Out on The Road…There’s No Place too Far that We wouldn’t Go

Things kicked into high gear around here since we last touched base. Matt went back to school to finish up his degree. It’s only a few more weeks and then he’ll be done with school! We were proud when we heard that he earned special recognition this week. He took good care of Ms. Taylor and focused on passing that darn Chemistry class. Abby also returned to college this week. Besides studying and attending class, she officially declared a major this week and attended her first ΠΦ formal. Luke was a two-sport athlete this week, attending football practice as well as three baseball games, which really kept us hopping…and he did some driving as well. In fact, I think he drove all three of our vehicles this week. Unfortunately, none of it was with the driver’s ed folks, which he still needs to complete. I was under orders to have no exercise this week, as my doctor tries to rule-out a few things following my last lab results. So, this was the first week with no walking or heavy exertion since vacation. That forced me to focus more on my diet, which I did and ended up losing nearly six pounds. But the big news of the week was the next milestone for Ann. She endured her first full week back to work! Add to that the fact that we had a full slate of ball games to attend, plus her extracurricular activities…and that made for one tired, sore and whooped pup by the end of the week. It was good to get out to both home and away games this week, spending time with friends we haven’t seen since basketball or football season. The weather continues to improve with each passing day as we get closer and closer to getting back outside and working in the yard. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

Monday was April Fool’s Day. Ann began her first full week of work. She & I rode Black Betty to work and although it did OK on the way there, it showed its ass on the way home. It eventually straightened-up, but the check engine light is now on again. We’ll see if it comes out of it or if it will have to see Dr. Jerry. Ann had a fast day but was extremely busy. I had the same day – before I knew it, it was already time to leave. We left work early because Ann was told to only work half days for the first few weeks. Matt & Abby began their final half of their spring semester – for Matt, this will be his last…if he can pass Chemistry! Luke had school then played in his second JV baseball game vs. Lawrenceburg. Ann was exhausted by the time I picked her up from work. She came home, iced her knees and got in a quick cat nap. Meanwhile, I ran a couple errands around town and scanned in several items, including Abby’s senior yearbook, which apparently came in recently. I hope to share those pictures in the coming weeks. We headed over to the JV field and set up camp outside the left field fence. Mom & Sandy joined us on a chilly evening and Bryan & Angie hung out with us for a while as well. Although we were just a few feet from the van, the view was too far away and so we’ll move closer next week…live and learn. Luke got his first start of his high school baseball career as the DH, batting 8th. He struck out swinging in his first at-bat, then he flew out to left field, struck-out looking before finally getting a hit in his final plate appearance. It was a mere infield single with the bases loaded – but he legged it out to get his first high school hit and RBI! He would eventually steal home and score his first run as well. The young Pirates played good defense and the pitching was outstanding. The hitting wasn’t the best, but it was enough as the Tiger’s pitching struggled and walked like 20 batters. We ended up winning 10-0 and the game was called in the 6th inning. Their record now stands at 2-0 on the year. Ann was really stiff and sore after the game. Mom & Sandy left after the 3rd inning due to the bitterly-cold breeze. Luke went out with his teammates for a quick dinner at BK before coming home that night. Ann & I watched American Idol before called it a day, tired from our busy plight. Here are pictures from Luke’s first high school baseball game at North Decatur.

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Luke was up early for football practice on Tuesday. Ann & I drove into work in Black Betty again, who was still being grumpy that morning. We left work early, per Ann’s doctor’s orders and came home to rest briefly before heading down to Madison. That’s where Luke & the JV Pirates faced the Cubs in the second of three games scheduled for this week. The start was delayed till six that evening, which would eventually cause the game to be called due to darkness. Luke did not start but Drew did and played the whole game in right field. Luke entered the game during the 4th inning, playing first base where he recorded a putout and an assisted putout. At the plate, he was 2-for-2 with a pair of infield singles. He also had an RBI, stole a pair of bases and scored a run as the boys dominated the evening, blowing out Madison 25-8. Their record now stands at 3-0.

Wednesday was another fast day at work for Ann and I. We came home and both of us ended up falling asleep in the living room with the dogs. Luke had a good day at school then went to baseball practice. He neglected to tell us that there was a parent meeting afterward but I heard we didn’t miss much, thankfully. Ann & Kristie facilitated an After-Prom meeting at the high school that evening and Ann did NOT fall this time. 😊 Later, we watched some DVR’ed shows (American Idol, FBI and then when Ann went to bed I watched Leaving Neverland – a documentary about Michael Jackson) and fell asleep with the dogs. Here are random pictures of our recent adventures.

