Ooh…Let’s Have a Party!

It was a hot summer week that was thankfully a little slower than the last one. We had a couple days off to recover from the activities of last weekend. We said goodbye to Dad and the gals and returned to work after a week off. It was a scorcher, making it especially hard on Luke who had a crazy week of baseball games, basketball practice and games as well as two-a-day football practices. Abby continued to train for her final dance, later this month at Nationals in Ohio as well as work and spend time with her friends and Trevin. She has especially enjoyed tooling around in the Crossfire this week – thanks to Gigi! Matt continued to enjoy time away from school by working his butt off at Aspen Place as well as outdoors with his exercise routine and managed to spend some quality time with Taylor as well. Ann continued to struggle with her knees and work towards finishing up Abby’s scrapbooks – there are so many of them! I finally got back on to my keto diet and resumed my workouts. However, I fell short of my goal this week with only 11 miles of walking in the blistering heat. And finally, we passed a milestone that is particularly important in my life. Saturday would’ve been Mom & Dad’s 40th anniversary…which of course means it was Dad & I’s 40th anniversary as well. Thanks to him for all he’s done in my life – I wouldn’t be the person I am today without his guidance and wisdom through the years – thank you, sir. Hello; and welcome to the Scheu Family Blog. We’ve got a ton of pictures to share this time out, so let’s get to it.

Ann & I had Monday off to recover from last weekend. We enjoyed sleeping in – including Luke, who missed the early football practice while staying at Tyler’s house last night. They did manage to make it to basketball practice where he not only had fun but was invited by the varsity coach to dress and come play JV ball that night in Shelbyville! Of course, that means he had to miss football practice that evening, so that can’t happen again. It was a good opportunity to show his stuff in front of the coaches. He played power forward in both games – Columbus North (lost by 20) and Triton Central (won by 1). Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it that evening. Taylor drove back home and Matt went in to work at Aspen Place. Abby drove Trevin home then went to work at Wings & Rings. Ann, Luke & I met up with Dad & Lynn at BWR to see Bu and grab lunch. We came back and I worked on the car’s brake lights. Tyler came over and we ran them to the high school where they caught the buses to Shelbyville to play their basketball games. I hope someone got a few pictures of the boys. Meanwhile, Abby & I went for a cruise in the Crossfire and Dad & Lynn came over and we visited one last time, ending up out back for some patio time. Abby & Ann joined us out back and eventually Matt and Trevin as well as Bryan & Angie came out and we played cornhole in the back yard. As has become the tradition, Bryan helped me kill off the leftover keg from the graduation party yesterday. We played for several hours and we polished it off with the help form Matt – only this time, there was no heart attack! That night, we said goodbye to Dad & Lynn, who were leaving early the next morning. Abby & Trevin kept me company on the back porch until late into the night and Trevin ended up staying over. It was a great way to wrap up this party weekend and the celebration that is everything Abigail! Here are pictures of Abby’s high school graduation last weekend.

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Matt was up early for work again on Tuesday. Trevin followed suit a couple hours later. Abby, Ann & I had the day off. Luke enjoyed sleeping in as well. We eventually got around to doing our weekly household chores. I finally got the brake lights working on Black Betty and ran a few errands, including getting the keg & accessories back to the Party Shoppe and the awesome stereo equipment and cooler on wheels back to the Messers. Dad & Lynn started their trek back to NJ that morning as well. Abby went to Julia’s house to go swimming and a little while later, Luke ended up over there as well to see Miss Jenna. Matt came home and went for a run on a hot day in the 90s. Abby came back and went to dance class at Dixon. Later, Abs & Matt went to dinner at ElRep while Luke went to football practice for 3 ½ hours. They had a kid go down with heat exhaustion at practice and had to be taken to the hospital (he was fine). We finished getting the house back together and prepped to return to work for the first time in a week.

