like there’s a huge amount of sports in this little town, so it wouldn’t take too much effort to communicate with each other – especially in this electronic age. We visited a couple college campuses this week and several colleges came to the high school as well. We got to spend a little quality time with family we don’t see enough of and finally got to watch Abby dance this week. We got to see Matt for a few minutes even though he stayed up at school this week. It’s been nice having the house open all week with this wonderful weather, though the wet stuff is on its way. We followed Hurricane Irma closely as it approached our friends and family in FLA. At the time of this writing, it was estimated to hit the Tampa / St. Pete area head-on about Sunday night at midnight, which means our little Sand Pebble may take a battering tonight. We hope Rob & Sharon stay safe as they decided to ride out the storm from their Seminole home, but they aren’t in a mandatory evacuation area. As for Dad B, he’s safe up in New Jersey with Ms. Lynn, for which we are thankful. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

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Monday was Labor Day – Ann, the kids & I all had the day off. Abby had to get up early for soccer practice while the rest of us enjoyed sleeping in. Luke had the day off from football. Abs also had an informal Pirateers practice with her friends. Ann made it home safely from FLA, early that morning – despite the heavy fog in the area. She slept for a few hours then got up and unpacked. Ann & I took Luke out for lunch at Chilis while Bu worked at Wings & Rings. Matt stayed up at school this week. Luke spent the day out with his neighborhood buddies. Later, Luke & I did weekly fluid PMs to the vehicles and tried to change the headlight in Black Betty. But it turns out they don’t sell that bulb and you have to go through a dealership to have it installed due to the risk of electrocution – that would’ve been nice to know BEFORE we already had the damn bulb out! Luke drove the Pacifica on Park Rd a couple times when we did Chinese fire drills at the stop sign and he drove us home from the stop sign by the golf course. It was his first time to drive on an open circuit like that. Later he had an ice bath to sooth his muscles and then we watched Star Wars movies until bedtime.

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Abs was up early and out the door for Student Council. Later she had a doctor appointment in Columbus to try and figure out these headaches. Ann & I had long days at work. I walked 3 miles afterwards on a pretty day. Abby had a soccer game after school. Mom & Sandy attended both Bu’s game and later Luke’s football game. Abby got the start at midfield vs. Seymour. The girls hung tight and finally got one of their starts back from a concussion. They were tied through most of the 1st half but once the dam broke, it came flooding in. The Owls were up by 4 at the half and ended up beating the Lady Pirates, 0-9. I left early in the 2nd half and walked over to the football game to get set up to tape Luke and the 8th grade Pirates face Indian Creek. Mom & Sandy came over just as the game was starting. Ann, Abby & Trevin joined us at Shriver Field after the soccer game ended at the Pirate Pitch. Luke was again captain and got to call the toss. I don’t think we’ve won a toss yet this year! He played fullback, flanker, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, kickoff return, kickoff team and kicker. The boys came out strong and as good as the defense looked, the offense really dominated. There are still some work to be done – especially with the outside of our line, but the boys played well enough to hold on and win 28-16. Their record now stands at 4-2 on the year. Luke’s stats for the game: he had 5 rushes for 28 yards as well as had one kickoff return for 6 yards for a total of 34 yards on the game. He had 9 tackles and 1 hurry during a blitz. He did not feel 100% for the game, so I give him kudos for sucking it up and playing as hard as he could that night. He also handled 4 of the 5 kickoffs – 26 (into a strong wind), 30 (went out of bounds with aid from that strong cross wind), 18 (on-side) and a nice, 51-yarder! The backdrop was really cool with a huge harvest moon with just a hint of clouds, which made the sky look really cool. We ended up going out for dinner at BWR for beer & wings night then came home and uploaded the video to Hudl for the coaches and players to utilize in the morning.