sis19.04.01 sis19.04.02 sis19.04.03 sis19.04.04 sis19.04.05 sis19.04.06 sis19.04.07 sis19.04.08 sis19.04.09 sis19.04.10 sis19.04.11 sis19.04.12 sis19.04.13 sis19.04.14 sis19.04.15 sis19.04.16 sis19.04.17 sis19.04.18 sis19.04.19 sis19.04.20 sis19.04.21 sis19.04.22 sis19.04.23 sis19.04.25 sis19.04.24 sis19.04.26 sis19.04.27 sis19.04.29 sis19.04.30 sis19.04.31 sis19.04.32 sis19.04.33 sis19.04.34 sis19.04.35 sis19.04.36 sis19.04.37 sis19.04.38 sis19.04.39 sis19.04.40 sis19.04.41 sis19.04.42 sis19.04.43 sis19.04.44 sis19.04.45 sis19.04.46 sis19.04.47 sis19.04.48 sis19.04.49 sis19.04.50 sis19.04.51 sis19.04.52 sis19.04.53 sis19.04.54 sis19.04.55 sis19.04.56 sis19.04.57 sis19.04.58 sis19.04.59

Ann & I actually beat Luke out the door (that never happens) on Thursday morning. We both had fast days again, as you might imagine when you leave a few hours early. Ann went out to lunch with her girls and then we left early as she was tired and sore from all the activity, so far this week. We came home and she caught a little cat nap before we packed up the Barney-mobile again and headed down to Lawrenceburg. Luke had a good day at school then went to his third baseball game of the week. Ann & I had some trouble finding the place, as it was not at the high school. We didn’t know that until we got there, but we figured it out pretty quickly. We sat with Blane’s dad, Greg, as well as Bryan & Mary – along with the other parents. Bryan was fasting and chomping at the bit to eat the salad he brought with him. The boys on the other hand forgot to show up that evening. It was by far their worst outing of the year. Not sure what didn’t click, but the pitching was off and we didn’t hit the ball well at all. The Pirates quickly got in a hole and went down 7-0 after one and by the end of the second, they were down 9-0 to the Tigers. We ended up losing 1-13 and the boys’ record is now 3-1 on the year. Drew got the start in right field again, but he also pitched and played left field. Luke did not play but was coming in to DH for Drew in the 5th inning. He was the fourth batter in the inning but the Pirates were retired in order and Luke was left in the on-deck circle. It sucks driving an hour away to watch other kids play ball, but we encouraged Luke to keep battling and competing and things will work out. He’s paying his dues right now, but he needs to make the most of any opportunities that come his way. Ann & I got home a couple hours before Luke did, as the JV game went by quickly but the varsity game went long. The teams travel together on the same bus, so I went and got him when he finally returned to town. Ann & I relaxed and watched a few shows while waiting for the boys to get home (9-1-1, Seal Team and Will & Grace). Ann spoke with Matt again today to get updates on Taylor. She finally got to see her doctor today and it turns out that she needs surgery on Monday to fix her busted leg. We wish her luck with her procedure and a speedy recovery. He also received some outstanding news. He was named the recipient of the U-Indy School of Education Outstanding Future Educator: Special Ed Award! We are very proud of his achievements and efforts in his field and so glad he has found his calling. This just drives home that fact. He will be honored at the annual SOE Recognition Ceremony on May 1. In layman’s terms, he is being honored as the outstanding student teacher in the special education department. According to the email he received, he was, “Judged on the following criteria: (1) demonstrated outstanding knowledge, skill and sensitivity in teaching students with exceptional needs, (2) went above and beyond what is expected of a student teacher, (3) served as a role model and inspiration to his students, family members and colleagues, and (4) demonstrated creativity in meeting the unique learning needs of students.” Way to go, Matthew!! 😊 And it was Declaration Day at FC. Abby texted me during the day, to let me know that she has officially declared her major…at least for now. After wavering a few times and considering different options, she has settled on a Biology major. So that dream of becoming a dentist is still alive for her. Here are the newest additions to the Hot Wheels collection.

hw19.04.01 hw19.04.02 hw19.04.03 hw19.04.04 hw19.04.05 hw19.04.06 hw19.04.07 hw19.04.08 hw19.04.09 hw19.04.10 hw19.04.12 hw19.04.13

It was another short work day for Ann & I on Friday. I got up and went to get my labs drawn at the hospital then came back and picked up Ann for work. We left around noon when her office closed. I ran her by the Fieldhouse where she met with Kristie and the high school’s DPO to look at areas for her Escape Room during the After-Prom event, which has a Clue theme this year. We came home and Ann took a nap while I worked from home for a few hours. Luke’s baseball practice was cancelled so I picked him up while Gma recuperated from her belly issues. Once Annie woke up from her nap, later that evening, we went out for dinner and drinks at ElRep to celebrate her making it through her first full week of work. Luke drove so Ann & I could have a couple margaritas with our dinner, if we so chose…which I did! He drove us home to drop off Ann off and then we went to Walmart to do some shopping. We came back and fell asleep watching a few of our DVR’d shows on the big screen (The Resident, Magnum PI & SWAT). Meanwhile, Abby went to her Pi Phi formal with Garrett and her sisters. I haven’t heard from her, but judging from the pictures, it looked like a lot of fun!