It was back to work for Ann & I on Wednesday morning. I won’t lie; it sucked. Thankfully, we both had fast days then I walked a 5K for the first time in a week on a perfect day in the upper 70s – man it was gorgeous! We were relieved to hear that Dad & Lynn made it back safely to their beach house…but boy, I don’t envy that drive. Abby worked at BWR then went to Julia’s to go swimming again until after dark. Matt worked at Aspen where he saw Gigi again. She must’ve had some sort of promotion going on out there. He came home and did some cross-training workout. He had the barbell and weights out in the front yard, was doing 100 pushups & sit-ups and was doing laps around the neighborhood. We are so proud of him and how hard he is working to stay healthy. Afterward, he drove to Centerville to spend the night with Miss Taylor. Luke had basketball practice early that morning. When Ann & I got back in to town that evening, we picked him and Booney up and drove them to Brookville to play baseball vs. the FC Dairy Cottage. When we got there, we were surprised to see two teams already on the field! After a minor freak-out, we finally got it worked out…well sort of. We played a very unique game – in fact, I can honestly say that in the 40+ years of my time in the sport, I’ve never had this happen before…we faced both of the Franklin County teams simultaneously by facing the Dairy Cottage team in the odd innings and the blue FC team in the even innings. We beat the DC team by 5 but lost to the other team (not sure what their name was?) by 8; so overall we still lost the game, 6-9. Luke played the whole game at catcher and hit 3rd, going 1-3 with a double, a pop-up and a strikeout. He had an RBI and scored a run as well. The loss dropped us to 0-7 on the year. We stopped by the Batesville Skyline on our way home to eat dinner with Bryan & Angie. The boys (Drew, Skylar, Luke & Booney) had a good time – a little too good of a time. They were in rare form and laughed the entire time, leaving quite the mess for the poor little waitress to clean up. We dropped Booney off and came home where Luke showered and went to bed, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He complained of his back hurting again, requesting to not catch on Friday. I gave him my sheet I received from the doctor when my back was hurting and encouraged him to do the stretches to loosen and strengthen those lower back muscles. Let’s hope it helps to give him some relief. Here are pictures of Abby’s graduation party last weekend.

agp18.01 agp18.02 agp18.03 agp18.04 agp18.05 agp18.06 agp18.07 agp18.08 agp18.09 agp18.10 agp18.11 agp18.12 agp18.13 agp18.14 agp18.15 agp18.16 agp18.17 agp18.18 agp18.19 agp18.20 agp18.21 agp18.22 agp18.23 agp18.24 agp18.25 agp18.26 agp18.27 agp18.28 agp18.29 agp18.30 agp18.31 agp18.32 agp18.33 agp18.34 agp18.35 agp18.36 agp18.37 agp18.38 agp18.39 agp18.40 agp18.41 agp18.42 agp18.43 agp18.44 agp18.45 agp18.46 agp18.47 agp18.48 agp18.49 agp18.50 agp18.51 agp18.52 agp18.53 agp18.54 agp18.55 agp18.56 agp18.57 agp18.58 agp18.59 agp18.60 agp18.61 agp18.62 agp18.63 agp18.64 agp18.65 agp18.66 agp18.67 agp18.68 agp18.69 agp18.70 agp18.71 agp18.72 agp18.73 agp18.74 agp18.75 agp18.76 agp18.77 agp18.78 agp18.79 agp18.80 agp18.81 agp18.82 agp18.83 agp18.84 agp18.85 agp18.86 agp18.87 agp18.88 agp18.89 agp18.90 agp18.91 agp18.92 agp18.93 agp18.94 agp18.95 agp18.96 agp18.97 agp18.98 agp18.99 agp18.100 agp18.101 agp18.102 agp18.103 agp18.104 agp18.105 agp18.106 agp18.107 agp18.108 agp18.109 agp18.110 agp18.111 agp18.112 agp18.113 agp18.114 agp18.115 agp18.116 agp18.117 agp18.118 agp18.119 agp18.120 agp18.121 agp18.122 agp18.123 agp18.124 agp18.125 agp18.126 agp18.127 agp18.128 agp18.129 agp18.130 agp18.131 agp18.132 agp18.133 agp18.134 agp18.135 agp18.136 agp18.137 agp18.138 agp18.139 agp18.140 agp18.141 agp18.142 agp18.143 agp18.144 agp18.145 agp18.146 agp18.147 agp18.148 agp18.149 agp18.150 agp18.151 agp18.152 agp18.153 agp18.154 agp18.155 agp18.156 agp18.157 agp18.158 agp18.159 agp18.160 agp18.161 agp18.162 agp18.163 agp18.164 agp18.165 agp18.166 agp18.167 agp18.168 agp18.169 agp18.170 agp18.171 agp18.172 agp18.173 agp18.174 agp18.175 agp18.176 agp18.177 agp18.178 agp18.179 agp18.180 agp18.181 agp18.182 agp18.183

