We Celebrate when the Gang’s All Here…

Our landscape has changed yet again. The crops are all growing at an incredible speed. The corn is especially tall – about 8’ tall in most areas. What ever happened to “knee-high by the 4th of July?” Has the agricultural technology and the climate in this part of the country changed that much over the last half century? The corn is about knee-high shortly after Easter nowadays! The corn forms a cool wall of nature that makes it feel like we’re hiding or something barrier during our commute and my daily walks. The fair came to town this week – is it bad that Ann & I don’t even want to go out there this year? The kids lost their doctor this week – it left the kids scrambling to get a new doc. I highly recommended my doc – Dr. Mungcal, who has graciously told us that he would take them on if they so choose. We will miss Dr. Stephanie dearly and wish her well in her future endeavors. Matt spend the week working full time at Aspen, doing his online class and seeing Taylor. Abby had busy week of working and spending time with her friends and Trevin. After enjoying the week off, Luke spent his time focusing on football. Ann scrapbooked and had a couple of good doctor appointments. I walked over 20 miles, lost a couple more pounds and was mostly compliant with my keto diet. It was a good week. With all the kids at home, everything was right in the world. We know that these times are fading for us and before long, the two oldest ones will be gone and we’ll wish for weeks like this one… Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

Coming off the heels of Moratorium last week, it was an early start on Monday morning as Luke was back at his 6 AM football practice at the Fieldhouse. Abby worked a double shift at Buffalo Wings & Rings. Matt drove back from Centerville that morning and made it safely back home. It’s funny; when I was driving so much (Franklin or Columbus to LaPorte or Lafayette and vice versa) to see Mom & Dad, I didn’t think too much about it. I was just doing a little driving – no big deal. But now that my kids are driving longer distances; I worry every time they get behind the wheel and am thankful for cell phones, making it easy for them to text us when they get to where they’re going. Hell, for a while I didn’t even have access to a phone so that once I left Mom & Dad’s house, they had no idea when or even if I made it safely… Meanwhile, Ann & I went back to work on another hot / humid day. It was a pretty good day and I walked a 5K before we drove home that evening. Memaw took Luke to his 3 ½ hour football practice that evening. I picked him up and after showering, he ran around the neighborhood until late. That night, the History Channel began Speed Week by showing something really cool called Live Evel. It featured Travis Pastrana recreating three of Evel Knievel’s most iconic jumps. Here are pictures from last week’s Fourth of July holiday events.

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Matt was up early for work on Tuesday morning while Abby enjoyed the day off, running around with her friends all day. Luke got to sleep that morning and took it easy all day. He had a long football practice that evening, as they prep for their only away scrimmage later this week. On our way in to work, Ann & I saw the long line of hauler trucks out at the complex as the rides and infrastructure for the midway had arrived for the annual county fair. We had long days at work then I walked a 5K in the blazing heat and humidity – over 100° that afternoon on the heat index! That night, Ann made a delicious meal for dinner – tilapia, potatoes & cheesy broccoli. There was nothing left by the time we got done with it! It stormed for about an hour that night, bringing some much-needed rain to the area. We could’ve predicted it was going to storm and be incredibly hot – it’s fair season again!

After the storm blew through last night, it cooled off overnight and brought us some sweet relief from the heat and humidity that has become the norm in this area of the country over the last decade. Luke enjoyed the day off while Matt & Abby both had to work. Ann & I endured long days again and then I walked another 5K that afternoon. Ms. Taylor drove down and met the three kids at ElRep for dinner. Later, Ann & I enjoyed some porch time with Matt & Taylor. Here are the first half of Luke’s Washington DC trip pictures from back in May that I just found this week.

ldc18.01 ldc18.02 ldc18.03 ldc18.04 ldc18.05 ldc18.06 ldc18.07 ldc18.08 ldc18.09 ldc18.10 ldc18.11 ldc18.12 ldc18.13 ldc18.14 ldc18.15 ldc18.16 ldc18.17 ldc18.18 ldc18.19 ldc18.20 ldc18.21 ldc18.22 ldc18.23 ldc18.24 ldc18.25 ldc18.26 ldc18.27 ldc18.28 ldc18.29 ldc18.30 ldc18.31 ldc18.32 ldc18.33 ldc18.34 ldc18.35 ldc18.36 ldc18.37 ldc18.38 ldc18.39 ldc18.40 ldc18.41 ldc18.42 ldc18.43 ldc18.44 ldc18.45 ldc18.46 ldc18.47 ldc18.48 ldc18.49

