Everything about this House was Born to Grow and Die

It was a tough week, all around. First the sucky parts – we had two deaths, car trouble, Luke lost both his ball games and both the Colts and Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs. But we also had some high points as well – Luke went to his first high school formal dance, we think we may have found a new car for Bu, we got a bunch of snow, Ann cooked in her new Instant Pot and we got to see Abby for a little while. It was our first full week back to work and school. Matt split time between staying with Katie & Jake in Zionsville and with Taylor on campus. Abby enjoyed spending time in her new dorm room with Garrett and only having one class during Winter Term. Luke spent time with friends and slept a lot. He remained only a two-sport athlete but I continue to encourage him to take on the 3rd sport. Ann finalized plans to get her knees fixed next week and started to have a little anxiety about it. It sucked not having her anti-inflammatory drugs this week, making her knees ache even more than normal. I lost a couple pounds and was much more compliant with my keto diet this week as I got back on the wagon finally. I also met my walking goal this week for the first time this year, managing to log right at 15 miles despite the chilly weather keeping me indoors. It finally feels like winter in our neck of the woods – something we haven’t had in a couple years… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school for us all on Monday. It was Matt’s first day of student teaching at Union Elementary school in Zionsville. Abby continued her Winter (J) Term class. Luke had school then went to Jimmy Johns with Gma for his power meal before heading back to school to catch the bus for the basketball game that night. Ann had work then went to doctor appointments at the hospital to get ready for next week’s surgery. I had another long day at work as I try to squeeze in as much work as I can before I go back on break next week. After work, I walked a 5K at the mall then drove on to Batesville ahead of Ann, who finally got to the game shortly before halftime. The boys still look like individuals and not a team. They are down a starter the rest of the year due to grades, which will hurt during this final stretch of the schedule. Luke started at power forward again but got into early foul trouble, limiting his playing time. The same issues plagued the young Pirates tonight – turnovers, rebounding, foul shooting and lack of an offensive flow. I’m not sure they even have plays at this point. It resembles more of an NBA game where they pass it around and eventually someone drives to the basket. Despite the final score, they were in this game – but for whatever reason, Coach didn’t play his starting lineup for the entire 4th quarter and the Bulldogs pulled away at the end. Paul & Cayden came to watch the end of the game as their practice started after our game in the new Fieldhouse where we played. It was very nice and still had that “new car” smell. Luke had an off night. The boy needs a lot of work/practice at this level and he’s simply not getting what he needs for whatever reason. In the end, the Pirates lost again, 27-36 and the boys’ record has now slipped to 3-4 on the year. Luke’s stats: 0 points on 0-2 from the floor, including 0-1 from behind the arc to go with an assist and a pair of turnovers. Defensively, he recorded four rebounds, a steal, a block and forced one turnover. In a strange twist of events, he had 6 fouls by my unofficial record…but somehow did not foul out of the game! Ann & I did drinks and snacks for the boys after the game then we signed Luke out and went to Skyline for dinner. Later, we watched National Championship game while I edited, uploaded & shared the game tape from tonight. It was an exciting first quarter but after that, Clemson dominated Alabama and easily rolled to the title and became the first 15-0 team in modern history. Here are pictures from Luke’s basketball game at East Central last week.

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Tuesday was a warmer day. We ended up taking Barney to work due to Black Betty having injector issues again. We have some cleaner in the fuel tank, so we’re hopeful it will clear it out. It was a very windy day. Luke missed football practice that morning due to having a basketball game that evening. Ann had a fast, hectic day at work. I had a busy, fast day as well then walked about 3 miles at the mall due to weather. The game was originally scheduled for 730 but was moved to 6 at the last minute. We hosted Jennings Co in rare home game. Luke again started at power forward. The starters played well but just when they would get in a groove, the coach would substitute and we weren’t able to match up. I’m not sure why he doesn’t play his “A” team together for more of the game, but we should’ve won the game that night…instead we lost by sixteen freaking points, 32-48. Luke played better than he has in weeks while he was in – but for whatever reason, his playing time was limited. This frustrating not only me but the other parents I sat with as well, because it wasn’t just Luke that had his PT cut. Call it B-team mentality? Whatever it is, it’s a shame for the basketball program as a whole. The boys’ record is now 3-5. Luke’s stats: 4 points on 2-5 shooting (two of those misses were questionable calls, which were could’ve been called fouls). He had 5 rebounds and a forced TO as well. When we got home, I installed Ann’s new heated toilet seat (the correct size and color this time!) and we fell asleep watching DVR’d shows as I edited and uploaded game film on another cold night. Luke surprised us that evening when he said he was going to attend the Winter Formal this Friday and that his date was Abby’s friend and fellow Pirateer dancer, Molie.