I was grudgingly up early on Thursday to run Luke to football practice. He did not have to stick around afterward to attend basketball practice as the team travelled to play in a tourney, so Gma brought him home to rest before having football practice again that night. After completing his chores, Luke went to Drew’s house for the afternoon. Matt spent the day with Taylor then drove home that night. Bu worked at Wings & Rings again then spent the evening with Trevin before he left for vacation the next morning. Ann & I had another fast day at work. I walked about three sweaty miles after work on a scorching day then got my phone screen protector replacement set up at Best Buy. We came home to rest for a moment then I ran out to watch the football team practice defense on a pretty evening. Afterward, I ran Luke & Drew out the Messers where the boys went swimming in the pond. Ann got all her pictures printed off for her scrapbooking adventure this weekend. When I got back home, I spent a couple hours scanning in a ton of various items that we’ve accumulated over the last month or so. I’ll have those to share in the coming weeks. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis18.06.01 sis18.06.02 sis18.06.03 sis18.06.04 sis18.06.05 sis18.06.06 sis18.06.07 sis18.06.08 sis18.06.09 sis18.06.10 sis18.06.11 sis18.06.12 sis18.06.13 sis18.06.14 sis18.06.15 sis18.06.16 sis18.06.17 sis18.06.18 sis18.06.19 sis18.06.20 sis18.06.21 sis18.06.22 sis18.06.23 sis18.06.24 sis18.06.25 sis18.06.26 sis18.06.27 sis18.06.28 sis18.06.29 sis18.06.30 sis18.06.31 sis18.06.32 sis18.06.33 sis18.06.34 sis18.06.35 sis18.06.36 sis18.06.37 sis18.06.38 sis18.06.39 sis18.06.40 sis18.06.41 sis18.06.42 sis18.06.43 sis18.06.44 sis18.06.45 sis18.06.46 sis18.06.47 sis18.06.48 sis18.06.49 sis18.06.50 sis18.06.51 sis18.06.52 sis18.06.53 sis18.06.54

Friday was another early one for Matt, as he worked 1st shift at the old folks’ home. Ann & I followed suit with me taking Barney to Columbus for the first time in over a month. Later, Abby worked yet again at the restaurant. Luke got to sleep in at the Messer’s, coming home in the afternoon. Why is it that when you have a few days off, the rest of the week feels like a Monday every day? It was another long one for me before I was able to get out and walk a 5K on another punishingly-hot evening. By the time I got to Hartsville, I was so overheated that I needed to stop and grab a drink. Ann went scrapbooking in Burney after she got off work. Bryan & Angie weren’t able to make it to the boys’ baseball game that night vs. the FC Remax team. So, I ended up running out to get Drew but that made us really late. Thankfully, Matthew was willing to help out and did a great job of standing in for Bryan & I. He got the boys warmed up and did all the other pre-game responsibilities that really helped the team prepare – thanks buddy; great job! Ann and Abby came to support Lukey. His back was better – and agreed to start at catcher. He ended up playing the whole game behind the plate and did fine. He batted 3rd and went 1-2 with a walk and single, 3 RBI, 2 stolen bases and scored a pair of runs. It was the first time all year that we had all 13 boys there for the game…and they did not disappoint. Brogan’s pitching was outstanding and kept us in the game. The first three innings went really fast as we were involved in a pitching duel. We were down 1-2 and kept in our starting pitcher for the 4th inning where they took theirs out. That was the difference – their secondary pitchers struggled and we were able to string together some walks and hits and ended up blowing the game wide open. Drew came in to close it out for us and we won our first game of the year, 11-3! Our record now stands at 1—7. Afterward, Ann returned to scrapbook until late. The boys jumped in the back of Betty White again (they love to ride in the back of that truck) and I took the kids out for dinner at ElRep where Matt & I had a celebratory margarita with dinner. When we got back home, the boys went out running around the neighborhood and Drew spent the night with us. I came in to watch some Ancient Aliens and ended up napping in the A/C. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp18.06.01 smp18.06.02 smp18.06.03 smp18.06.04 smp18.06.05 smp18.06.06 smp18.06.07 smp18.06.08 smp18.06.09 smp18.06.10 smp18.06.11 smp18.06.12 smp18.06.13 smp18.06.14 smp18.06.15 smp18.06.16 smp18.06.17 smp18.06.18 smp18.06.19 smp18.06.20 smp18.06.21 smp18.06.22 smp18.06.23 smp18.06.24 smp18.06.25 smp18.06.26 smp18.06.27 smp18.06.28 smp18.06.29 smp18.06.30 smp18.06.31 smp18.06.32 smp18.06.33 smp18.06.34 smp18.06.35 smp18.06.36 smp18.06.37 smp18.06.38 smp18.06.39 smp18.06.40

