Like the Way it Gets Me…Every time it Hits Me

We’ve had one helluva week since we last touched base. Matt took the next steps in becoming a full-fledged teacher and spent the week taking care of Ms. Taylor. We got to spend a little quality time with the two of them, which was great as they are a fun couple. He is only a few weeks away from graduation and the beginning of the rest of his life. Abby had a busy week of classes as she moves ever-closer to finishing her first year at Franklin and moving back home for the summer. Luke was a two-sport athlete again this week as he attended both football and baseball practices as well as play in three ball games. Ann had a full week of work, going ¾ days for the final time before beginning full days next week. She spent time doing After-Prom stuff for several hours this week and spent some time with her scrapbook friends as well. Ann & I enjoyed spending time together, watching Luke play sports. We’ve always enjoyed going to watch the kids do their thing…it’s what we do. I’m not sure what we’ll do when that’s gone… I came up about four miles short of my exercise goal this week, trying to squeeze in time wherever I could. Dad & Lynn finished off the second leg of their tour of America and returned to Florida. I spoke with him this weekend and he said he’d been in the hospital with pneumonia but he is much better now and resting at home. He said Rob started a new job in New Jersey and that he and Sharon are doing well. Mom O fought through some GI issues all week but when we saw her this weekend, she looked to be feeling better. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with these parents of ours! But the big news of the week was all the hubbub surrounding Luke’s big hit – and no; it wasn’t with his new bat, but rather it came on the base paths – and the repercussions from it… Hello again and welcome to the latest entry of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday. Ann had a fast day and me; well let’s just say that it seemed like I no sooner had dropped her off than I was picking her up moments later to head back home. At lunch, Justin & I took Vic out for his birthday to China Buffet. I picked Annie up in the early afternoon to bring her home and ice her knees / take a nap. Meanwhile, I walked a couple miles out at the fairgrounds / park then got the van washed (the damn birds in our trees out front had shit everywhere on poor Barney). Luke had a good day at school then he and the JV team travelled to Rushville to face the Lions in their first of three games this week. Ann & I got there early so we could figure out which field we were on that evening. The boys ended up playing on the varsity field, which was cool! We jumped out to a quick lead and were up 6-0 after 3. Drew came in to pitch in relief in the 4th but gave up a few runs when he walked a couple guys and his defense let him down. The boys fought back in the 5th but it was cut short, thanks to a couple of bad calls by the umps and the ejection of Coach Moore. …It’s always something with Rushville, isn’t it?? After the Pirates recaptured the lead, the Lions were able to tie it in the bottom half of the inning and they took the lead 6-7 in the 6th inning. We couldn’t score in the final frame and ended up losing by one point in a heartbreaker. Luke started in right field and batted 5th. He went 1-4 at the plate with a groundout, fly out, strikeout and a single into right. He was called out at second on a fielder’s choice, but it was a questionable call that would ultimately come back to haunt us. The second baseman not only dropped the ball but appeared to miss the base in the process. Still, the ump held tight to his call and Luke took a seat on the bench. In the field, he had one ball hit to him that came at him hard when the sun was setting, late that evening. The ball disappeared into the blazing sun off the bat. Thinking it was a line drive, he took two steps in. …But when it emerged from the blinding light, it flew over his head and one-hopped the fence. All he could do was put his head down and sprint to the wall. He did get it back in to hold the runner to a double but it cleared the bases and tied the game and we never recovered. The boys’ record now stands at 3-2 on the year. That evening, Ann & I watched John Oliver and American Idol before catching the end of the championship NCAA basketball game and calling it a night. Early this morning, Matt took Taylor to the hospital up near Katie & Jake’s house for her surgery. Matt said several of her family members came to support her. The surgeon said the procedure went as good as could be expected. Although she was sore when she woke up, she had Matt by her side to help her through it all. He ended up staying the night in her room, sleeping on that oh-so-comfortable bedside chair. 😊 Here are pictures from Abby’s formal dance last weekend with her Pi Phi sisters.