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Ann had lots of meetings at work on Wednesday. My day went fast and then I walked a 5K afterward on another gorgeous afternoon in the 70s. Luke had football practice after school. Abby went from soccer practice to the annual college fair (where she both worked and toured) and then on to tap and jazz dance classes at Dixon. Ann enjoyed a girls’ night out with her scrapbooking friends. Luke & I had a quiet night at home then when Bu got home, we watched the season premiere of AHS Cult. It was creepy at times but also a little slow-moving at others, so we hope it picks up a little next week.

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Abby had Pirateers before school on Thursday morning. After a long day of classes, Bu had soccer practice and then got her nails done that evening and went out with friends. Luke had football practice. It was another fast day at work for Ann & I. I got in another 5K after work but my feet really hurt afterwards. I have to get some new shoes soon! It was opening night for the NFL and we tried to have a coaches meeting at the Sunken Boat Bar… but since DirecTV doesn’t have NBC, we ended up moving to Rick’s RV. By the time they got it sorted out, I was over it and ended up staying home so I could be up early tomorrow. Sorry I missed being able to razz Coach Nobbe as the Patriots lost their home opener. Later, Luke & Ms. Jenna went out for a moonlight walk around the neighborhood that night. Here are some random pictures from our adventures this week.

sis17.09.47 sis17.09.48 sis17.09.49 sis17.09.50 sis17.09.51 sis17.09.52 sis17.09.53 sis17.09.54 sis17.09.55 sis17.09.56 sis17.09.57 sis17.09.58 sis17.09.59 sis17.09.60 sis17.09.61 sis17.09.62 sis17.09.63 sis17.09.64 sis17.09.65 sis17.09.66 sis17.09.67 sis17.09.70 sis17.09.71 sis17.09.72 sis17.09.73 sis17.09.74 sis17.09.75 sis17.09.76 sis17.09.77 sis17.09.78 sis17.09.79 sis17.09.81 sis17.09.80 smp17.09.143

We were up early on Friday morning. Ann & I took off from work to run Abby up to Purdue for her first college visit. She would also like to tour IU, Franklin and maybe U Indy as well. There may even be another couple schools on her radar as well, so we’ll see. West Lafayette was beautiful and the tour was very nice. We did a lot of walking, which meant murder for Ann’s knees and my feet. Abby really liked campus; hell, I wanted to go back to school after seeing it myself! I was especially glad to see her like a school that had an active Greek life, as it made such an impact in my life. It was a gorgeous day for a walk around campus. After the visit, we met up with Dad & Barb for lunch at Route 66 Diner (it is an affiliate of the old XXX, where we wanted to eat, but thought it would be too busy with all the students). It was really good. We all enjoyed a mug or two of XXX root beer with our lunch. I had the Ryan Kerrigan burger, which is a large burger with their XXX chili – yum! We had a nice visit with Mom & Dad S then drove down to the U Indy campus to see Matthew. He looked good and was excited to be back in his apartment. He was excited to go watch Ms. Jessi play a concert over the weekend. We dropped off some stuff and had a short visit out in the parking lot before heading back out on the road. We got home and Abby quickly got ready and headed over to school to practice some last-minute dance stuff and finish getting ready. Big thanks to Gma, who took Luke to school then picked him up from football afterwards. That night, Abby danced with her Pirateers at pregame of the varsity football gave vs. Lawrenceburg. They did not dance at halftime due to the county band performing (all three Messer kids are in the all-star band). Ann & I left after their performance to go get something to eat on date night. Luke spent time with Jenna at the game then rode to Tyler’s house with a buddy where he spent the night. Matt & Jessi went out for dinner and to see the new IT movie. Abby & Trevin also went out to eat then went to see IT. Ann & I walked in to ElRep only to see that it was full. We were given the choice to wait for a table or sit with Abs & Trevin. We decided to make it a double date with the kids, who were surprised to see us…but were cool with us joining them, since they assumed we’d pay for dinner! We came home and the kids went on to their movie. Ann & I watched the Boilers win their home opener over Ohio. It was the first win for Coach Brohm and the supposedly the first night game win at Ross-Aide. Their record is now 1-1.