Wednesday was a noticeably colder day. As we headed out the door to work, I got the text from Paul that Burd had passed away last night. His funeral will be this weekend. Although I’ve had some friends from high school pass away, Kevin was the first from our inner circle from our college era-friends to pass away. It was a long day for Ms. Ann. I had a super-fast day then walked about three more miles in the mall due to the frigid weather. Luke went to basketball practice after school. It spat snow all day but we only had some minor accumulation back home. Ann had an After-Prom meeting at the high school that evening that lasted a few hours. While she was gone, I watched some DVR’d shows: Stargate, Daily Show, Dr. Who and Oak Island and then we watched Purdue lose to #6 Michigan St. Luke dug out and tried on dress clothes that evening. We got a couple leads on a new car for Abby that we’ll have to check out, though we still haven’t decided if we are repairing or replacing it yet. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.01.50 sis19.01.51 sis19.01.52 sis19.01.53 sis19.01.54 sis19.01.55 sis19.01.56 sis19.01.57 sis19.01.58 sis19.01.59 sis19.01.60 sis19.01.61 sis19.01.62 sis19.01.63 sis19.01.64 sis19.01.65 sis19.01.66 sis19.01.67 sis19.01.68 sis19.01.69 sis19.01.70 sis19.01.71

It was a really cold start to Thursday – in the teens. Luke went to school and basketball practice. He stuck around the school afterward to attend the girls’ basketball game. Ann and I had fast days again (this week has flown!) and I walked a 5K at the mall afterward. Ann and I ran a few errands and then enjoyed a date night at Wings & Rings. Later, we snuggled-up with the dogs & blankets in our chairs and watched DVR’d shows until we fell asleep. Although we didn’t learn it until the following evening, Uncle Timmy passed away that night. It was one day short of the two-year anniversary of Aunt Dorothy’s death. He was 95. He was a good man that raised six wonderful daughters. He was one of only a handful of relatives living from that generation of our family. None of our Scheumann, Deerr, Bryan, Surface or Owens family from that level (grandparents) survive. This was the last one from the Brown side. We have two on the Morgan side left and that’s it. The end of that era is quickly coming to an end, sadly…

Friday saw another cold start to the day. I ran Luke in early to football practice then had a good checkup at the dentist. I noticed that the city had brined the roads in preparation of the winter storm warning that was supposed to hit us this weekend. When I dropped Luke off at the Fieldhouse, I noticed that the baseball team was practicing. I again urged him to reconsider going to preseason workouts. After football practice, Luke had a good day at school and then stayed after for basketball practice. Ann enjoyed a good half day at work and then came home to help get Luke ready for Winter Formal that evening. Abby & Garrett came down to hang out with Ann, help Luke prep for the dance and do homework together. I had a good day at work. Justin & I took Dennis out to lunch for his birthday. Later, I walked a 5K at the mall and then hurried home. I got there just in time to load everyone up in the car and go get pictures. Luke cleaned up pretty nicely. We first stopped at the Ferrara’s, who live behind us, to get pictures with just boys. Then we all drove over to the Acra’s, who live behind the Ferrara’s and got pictures with the girls. All the kids looked so grown up when they were all doodied-up for the big dance. We then came back to the house to get pictures of Luke & Molie before they headed off to the dance. Afterward, I ran to Phyllis & Dick’s house to pickup bathroom equipment for Ann to use next week, after her surgery. The Hellmichs were doing well and Michael did a great job on their bathrooms upstairs. Meanwhile, Ann ordered pizzas for dinner and we sat and visited with Bu & Garrett for a couple hours. Before we knew it, they had to head back as the snow was beginning to move in to the area and we wanted them to get back ahead of all of it. Luke came home fairly early and said he had a great time with Molie and said he even danced! Although Kevin’s visitation was that evening, we didn’t get a chance to make it over. Instead, we sent our love and thoughts along with Paul & Dayla. Ann ended up missing her scrapbook festivities that evening and as we went to bed late that night, it had begun to snow… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.01.27 smp19.01.28 smp19.01.29 smp19.01.30 smp19.01.31 smp19.01.32 smp19.01.33 smp19.01.34 smp19.01.35 smp19.01.36 smp19.01.37 smp19.01.38 smp19.01.39 smp19.01.40 smp19.01.41 smp19.01.42 smp19.01.43 smp19.01.44 smp19.01.45 smp19.01.46 smp19.01.47 smp19.01.48 smp19.01.49 smp19.01.50 smp19.01.51 smp19.01.52 smp19.01.53 smp19.01.54 smp19.01.55 smp19.01.56 smp19.01.57 smp19.01.58 smp19.01.59 smp19.01.60 smp19.01.61 smp19.01.62 smp19.01.63 smp19.01.64 smp19.01.65 smp19.01.66 smp19.01.67 smp19.01.68 smp19.01.69 smp19.01.70 smp19.01.71 smp19.01.73 smp19.01.75 smp19.01.76 smp19.01.77 smp19.01.78 smp19.01.79 smp19.01.80 smp19.01.81 smp19.01.82 smp19.01.83 smp19.01.84 smp19.01.85 smp19.01.86 smp19.01.87 smp19.01.88 smp19.01.89 smp19.01.90 smp19.01.91 smp19.01.92 smp19.01.93 smp19.01.94 smp19.01.95 smp19.01.96 smp19.01.97 smp19.01.98 smp19.01.99 smp19.01.100 smp19.01.101 smp19.01.102