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Tuesday’s work day flew by for Ann & I as we left early again in order for her to ice her knees and take a nap. Although she is pushing herself, she is taking care and getting rest as well – per the doctor’s request. While she napped, I was able to get out and fire up the Husqy lawnmower for the first time this spring. It took a little while to get it going, as I forgot to turn the damn fuel switch back on. Miraculously, it fired right up when I turned it on! It was gorgeous outside and the backyard looked great when I finished. That first mow of the year always looks the best. Too bad it only lasted about a day and half! Afterwards I took Molly for a walk around the neighborhood and then walked another mile and half by myself. In total, I was a little short of three miles for the evening. Just as I was finishing, Luke called and needed picked up from baseball practice. I got him and Drew and brought them back to the house. They picked up sticks in the front yard as Ann got ready and we all went out to ElRep for dinner and cocktails on Taco Tuesday. Ann met up with Ms. Amy and they went their way while the boys and I went to the other side of the dining room to give them some privacy. Luke said they had a good practice as several of the older boys dressed on the varsity team, giving Coach Mac a chance to work with the freshman. Luke said Coach corrected his throwing form and now he feels much more confident with his defense. After dropping off Drew and talking to Bryan for a while, we came home and Luke played Fortnight while we watched Idol. Meanwhile, Matt began work as an official teacher as he substituted at Zionsville West Middle School! Congrats, little buddy! He said he loved it and that it was refreshing to actually get paid for his efforts! Afterward, he hurried back to U Indy to be with Taylor, who was released from the hospital while he was at work. She must have someone with her for the next 24 hours, so Matt stayed with her which allowed her folks can go back to work. Here are the latest additions to my Hot Wheel collection.

hw19.04.14 hw19.04.15 hw19.04.16 hw19.04.17 hw19.04.18 hw19.04.19 hw19.04.20 hw19.04.21 hw19.04.22 hw19.04.23 hw19.03.24 hw19.04.25

Matt didn’t sub on Wednesday so he could stay with Taylor all day. Luke went back to sleep after getting ready that morning – good thing Ann had me go check him just as we were walking out the door. He forgot to do everything that morning as he ran out the door to ride with Mary. He had a “fine” day at school then had baseball practice again. Afterward he went to football practice as well. I played chauffer all day: I took Ann & I to work and had short days again. I took her across town after work for physical therapy. While she worked her butt off in PT – doing squats and trying to strengthen her muscles – I walked a 5K around the area. I ended up walking most of the time in the cemetery, which was much larger than I thought. It was very pretty with all the trees and flowers in full bloom. It smelled wonderful as well. We came home so Ms. Ann could catch a quick nap and ice her knees before I took her to Stories for dinner with her scrapbook friends. She caught a ride home, which was good because Luke called and said he had left his football cleats at home. So I drove home and grabbed his cleats and took them out to the football field. When I got back, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then had to run out to get him from practice. I kept the car idling in the driveway as Luke got out and Ann got in so I could take her uptown to her After-Prom meeting that she was hosting at The Beach. I was going to join her, but by that time I was already in my comfy clothes so I came home and watched the opening night of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I only watch hockey every once in a while, but usually at this time of year because the “second season” is the one that really matters. Here are pictures of Luke’s home opener vs. Lawrenceburg last week.

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We had another fast day on Thursday. We came home from work early again so Ms. Ann could ice her knees and take a nap while I walked three miles in the neighborhood. Luke said he had a good day at school then went to his next baseball game, facing Rushville at home. Ann & I joined him there and sat by the dugout with the other parents. Bryan & Angie joined us there as well. Luke and Drew both started that night – Luke in left, Drew in right. Luke batted 7th and went 0-2 with a walk. He grounded out by hitting an 0-2 curveball – the first time he has hit a curve! In his next at-bat, he hit a screaming line drive to right center, but the wind held it up and instead of a gapper to the fence, the centerfielder made a diving catch and retired Luke. In his final at-bat, he walked, stole 2nd base and then scored a run as the boys won easily 7-1. Luke went out to dinner with his teammates at El Reparo to celebrate afterward while Ann & I had dinner in Barney at the A&W root beer stand. It was a gorgeous day that saw temps in the 80s at the start of the game! Matt returned to work in Zionsville, subbing in the special ed class again. He said they already set up an interview for him to consider a permanent position next year! Here are pictures of Luke’s baseball game at Madison last week.