acv17.01 acv17.02 acv17.03 acv17.04 acv17.05 acv17.06 acv17.07 acv17.08 acv17.09 acv17.10 acv17.11 acv17.12 acv17.13 acv17.14 acv17.15 acv17.16 acv17.17 acv17.18 acv17.19 acv17.20 acv17.21 acv17.22 acv17.23 acv17.24 acv17.25 acv17.26 acv17.27 acv17.28 acv17.29 acv17.30 acv17.31 acv17.32 acv17.33 acv17.34 acv17.35 acv17.36 acv17.37 acv17.38 acv17.39 acv17.40 acv17.41 acv17.42 acv17.43 acv17.44 acv17.45 acv17.46 acv17.47 acv17.48 acv17.49 acv17.50 acv17.51 acv17.52 acv17.53 acv17.54 acv17.55 acv17.56 acv17.57 acv17.58 acv17.59 acv17.60 acv17.61 acv17.62

Ann & Abby were up early and on the road again on Saturday morning. This time they went to Columbus to do some shopping and breakfast then headed up to Zionsville to spend time with the Bryan-side of the family during Dena Marie’s bridal shower. Matt did not have to work this weekend, so he stayed up at school for the weekend to see Jessi’s concert. Luke came home early that morning so we could get started with yard work. We mowed & trimmed the yard, trimmed the trees and planted flowers out front. Next we cleaned the vehicles & did fluid PMs. Afterward we grabbed lunch at the Bell then went HW hunting for a couple hours. We later came home so I could write out bills while and Luke ran around with his neighborhood buddies. Later, Abby went to work at Wings and Ann made buffalo chicken nachos for dinner. We had a quiet night at home, catching up on our DVR’ed shows.

apl17.01 apl17.02 apl17.03 apl17.04 apl17.05 apl17.06 apl17.07 apl17.08 apl17.09 apl17.10 apl17.11 apl17.12 apl17.13 apl17.14 apl17.15 apl17.16 apl17.17 apl17.18 apl17.19 apl17.20 apl17.21 apl17.22 apl17.23 apl17.24 apl17.25 apl17.26 apl17.27 apl17.28 apl17.28a apl17.29 apl17.30 apl17.31 apl17.32 apl17.33 apl17.34 apl17.35 apl17.36 apl17.37 apl17.38 apl17.39 apl17.40 apl17.41