Saturday would’ve been Mom & Dad’s 40th wedding anniversary. I wanted to call, but decided I’d wait until tomorrow so I wouldn’t upset him. Matt got up early for work. Ann went back to scrapbooking in Burney for the day. Abby enjoyed a rare day off from work. The boys slept in while I caught up on my Stargate shows from this week. Eventually, I got the boys up and we went to Mom & Sandy’s to mow/trim on another scorcher in the 90s with the humidity kicking. We came back to the house and mowed / trimmed here so I treated the boys to Wendy’s for lunch and ran a few errands before we took Drew home. The boys insisted on riding in the back of the truck again all day today. Who am I to say no? When we finally got back home, Abby & I watched several DVR’ed Simpsons and took a nap. Ann joined our napping session when she got back from Burney. Matt came home after working a double and went to bed as well. Can you tell this week took a lot out of us?! Later, Luke & Abby went out to dinner and ran errands. Ann & I stayed home where she made a yummy keto-friendly dinner of cheese crisps that went very well with a salad that night. Luke ran around the neighborhood until late while Matt & Abby spent a quite night playing Fortnight.

We all enjoyed sleeping in a little on Sunday morning. The only bad thing was that Matt wasn’t supposed to – he was late for work…oops. We eventually got up to do our weekly household chores. Abby worked a double all day at Buffalo Wings & Rings. Luke enjoyed the day off from everything on a dark, stormy day. He did get out for a couple hours to play with friends in the neighborhood before another round of storms rolled through town. Matt came home, grabbed some food and went to bed. Ann & I took naps as I caught up on my DVR’ed shows all afternoon, enjoying some classic sci-fi (Star Trek & Battlestar Galactica), lots of racing (the Indy car and truck races in Texas as well as the two NASCAR races in Michigan), Family Guy and the recently aired Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Ann “made” Papa John’s pizza for dinner and we watched some newer movies from a couple of our favorite actors – the Humanity Bureau (Nick Cage) and The Post (Tom Hanks) and then the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead (can’t believe they killed off Madison Clark) and Talking Dead before calling it a week. It was a nice, relaxing way to wrap up the short work week and rest up before we do it all over again next week.

Next, we have our Waybac segment. We only have time for a handful of old photos today since we had so many graduation pictures this week. We lead off with a few more of our time at the Sand Pebble back in May 2002 then move on to Ann’s work Christmas party and the Bryan family Christmas party – both in December 2002.

Waybac.2002.05.fvspp25 Waybac.2002.05.fvspp26 Waybac.2002.05.fvspp27 Waybac.2002.05.fvspp28 Waybac.2002.12.awcp06 Waybac.2002.12.awcp07 Waybac.2002.12.awcp08 Waybac.2002.12.awcp09 Waybac.2002.12.bfc25 Waybac.2002.12.bfc26 Waybac.2002.12.bfc27 Waybac.2002.12.bfc28

We wrap up this week’s entry as always with our video segment. We have five new family home movies from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, we’d like to thank you for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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