On Saturday, we woke up to a couple inches of snow! I cleaned off the cars and shoveled the drive so Ann could leave to go scrapbooking in Burney. Luke had the day off from basketball so he slept in and later practiced driving in the snow. I did a few things around the house then went to the Sunken Boat Bar to watch the Colts and Cowboys play in the Divisional round of the playoffs. Luke drove us around town in the inclement weather and nearly got hit by some idiot driving out to Walmart. Thankfully, he kept a level head and avoided the collision but learned a valuable lesson. We bought some food and supplies and headed out to Bryan & Angie’s house, where he spent the night with Drew. Bryan, Bob & I got serious about watching football. However, the Colts forgot to show-up for the game and got blown out of Arrowhead Stadium on a cold, snowy day. It was never close and we turned the sound off at halftime, flipped on the Sonos and started playing poker. Only Bob & I showed up from our regular group of guys but a few Mesco employees and their spouses showed up, making it a fun game. Becca was the big winner that evening, unless you count Coach Mary who went down early! Bryan’s pizzas were amazing and only had a total of 10 carbs. The Cowboys didn’t fare much better in the later game. They started out OK but the defense just couldn’t stop the run and we had a slight chance at the end, but never got the ball back. At this point, I don’t see how we won’t have Championship games with the top four-seeded teams! We played cards until the football games were over and then called it a night. It continued precipitating all day and snowed all night…

With the kids all gone out of the house, we slept in…but it would’ve been even longer if it weren’t for those darn dogs. We woke up to a few more inches of snow – I’d say a total of about 5-6” is probably what we ended up with – the most we’ve had in years! We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores. Ann went out and picked up Luke at Drew’s house and ran to the store. Later, she got out her new Instant pots out and figured them out so she could make us pot roast, potatoes and carrots for dinner. We watched more playoff football. Although I wasn’t rooting for any individual team, I was still rooting for something I didn’t get yesterday – a close game to keep things interesting! The first game was so lopsided that we spent the afternoon out at the Evans’ house, looking at a car for Abby. We liked it but want Jerry to take a look at it before we commit, so I’ll try to work that out next week. I’d also like Abby to come look at the car as well, since she’s the one that’s buying it. The Patriots won again to set a record for eight consecutive appearances in the AFC championship game. Luke turned in early, Ann passed out in her chair and the dogs (who had been in and out about a hundred times today) napped on the couch – leaving me alone to write this blog in peace. It was a nice way to wind down the week before we turn around and start it all over again in the morning…

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature pictures from our family photo album #17, which shows us on vacation at Walt Disney World in May, 2004. This week we see pix of: a luau show at the Polynesian with Keith & Rosie; then MGM Studios for a couple shows – 1st Bear in the Big Blue House and then Beauty & the Beast; then to Epcot for the day; next on to Animal Kingdom to see a Tarzan show; and finally back at the Contemporary – up on the roof to watch fireworks.

Waybac.2004.05.wdw81 Waybac.2004.05.wdw82 Waybac.2004.05.wdw83 Waybac.2004.05.wdw84 Waybac.2004.05.wdw85 Waybac.2004.05.wdw86 Waybac.2004.05.wdw87 Waybac.2004.05.wdw88 Waybac.2004.05.wdw89 Waybac.2004.05.wdw90 Waybac.2004.05.wdw91 Waybac.2004.05.wdw92 Waybac.2004.05.wdw93 Waybac.2004.05.wdw94 Waybac.2004.05.wdw95 Waybac.2004.05.wdw96 Waybac.2004.05.wdw97 Waybac.2004.05.wdw98 Waybac.2004.05.wdw99 Waybac2004.05.wdw100

Next up is our video segment which features two new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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