Luke’s early-morning football practice was cancelled on Thursday due to them having a scrimmage that night. Matt & Taylor enjoyed the day off. Abby had some scary car trouble. Her cruise control had stopped working a couple day ago. Then today she was driving and was trying to slow down and stop when her throttle revved, the gas pedal dropped and she couldn’t stop the car! Thankfully, she got it pulled over and turned off before the engine over-revved and damaged itself. She called me in a panic, as you might imagine. I called our mechanic, Jerry Adams at Exhaust Systems Plus, who was nice enough to let her stop by right away. He got her all fixed up in under a minute – thx Jerry! Instead of taking it easy on the car, she & Regan drove to Columbus to go shopping. Ann & I had fast days then I walked three miles on a nice afternoon. We left Columbus a little early and drove to Milan to watch Luke & the Pirates face the Indians in a scrimmage game on the varsity field. It was a beautiful evening. Like the previous practice game, the varsity had 40 reps (20 on O/20 on D) then JV had 40 plays as well. Then they repeated that sequence and called it a night. Luke did not see any varsity action again as he continues to learn the offense and defense systems. Luke played fullback on the JV offense, carrying the ball 4 times for about 25 yards. He also made a couple of really nice blocks which resulted in completed passes downfield. I would estimate that he played about 25-30 of the 40 JV offensive reps. On defense, he played middle linebacker. He again played about 25-30 plays. He was in on about 4 tackles, including a nice tackle-for-loss that would’ve been a sack but instead he dropped the running back for about a 10-yard loss. He rode the team bus home and then the Shackleford’s brought him home. Meanwhile, Ann & I stopped in Batesville on the ride back and grabbed dinner at Skyline. Luke went out running around the neighborhood with his buddies and ended up staying the night at Tyler’s after his plans with Dray and he going to the county fair didn’t pan out (it was opening night at the fairgrounds). Ms. Taylor drove home late that night and Ann & I watched the rest of Grace & Frankie (season 4). Afterward, we started back up with season 1 of Jessica Jones. There are several Netflix series that I’d like to watch… Here are several recent scans from the past month or two, including Abby’s graduation, Abby’s Prom Queen coronation, Abby’s Dixon Dance Revue program and pictures, Luke’s certificates and medal, Luke’s awards day, Abby’s graduation, Luke’s 4th of July parade when he drove his 4-wheeler, Honor Roll and Abby’s graduation speech (I also have new video highlights of her special day posted below).

rs18.01 rs18.02 rs18.03 rs18.04 rs18.05 rs18.06 rs18.07 rs18.08 rs18.09 rs18.10 rs18.11 rs18.12 rs18.13 rs18.14 rs18.15 rs18.16 rs18.17 rs18.18 rs18.19 rs18.20 rs18.21 rs18.22 rs18.23 rs18.24 rs18.25 rs18.26 rs18.27 rs18.28 rs18.29 rs18.30 rs18.31 rs18.32 rs18.33 rs18.34 rs18.35 rs18.36 rs18.37 rs18.38 rs18.39 rs18.40 rs18.41 rs18.42 rs18.43 rs18.44 rs18.45 rs18.46 rs18.47 rs18.48 rs18.49 rs18.50 rs18.51 rs18.52 rs18.53 rs18.54 rs18.55 rs18.56

Friday the 13th was Gracie’s 18th birthday. It was hot as a firecracker outside! Everyone except Luke went to work that morning. Matt had a stressful day at Aspen with one of his co-workers. Abby enjoyed her day at Wings & Rings. Ann had a fast half-day at work then took a long nap at home. I had a great day at work as Tena took Justin & I out for lunch at Arni’s. That night, I walked 6.5 miles despite the wilting sun. I was pretty pooped by the time I got home, as Barney doesn’t have any A/C anymore. Abs ended up going out with her friends. Luke & Oakley went to the fair until late. So that left Matt, Ann & I to go out to ElRep for dinner and a beverage. We came home and we all took a nap! Ann picked up the boys and Oak spent the night. Ann & I watched Grease on the big screen that evening – what a classic!