On Saturday morning, I was up before the dawn due to the dogs and couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I got up and wrote-out bills. Ann got up at dawn and went scrapbooking with Shawna & Rhonda in Lawrenceburg all day. Luke was up shortly after dawn to attend an early baseball practice. That left me alone with the dogs that morning. After doing a few things around the house, we took naps, did some online Hot Wheels hunting and watched Ancient Aliens in peace. Luke came home briefly after practice and then went fishing with Blane, out by the orchard where we held Abby’s grad party. I believe Kuyhlia and her husband recently bought it. When Luke came back, we checked the fluids in the vehicles and then he drove us around town in old Betty White, who is officially an antique this year. He loves driving that old truck as much as the other kids did when they were in high school. We ended up getting his hair cut and then he dropped himself off at the Messers to hang out with Drew. Later, the boys went out to a bonfire at Oakley’s house, where they spent the night. I came home and took a nap with the dogs then watched four hours of Simpsons that I’d been saving up for Abby…but I couldn’t wait any longer. It was a pretty day; I turned off the heat and I opened-up the house for the first time this spring. I heard a few people out mowing today, which made me go out and look at ours. The front needs a little love and our backyard will need to be cut next week for sure. Once Ann got home that night, we talked for only a few minutes before she fell asleep in her recliner. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.04.01 smp19.04.02 smp19.04.03 smp19.04.04 smp19.04.05 smp19.04.06 smp19.04.07 smp19.04.08 smp19.04.09 smp19.04.10 smp19.04.11 smp19.04.12 smp19.04.13 smp19.04.14 smp19.04.15 smp19.04.16 smp19.04.17 smp19.04.18 smp19.04.19 smp19.04.20 smp19.04.21 smp19.04.22 smp19.04.23 smp19.04.25 smp19.04.24 smp19.04.26 smp19.04.27 smp19.04.28 smp19.04.29 smp19.04.30 smp19.04.31 smp19.04.32 smp19.04.33 smp19.04.34 smp19.04.35 smp19.04.36 smp19.04.37 smp19.04.38 smp18.04.39 smp19.04.40 smp19.04.41 smp19.04.42 smp19.04.43 smp19.04.44 smp19.04.45 smp19.04.46 smp19.04.47 smp19.04.48 smp19.04.49 smp19.04.50 smp19.04.51 smp19.04.52 Waybac.1989.03.aasiefc1

I finally got to sleep in on Sunday morning, as Ann got up with the dogs (thx babe). It was great sleeping conditions as the sun remained behind the clouds and it was rainy. I don’t know what it is about rainy weather that makes me sleep so soundly, but it does. I eventually got up and got to doing our weekly household chores. I talked to Tom Fong (my Dance Dad buddy), who was in Cincy at one of his daughter’s final dance competitions. I miss those long days at times, spent with our little girl…but I must admit I did enjoy sleeping in today and not hanging out with a bunch of screaming, glittered-up girls with the smell of teen spirit. We opened-up the house again despite it being wet and humid. Luke & Drew came home in the early afternoon and ended up out in the woods. He drove Drew around the neighborhood in Barney for the first time that afternoon. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I write that sentence in the coming years. They called from the woods, saying they were hungry – so Ann ordered pizza from Cecil’s Slice of Pie, the new restaurant on the square. The pizzas were delicious and HUGE. We got two pies and that was more than enough to satisfy those bottomless pits, plus Dray, Ann and I…which says a lot for their product! We actually had leftovers too. I watched the NASCAR race at Bristol while the boys went out and rode Dray’s quad before they had to head home. It was a lazy late afternoon / early evening as it rained on and off and was just blah outside. Ann & I wound down the evening by watching a really good movie on HBO called The Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. It was a relaxing way to put a cap on a busy week before we turnaround and start it all again tomorrow.

Next, we have another installment of our Waybac segment. This week continues to show the contents from photo album #17. It features only pictures of our vacation in Walt Disney World in June 2004. We lead off this week with various views around Epcot; then on to Main St. USA in the Magic Kingdom, where we met up with Keith, Rosie & Megan; next we head to Animal Kingdom where we had special seats for the Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends show and then later, Abby participated in the Festival of the Lion King show; next we head over to MGM Studios to see the Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! show with Bear in the Big Blue House, Stanley, Rolie Polie Olie and The Book of Pooh; and finally we head to Downtown Disney for dinner at the cool Rainforest Café, shopping at all the little stores and having the kids pose for pictures at all the fun spots.

Waybac.2004.06.wdw370 Waybac.2004.06.wdw371 Waybac.2004.06.wdw372 Waybac.2004.06.wdw373 Waybac.2004.06.wdw374 Waybac.2004.06.wdw375 Waybac.2004.06.wdw376 Waybac.2004.06.wdw377 Waybac.2004.06.wdw378 Waybac.2004.06.wdw379 Waybac.2004.06.wdw380 Waybac.2004.06.wdw381 Waybac.2004.06.wdw382 Waybac.2004.06.wdw383 Waybac.2004.06.wdw384 Waybac.2004.06.wdw385 Waybac.2004.06.wdw386 Waybac.2004.06.wdw387 Waybac.2004.06.wdw388 Waybac.2004.06.wdw389 Waybac.2004.06.wdw390

And finally, we have a bunch of videos; one new home movie this week and a ton of jams from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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