It was Real Hot and I just had to Get Away

The sights of lightning bugs and heat lightning coupled with the sounds of cicadas and katydids have filled our nights this week – a sure sign that we are on the back end of summer. The fair has left town and football is in full swing. We’ve begun cementing our plans to get the kids back to school and our lives will surely become more complicated in the coming weeks. But for now, we enjoyed another beautiful and laid-back week of summer – here in southcentral Indiana. Matt continued to work at the old folks’ home and spend time with Taylor. Abby continued to work at the restaurant and spend time with Trevin. Luke focused his time on football and his new friend, Larissa. Ann & I worked and did the things we like to do – Ann went scrapbooking and took pictures of Luke playing sports. I did a little HW hunting, exceeded my weekly goal of walking and got to watch and talk football. It was a hot week but it eventually cooled down by the time the weekend rolled around. It was a much-welcomed reprieve from the recent wave of heat and humidity that always seems to plague us this time of year and is one of the hottest summers on the books. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

Monday was a hot/humid day. Luke & I were up early to run him out to the Fieldhouse for football practice. Abby worked a double shift at Wings & Rings. Matt worked at Aspen. Ann spent much of her day in meetings at work. I had a fast day at work, going to lunch with Justin and Dennis – who is coming back to the UHS family by accepting a job up at Valle Vista. After work, I walked a 5K and was super sweaty on our ride home that evening. Ann & I went grocery shopping when we got back to town. We watched a couple of our favorite shows that evening (Shades of Blue and a new one we’re not sure of yet, called Sharp Objects) before we fell asleep and went to bed early. I briefly watched the MLB HR Derby in Washington DC. The Senator’s hometown boy, Bryce Harper, hit 6 in the last 30 seconds of the finals on his way to winning 19-18 over the Cubbies’ Kyle Schwarber in exciting fashion! Luke had football practice that night then went to the fair for a while with his buddies. Here are pictures from last weekend’s Fair Parade.

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I woke up on Tuesday morning, refreshed from a good night sleep after taking a decongestant so I could hear (I have some kind of weird head cold that makes it hard to hear and everything sounded weird and distorted and made me a little dizzy as well). Abby had the day off to pick up Grace and her new puppy and bring her down to visit Memaw, Dee & J and go out to the fair (I’m not sure they ever made it out there though). Matt slept-in then worked 2nd shift at Aspen Place. That night he took it easy by chilling at home and Face-Timed Ms. Taylor. Luke enjoyed a slow day then had a football scrimmage that night vs. Connersville. Ann had another day of meetings while I had another fast day. I got in another 3 miles of walking before we left Columbus early. Ann & I went to the elementary school to register Luke for high school. We came home and changed before heading out to the practice field where Luke and the Pirates squared off with the Spartans in their 3rd scrimmage game of the preseason. Luke again saw no varsity snaps but played prominently during the JV reps. They did 20/20 varsity, 10/10 JV, 20/20 varsity and 10/10 JV, meaning Luke had the ability to play 40 plays (he played 36 of them). On the offensive side of the ball, he started at fullback, getting 4 carries for about 25 yards. He sat out 4 plays to recover from a hand injury during one of his runs. Defensively, he played all 20 snaps at middle linebacker, shouting out the defensive calls. Despite being double-teamed most of the game, he managed to get in on 5 tackles – including a nice one in the backfield – as well as a couple of skirmishes. On the way home, we saw a rare double aurora in the clouds – it was cool! Luke came home to clean-up and went out to the fair with Alex. The boys came back to our house and Alex stayed the night with us. I thoroughly bored Ann that night by watching the 89th MLB All-Star game. She hates watching baseball on TV…maybe I need to make it into some sort of drinking game to make it more enjoyable for her?? I thought it was actually a really good game. They set a record for most HRs in a game that night – 10! Despite the Red’s Scooter & Votto going yard, the AL managed to win again, 8-6, in extra innings. They’ve now won 6 in a row and 12 of the last 15. Here are pictures of Luke’s scrimmage in Milan last week.

lfsm18.01 lfsm18.02 lfsm18.03 lfsm18.04 lfsm18.05 lfsm18.06 lfsm18.07 lfsm18.08 lfsm18.09 lfsm18.10 lfsm18.11 lfsm18.12 lfsm18.13 lfsm18.14 lfsm18.15 lfsm18.16 lfsm18.17 lfsm18.18 lfsm18.19 lfsm18.20 lfsm18.21 lfsm18.22 lfsm18.23 lfsm18.24 lfsm18.25 lfsm18.26 lfsm18.27 lfsm18.28 lfsm18.29 lfsm18.30 lfsm18.31 lfsm18.32 lfsm18.33 lfsm18.34 lfsm18.35 lfsm18.36 lfsm18.37 lfsm18.38 lfsm18.39 lfsm18.40