Luke & I were up early on Saturday morning to get a jump on yardwork before it got too freaking hot! It wasn’t easy getting the boys up, as they were up really late last night. Oakley, Luke & I jumped in the truck and we ran over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow/trim. We got a good sweat going from just that small yard, so I took the boys to Dairy Point for a quick ice cream snack. Is there anything better than ice cream in the back of a pickup truck in the summer? We came back and mowed / trimmed at the house, which by that time was pretty damn hot outside. Even though we were a little stinky and really sweaty, I took the boys to Taco Bell for lunch. I was surprised at how fast our food came! We came home and showered while Oak went home. Luke & I ran some errands and then he went out to the fair that night with Tyler. Meanwhile, Ann went scrapbooking with her friends all day. Matt worked at Aspen Place. Abby had a busy day that caused her to miss the annual alumni soccer game at the high school. She came home from Trevin’s then drove to Columbus to have her hair done with Jami. Later, she and Regan drove up to Deer Creek to attend the Miranda Lambert / Little Big Town concert. Big thanks to Gigi for the tix! Mom & Sandy also made the trek up to see the concert and met up with Abby during the intermission. Meanwhile, I watched the HW50 special and a fun new show called TKO (Ann did not appreciate it, but I thought it was fun). We got caught up on our DVR’ed shows that evening, relaxing in the A/C as the heat index soared to well above 100° again. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis18.07.58 sis18.07.59 sis18.07.60 sis18.07.61 sis18.07.62 sis18.07.63 sis18.07.64 sis18.07.65 sis18.07.66 sis18.07.67 sis18.07.68 sis18.07.69 sis18.07.70 sis18.07.71 sis18.07.72 sis18.07.73 sis18.07.74 sis18.07.75 sis18.07.76 sis18.07.77 sis18.07.78 sis18.07.79 sis18.07.80 sis18.07.81 sis18.07.82 sis18.07.83 sis18.07.84 sis18.07.85 sis18.07.86 sis18.07.87 sis18.07.88 sis18.07.89 sis18.07.90 sis18.07.91 sis18.07.92 sis18.07.93 sis18.07.94 sis18.07.95 sis18.07.96 sis18.07.97 sis18.07.98 sis18.07.99 sis18.07.100 sis18.07.101 sis18.07.102 sis18.07.103 sis18.07.104 sis18.07.105 sis18.07.106 sis18.07.107 sis18.07.108 sis18.07.109 sis18.07.110 sis18.07.111 sis18.07.112 sis18.07.113 sis18.07.114 sis18.07.115 sis18.07.116 sis18.07.117 sis18.07.118 sis18.07.119 sis18.07.120 sis18.07.121 sis18.07.122 sis18.07.123 sis18.07.124

We enjoyed sleeping in finally on Sunday morning before getting up to do our weekly household chores. Gigi gave us the OK to park the truck at the station, so I loaded up Betty White with chairs and the gazebo and drover her over early that morning to secure our usual spot on the WTRE front lawn for the Fair Parade. Matt and Abby both went in to work early that morning. Ann ran Tyler home and Luke slept in till well into the afternoon. We watched our usual Sunday shows – classic sci-fi (Stargate, Star Trek & BG), sports (2 MMA shows and 4 races) and several DVR’ed TV shows that we like (Take Two, Humyns, Queen of the South, Reverie, Preacher). After a quick nap, Luke & I went over to the station and assembled our traditional setup so we could set in lawn chairs under the gazebo in the back of the truck. It kept us out of the sun and even though it was extremely humid, there was a good breeze that kept it cool. We saw Gigi in the WTRE “float,” several friends like Bryan & Angie and Rick & Lynn, as well as lots of kids that we knew like Drew (marched with the county band) and Molie (walked with her gymnastics group) in this year’s Fair Parade but none of our kids were in it for the first time in a very long time. We actually debated whether or not to even go. I’m glad we did. Abby & Luke sat with us and brought home a huge bag of candy. There’s zero chance they will ever eat the majority of it, so if you know someone who would appreciate it, please contact Ann or I! Later, Ann cooked an amazing dinner of NY strip steaks and veggies on the grill, little baked potatoes and cheesy baby broccoli. We wound down the evening watching TV on the big screen in the air conditioning. It was a relaxing way to end the week before we start over again tomorrow. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp18.07.50 smp18.07.51 smp18.07.52 smp18.07.53 smp18.07.54 smp18.07.55 smp18.07.56 smp18.07.57 smp18.07.58 smp18.07.59 smp18.07.60 smp18.07.61 smp18.07.62 smp18.07.63 smp18.07.64 smp18.07.65 smp18.07.66 smp18.07.67 smp18.07.68 smp18.07.69 smp18.07.70 smp18.07.71 smp18.07.72 smp18.07.73 smp18.07.74 smp18.07.75 smp18.07.76 smp18.07.77 smp18.07.78