We finally got to sleep in on a chilly Sunday morning then slowly got up and began our weekly household chores. We watched NASCAR & NFL Red Zone while Ann made egg casserole for brunch. Abby worked at BWR again. Later, Luke & Ann went to Columbus to do some shopping while I took a nap and watched football. It was good to have football on Sundays again…and I forgot how much I love Red Zone! The Colts looked awful. Abs came home and took a long nap before getting up to go pickup Pizza King for dinner. Ann & Luke came back with new clothes, including some new stuff for me. I am anxious to wear my new shoes. I have a new pair for walking as well as a new pair for everyday…my feet are already smiling! We ended our week by watching the Cowboys / Giants game on Sunday Night Football. It was a great way to wind down another busy week. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp17.09.17 smp17.09.18 smp17.09.19 smp17.09.20 smp17.09.21 smp17.09.22 smp17.09.23 smp17.09.24 smp17.09.25 smp17.09.26 smp17.09.27 smp17.09.28 smp17.09.29 smp17.09.30 smp17.09.31 smp17.09.32 smp17.09.33 smp17.09.34 smp17.09.35 smp17.09.36 smp17.09.37 smp17.09.38 smp17.09.39 smp17.09.40 smp17.09.41 smp17.09.42 smp17.09.43 smp17.09.44 smp17.09.45 smp17.09.46 smp17.09.47 smp17.09.48 smp17.09.49 smp17.09.50 smp17.09.51 smp17.09.52 smp17.09.53 smp17.09.54 smp17.09.55 smp17.09.56 smp17.09.57 smp17.09.58 smp17.09.59 smp17.09.60 smp17.09.61 smp17.09.62 smp17.09.63 smp17.09.64 smp17.09.65 smp17.09.66 smp17.09.67 smp17.09.68 smp17.09.69 smp17.09.70 smp17.09.71 smp17.09.72 smp17.09.73 smp17.09.74 smp17.09.75 smp17.09.76 smp17.09.77 smp17.09.78 smp17.09.79 smp17.09.80 smp17.09.81 smp17.09.82 smp17.09.83 smp17.09.84 smp17.09.85 smp17.09.86 smp17.09.87 smp17.09.88 smp17.09.89 smp17.09.90 smp17.09.91 smp17.09.92 smp17.09.93 smp17.09.94 smp17.09.95 smp17.09.96 smp17.09.97 smp17.09.98 smp17.09.99 smp17.09.100 smp17.09.101 smp17.09.102 smp17.09.103 smp17.09.104 smp17.09.105 smp17.09.106 smp17.09.107 smp17.09.108 smp17.09.109 smp17.09.110 smp17.09.111 smp17.09.112 smp17.09.113 smp17.09.114 smp17.09.115 smp17.09.116 smp17.09.117 smp17.09.118 smp17.09.119 smp17.09.120 smp17.09.121 smp17.09.122 smp17.09.123 smp17.09.124 smp17.09.125 smp17.09.126 smp17.09.127 smp17.09.128 smp17.09.129 smp17.09.130 smp17.09.131 smp17.09.132 smp17.09.133 smp17.09.134 smp17.09.135 smp17.09.136 smp17.09.137 smp17.09.138 smp17.09.139 smp17.09.140 smp17.09.141 smp17.09.142

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to include pictures from the last turn of the century. We lead off this time with a few golden oldies of Mom O with her friends and family back in the mid-fifties; then we fast-forward to June 1984 for a nice montage, likely put together by Mom O for Keith’s high school graduation; next we fast-forward again to August 2001 for a day of play out at the park, here in Greensburg; then we have Abby’s 2nd birthday party at the Ryle house in September 2001; Matt’s 6th birthday at the Parkside Bowling Lanes in March 2002; Matt playing t-ball in June 2002 at the YMCA; the fair parade in July 2002; yet another Scheu family wedding – this time it was Kimmy & Chuck in September 2002 in Lafayette; Cookies with Santa in Columbus in December 2002 and finally more of our 1st glimpses of our little Lukey in December 2002.

Waybac.1955.mamaf01 Waybac.1955.mamaf02 Waybac.1955.mamaf03 Waybac.1955.mamaf04 Waybac.1955.mamaf05 Waybac.1955.mamaf06 Waybac.1984.06.kogp01 Waybac.2001.08.patp05 Waybac.2001.08.patp06 Waybac.2001.08.patp07 Waybac.2001.08.patp08 Waybac.2001.09.abdp25 Waybac.2001.09.abdp26 Waybac.2001.09.abdp27 Waybac.2001.09.abdp28 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba25 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba26 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba27 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba28 Waybac.2002.06.mtby05 Waybac.2002.06.mtby06 Waybac.2002.07.fp05 Waybac.2002.07.fp06 Waybac.2002.09.kacw01 Waybac.2002.09.kacw02 Waybac.2002.09.kacw03 Waybac.2002.09.kacw04 Waybac.2002.12.cws01 Waybac.2002.12.cws02 Waybac.2002.12.lasus05 Waybac.2002.12.lasus06

We have an entry this week in the Shit that Luke Says column. We were eating at Chili’s and he was trying to figure out what to eat. We suggested that he get the bacon burger. He said he would but that he wanted a cheeseburger. We told him that it was a cheeseburger with bacon on it and he says, “Ohhhh…I thought they meant it was a patty made of bacon!” …crazy kid…but interesting idea…hmm….

We wrap up with our video section which includes five new family movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma. We hope that our friends and family in Florida stay safe these next few days…
Later, Scheu

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