Ann & I were up and in to work early on Wednesday while the kids slept in. Matt met Taylor at his apartment in Indy where he made her dinner (fettucine alfredo tacos!) and they spent the night there. Abby worked another double at BWR then spent the night at the Whites again. Luke went to the fair that night with his buddies. I had a long day then walked 3 miles on another hot day. I wore my new headphones for the 1st time (my old ones caught fire while charging last weekend!). These things are really big…they sound amazing but make me look like a total dork. They are noise cancelling and go over my ear – boy did they make my ears sweat! That night, Ann & I went to dinner at Buffalo Wings & Rings and enjoyed visiting with Bu and her work friends. Ann picked up Luke at the fair and brought him and his friend Larissa to our house. She goes to South Decatur and seems very sweet. Afterward, Ann ran her home to Millhousen and missed the fireworks display at the fairgrounds that looked great from our house…now we know why the 4th of July fireworks sucked so badly – they saved them all for tonight! Here is the last batch of pictures from Luke’s Washington DC trip.

ldc18.50 ldc18.51 ldc18.52 ldc18.53 ldc18.54 ldc18.55 ldc18.56 ldc18.57 ldc18.58 ldc18.59 ldc18.60 ldc18.61 ldc18.62 ldc18.63 ldc18.64 ldc18.65 ldc18.66 ldc18.67 ldc18.68 ldc18.69 ldc18.70 ldc18.71 ldc18.72 ldc18.73 ldc18.74 ldc18.75 ldc18.76 ldc18.77 ldc18.78 ldc18.79 ldc18.80 ldc18.81 ldc18.82 ldc18.83 ldc18.84 ldc18.85 ldc18.86 ldc18.87 ldc18.88 ldc18.89 ldc18.90 ldc18.91 ldc18.92 ldc18.93 ldc18.94 ldc18.95 ldc18.96 ldc18.97 ldc18.98 ldc18.99 ldc18.100 ldc18.101 ldc18.102 ldc18.103 ldc18.104

Thursday morning came way too early as I ran Luke back to football practice. Abby went kayaking with Trevin and friends in Brookville then spent the night at Lexi’s house. Matt stayed up in Indy all day with Ms. Taylor. Ann & I worked all day then I walked 3 miles on another hot day. My stupid new headphones broke while I was adjusting them! The ear piece on one side came completely loose from the frame…I’m so mad! I’m taking them back and getting something different – I am not happy. Luke had a long football practice that evening. Ann spent the night sorting through pictures for scrapbooking. I edited pix for the blog then picked up Luke from practice and grabbed Chester’s for dinner afterward. He showered real quick and then I ran him out to Larissa’s house for her birthday party. Her mom brought him home later that evening. Here are the rest of our recent scans, including Luke’s baseball pictures, Luke’s junior high awards day, Abby’s graduation, oldies of Luke at the 4th of July parade and Abby’s dance pictures, the Bryan family Christmas at Katie & Jake’s house (where Matt will be staying a this time next week), Ann at FC, some artwork from the kids, the rest of Luke’s track ribbons, more old school pictures, Abby’s graduation stuff and Luke’s yearbook pictures.

rs18.57 rs18.58 rs18.59 rs18.60 rs18.61 rs18.62 rs18.64 rs18.65 rs18.66 rs18.67 rs18.68 rs18.69 rs18.70 rs18.71 rs18.72 rs18.73 rs18.74 rs18.75 rs18.76 rs18.77 rs18.78 rs18.79 rs18.80 rs18.81 rs18.82 rs18.83 rs18.84 rs18.85 rs18.86 rs18.87 rs18.88 rs18.89 rs18.90 rs18.91 rs18.92 rs18.93 rs18.94 rs18.95 rs18.96 rs18.97 rs18.98 rs18.99 rs18.100 rs18.101 rs18.102 rs18.103 rs18.104 rs18.105 rs18.106 rs18.107 rs18.108 rs18.109 rs18.110 rs18.111 rs18.112