Next we have our Waybac feature…this week we have not only our normal entry from photo album #16 but we also have an extended version this week, thanks to Gigi. While we were at her & Gma’s house, she shared several various pictures with me. Granted, they are not of the highest quality (I’ll have to wait and get them back here so I can do a proper scan of them), but they will do for now. We lead off this week’s entry with several pictures of Sandy (all dates are approximations – Gigi, can you confirm?) – baby pix in ‘57 and ‘58, with her grandma & grandpa in ‘62, as a mascot for the Indians in ‘63, at Dixon Dance Studio in ‘64 and ‘65; with her uncle from CA in ‘75, at college in KY with her guitar – her trailer in ’76, her apartment in ’77 and with her friend’s Trans Am in ’78, then Richard & family – circa ‘80, Alli and Chris, circa ‘84, Ann’s FC ID in ’91; MaryAnn with the infamous shopping cart in CA, circa ’91; Jamie in ’96, Memaw & Gigi with Matt & Dee in July, ’97, Matt at the station in ’97; Sandy & Mo – circa ’97; Memaw & Abby at the Y in October ’00; Monster Trucks in Indy in January ’03; Matt wresting at the Fieldhouse in February ’03; Matt’s birthday party in March ’03; some black & whites of Abby at the complex watching Matt play bball and then making birdhouses with Matt in the garage in May ’03; Luke’s birth in Columbus in June ’03; Fourth of July parade in July ’03; Sandy’ birthday in July ’03; Gracie’s pre-school picture in September ’03; Paul & Dayla Drake’s wedding in Columbus K of C’s in October ’03; Christmas Eve at our home in December ’03; Scheu family kids in November ’07; Gracie Dixon picture in May ’08; piling in the back of Betty White to watch the fair parade ten years ago in July ’09; Luke & Alex’s bday party in our backyard (back when we had our private oasis) in June ’10; Abby’s school pix in September ’10 & ’11 and finally Grace’s school pic in September ’11.

Waybac.1957.sbp Waybac.1958.ssp Waybac.1962.swgmgp Waybac.1963.sdp Waybac.1964.sdp Waybac.1965.sdp Waybac.1975.swcu Waybac.1976.sgt Waybac.1977.sga Waybac.1978.sgta Waybac.1980.rbaf Waybac.1984.aab Waybac.1991.09.afcsid1 Waybac.1991.macsci Waybac.1996.09.jsp01 Waybac.1997.07.mggfojp01 Waybac.1997.mwtre01 Waybac.1997.sfbd Waybac.2000.10.ayhp01 Waybac.2003.01.mj05 Waybac.2003.01.mj06 Waybac.2003.01.mj07 Waybac.2003.01.mj08 Waybac.2003.02.mw05 Waybac.2003.02.mw06 Waybac.2003.02.mw07 Waybac.2003.02.mw08 Waybac.2003.03.mbd05 Waybac.2003.03.mbd06 Waybac.2003.03.mbd07 Waybac.2003.03.mbd08 Waybac.2003.05.abc01 Waybac.2003.05.abc02 Waybac.2003.05.gbh01 Waybac.2003.05.gbh02 Waybac.2003.06.lb05 Waybac.2003.06.lb06 Waybac.2003.06.lb07 Waybac.2003.06.lb08 Waybac.2003.07.fojp05 Waybac.2003.07.fojp06 Waybac.2003.07.fojp07 Waybac.2003.07.fojp08 Waybac.2003.07.sbd01 Waybac.2003.07.sbd02 Waybac.2003.07.sbd03 Waybac.2003.07.sbd04 Waybac.2003.09.abd05 Waybac.2003.09.abd06 Waybac.2003.09.abd07 Waybac.2003.09.abd08 Waybac.2003.09.gps01 Waybac.2003.10.pdw01 Waybac.2003.10.pdw02 Waybac.2003.10.pdw03 Waybac.2003.10.pdw04 Waybac.2003.12.ofc01 Waybac.2003.12.ofc02 Waybac.2003.12.ofc03 Waybac.2003.12.ofc04 Waybac.2007.11.sfps01 Waybac.2008.05.gdp01 Waybac.2009.07.fojp01 Waybac.2010.07.lbd01 Waybac.2010.07.lbd02 Waybac.2010.09.asp01 Waybac.2011.09.asp01 Waybac.2011.09.gsp01

We wrap up this week’s entry with our video section which includes two new home movies from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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