Ann & I drove in to work separately on a stormy Friday morning. Luke had left the dogs out all night in the storm (poor puppies – he won’t live that down for a while), so they were soaked and wound-up when I left… but I was sure to let them into the boys’ room to get in bed with Luke! Matt went straight to work from Indy that morning. Luke & Bu slept in then went to Cracker Barrel in Shelbyville for lunch. Ann worked a half day then went scrapping with Shawna in Burney. Lukey & Abs ran Polar Pops out to the ladies at the Burney church then came home so Abby could finish writing Thank You notes and Luke played Fortnight on his PS4. Later, Abby went out to dinner with Trevin and Luke went out running around with his friends in the neighborhood. Matt finally found his way back home and took it easy the rest of the night. I had a fast day at work. Justin & I went to Best Buy to return my broken headphones and pick up a new pair. I found a pair online that were pretty cheap and reminded me more of the Motorolas that caught fire. While we were there, I spoke to one of the workers who helped me find a solution for both of my needs – a set that are both lightweight that I can wear when I exercise and are noise-cancelling that I can wear when I mow/trim or when I do my weekly testing on the generator at work. I ended up not getting that other pair I had ordered, returned the broken pair of Jams (I will never buy another pair of that brand) and purchased a nice set of Bose Soundsports. They feel really weird in my ears, so I hope I get used to them soon. Justin & I looked at cameras and camcorders while were there. He and his family are looking at taking the plunge into the world of photos and videos of their kids, so I was happy to share my knowledge and experience with that technology. Afterwards, we went to Five Guys for lunch before heading back in to work. I wasn’t able to walk outside for the first time in months due to the storms and ended up walking just under 4 miles at the mall. That evening, I worked on blog pictures again and since Ann was gone scrapbooking all night, I was able to watch some of my favorite TV shows in peace – The Daily Show, Stargate (a fun one with the great Dom Deluise), a new episode of Dr. Who (a lost episode with my Doctor – Tom Baker, the 4th doctor and K9 – this is a newly restored live action and animated [the parts that have been lost] that was never finished and therefore never aired – from 1979) and a new episode of Ancient Aliens – all shows that she doesn’t like. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis18.07.125 sis18.07.126 sis18.07.127 sis18.07.128 sis18.07.129 sis18.07.130 sis18.07.131 sis18.07.132 sis18.07.133 sis18.07.134 sis18.07.135 sis18.07.136 sis18.07.137 sis18.07.138 sis18.07.139 sis18.07.140 sis18.07.141 sis18.07.142 sis18.07.143 sis18.07.144 sis18.07.145 sis18.07.146 sis18.07.147 sis18.07.148 sis18.07.149 sis18.07.150 sis18.07.151 sis18.07.152 sis18.07.153 sis18.07.154 sis18.07.155 sis18.07.156 sis18.07.157 sis18.07.158 sis18.07.159 sis18.07.160 sis18.07.161 sis18.07.162 sis18.07.163 sis18.07.164 sis18.07.165 sis18.07.166 sis18.07.167 sis18.07.168 sis18.07.169 sis18.07.170 sis18.07.171 sis18.07.172 sis18.07.173 sis18.07.174 sis18.07.175 sis18.07.176

Matt was the first one up on Saturday morning to go work at AP. I was next as I took Black Betty to get her oil changed and give her a bath. I stopped by Mom & Sandy’s house to see if the lawn needed mowed (which it didn’t) but did stop to talk to Gigi who was out working in the flowerbeds on a cool morning. Abby came home from Trevin’s house so she & Ann could drive up to Greenwood to meet her new roommate at FC (Kayli) and her mother. They had lunch and went shopping at the mall. Luke enjoyed sleeping in and had the day off from mowing/trimming the yards on another cloudy day. Once Luke finally got up, it was well past 2 and the day was already half over! He drove us to Taco Bell in Betty White for a quick lunch then drove us downtown where we went junkin’ for a while. I found a 1971 redline Grasshopper in spectraflame green to add to my collection, so it was a successful trip. We came home to get out of the rain and ended up taking naps and being couch potatoes on a lazy day. Later, Luke ran around with his friends until late then they came back and hung out on the porch for a while. Abby showed me all her new purchases and then went out with her friends until late. Matt got ElRep takeout and Face-Timed Taylor while Ann & I chilled and watched some TV till we fell asleep with the dogs on a quiet, rainy night.

We finally enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. Well, except for Matt who had to get up and go into work early. We eventually got up and got around to our weekly household chores. It continued to rain and be overcast all morning as Abby went in to work. Ann & I took naps as we relaxed in the A/C until Maryann came over and Luke got some special Memaw time. We finally saw the sun about the time we went over to Gma & Gigi’s house for Sandy’s birthday party. Abby was able to come over for about a half hour or so to help us sing to Sandy and have some ice cream and cake. We spent a couple hours visiting and with them and Dee & Jamie before we came home and Ann made dinner of roasted chicken and au gratin potatoes. I watched the 3 NASCAR races on the DVR and all were great finishes from the trucks wrecking as they crossed the finish line to Harvick using the chrome horn on Busch to win the Cup race. After dinner, we had a quiet night as Shark Week began – Ann’s favorite week for TV all year! We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp18.07.79 smp18.07.80 smp18.07.81 smp18.07.82 smp18.07.83 smp18.07.84 smp18.07.85 smp18.07.86 smp18.07.87 smp18.07.88 smp18.07.89 smp18.07.90 smp18.07.91 smp18.07.92 smp18.07.93 smp18.07.94 smp18.07.95 smp18.07.96 smp18.07.97 smp18.07.98 smp18.07.99 smp18.07.100 smp18.07.101 smp18.07.102 smp18.07.103 smp18.07.104 smp18.07.105 smp18.07.106 smp18.07.107 smp18.07.108 smp18.07.109 smp18.07.110 smp18.07.111 smp18.07.112 smp18.07.113 smp18.07.114 smp18.07.115 smp18.07.116 smp18.07.117 smp18.07.118 smp18.07.119 smp18.07.120 smp18.07.121 smp18.07.122 smp18.07.123 smp18.07.124 smp18.07.125 smp18.07.126 smp18.07.127 smp18.07.128 smp18.07.129 smp18.07.130 smp18.07.131 smp18.07.132 smp18.07.133 smp18.07.134 smp18.07.135 smp18.07.136 smp18.07.137 smp18.07.138 smp18.07.139 smp18.07.140 smp18.07.141 smp18.07.142 smp18.07.143 smp18.07.144 smp18.07.145 smp18.07.146 smp18.07.147 smp18.07.148 smp18.07.149 smp18.07.150 smp18.07.151 smp18.07.152 smp18.07.153 smp18.07.154 smp18.07.155 smp18.07.156 smp18.07.157 smp18.07.158 smp18.07.159 smp18.07.160 smp18.07.161 smp18.07.162 smp18.07.163 smp18.07.164 smp18.07.165 smp18.07.166 smp18.07.167

Next up is our Waybac segment. We continue to feature photo album #16, which chronicles our young family’s adventures from 2003. We lead off with at the Bryan family Christmas at Vird & Belinda’s in December 2002; then on to 2003: Indianapolis to see the Monster Jam in January; Megan says hi on Ann’s bday; Matt wresting practice at the Fieldhouse in February; Abby and friends across the street at Elaine’s birthday party; Easter with the Owens family in May; Luke’s birth in Columbus in June; the kids with Gma & Gigi downtown during the 4th of July parade; Abby’s birthday party; Abby at the YMCA preschool in September; putting up the Christmas tree in November; and Christmas Eve with the Owens family in December.

Waybac.2002.12.bfc55 Waybac.2003.01.mj09 Waybac.2003.01.mj10 Waybac.2003.01.mj11 Waybac.2003.01.mj12 Waybac.2003.01.mj13 Waybac.2003.01.mj14 Waybac.2003.01.mony1 Waybac.2003.02.mw09 Waybac.2003.02.mw10 Waybac.2003.02.mw11 Waybac.2003.02.mw12 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp01 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp02 Waybac.2003.05.ofe01 Waybac.2003.05.ofe02 Waybac.2003.06.lb09 Waybac.2003.06.lb10 Waybac.2003.06.lb11 Waybac.2003.06.lb12 Waybac.2003.07.fojp09 Waybac.2003.07.fojp10 Waybac.2003.07.fojp11 Waybac.2003.07.fojp12 Waybac.2003.09.abd09 Waybac.2003.09.abd10 Waybac.2003.09.abd11 Waybac.2003.09.abd12 Waybac.2003.09.ayps01 Waybac.2003.09.ayps02 Waybac.2003.09.ayps03 Waybac.2003.09.ayps04 Waybac.2003.09.ayps05 Waybac.2003.11.puxt01 Waybac.2003.11.puxt02 Waybac.2003.11.skp01 Waybac.2003.11.skp02 Waybac.2003.12.ofce01 Waybac.2003.12.ofce02 Waybac.2003.12.ofce03 Waybac.2003.12.ofce04

We end this entry with our video segment which includes three home movies from this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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