lbm19.01 lbm19.02 lbm19.03 lbm19.04 lbm19.05 lbm19.06 lbm19.07 lbm19.08 lbm19.09 lbm19.10 lbm19.11 lbm19.12 lbm19.13 lbm19.14 lbm19.15 lbm19.16 lbm19.17 lbm19.18 lbm19.19 lbm19.20 lbm19.21 lbm19.22 lbm19.23 lbm19.24 lbm19.25 lbm19.26 lbm19.27 lbm19.28 lbm19.29 lbm19.30 lbm19.31 lbm19.32 lbm19.33 lbm19.34 lbm19.35 lbm19.36

We had a wet start to our Friday, but it turned out to be another beautiful day. Ann & I had half days at work. Justin, Vic & I went to Chicago’s Pizza for lunch, just before we left town. We came home and as Ann iced her knees and took a nap, I worked from home that afternoon, finishing up my March reports. I finished just as it was time for Ann & I to pack up and head to the high school to watch Luke and the JV Pirates host Jennings County in their third and final ball game of the week. Luke had a good day at school then got the start in right field again that evening. Drew missed the game, as he had a band performance. Luke batted 9th as a second leadoff hitter. He had no action in the field and only batted one time, but it was memorable – by far the most exciting of the year! He walked, stole second and then tried to score on a shallow blooper to left. He hesitated momentarily and because of it, the ball beat him to the plate by a few steps. The catcher was in the base path, blocking the plate with the ball…and as Luke began to dive for the score, he lowered his shoulder and lambasted the catcher – putting him flat on his ass to try and jar the ball loose. In fact, he hit him a little harder than I think he meant to and the catcher ended up being thrown to his back did a backwards summersault. He held on to the ball and Luke was correctly called out. The crowd and his teammates were really fired-up by the effort though, whooping and hollering…but then the umpire decided to call the play illegal and ejected him from the game! The poor kid had to stay in the dugout the rest of the game, which would turn out to hurt the team. He’s not sure, but he may also have to set out another game, which is a rip – he didn’t even get a warning and now may end up serving what is essentially a two-game suspension. He was not trying to hurt anyone and wasn’t cheating or being dirty, so I’m concerned with the message we’re sending with this punishment. He was pretty upset because he felt like he let his teammates and coach down, but I encouraged him to stay strong and told him I was proud of him because he was being aggressive and playing hard – two things we’ve always instilled in him. I told him to just roll with it and live & learn. When Luke left the game, the Pirates were up 5-3 with the momentum. After the play, things flipped on us and by the time the game ended, we had been run-ruled 5-15. The game was called after the 6th inning. It got colder and colder as the game went on with a brisk breeze and strong gusts. One of the guys on the opposing team hit two homeruns over the fence in left – the first two we’ve seen this year – that were aided by the strong wind gusts. After the game, Luke went out with friends and ended up over at Drayden’s house where he spent the night. Meanwhile, Ann & I went out to dinner on date night and ate at Wings & Rings before coming home to warm up and watch a few DVR’d shows on the big screen with the dogs.

sis19.04.60 sis19.04.61 sis19.04.62 sis19.04.64 sis19.04.65 sis19.04.66 sis19.04.67 sis19.04.68 sis19.04.69

Those damn dogs had me up early on Saturday morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and watched the NASCAR race from last night while Ann got some much-needed sleep. Once it warmed up a little, I serviced the vehicles in the driveway and did a few things around the house. Ann & I got cleaned-up and drove up to see Matt & Taylor for lunch. We stopped at Mom & Sandy’s house on the way to pickup a gift they had for Taylor. I visited with them and Casey & Susan for a bit before we left town. We met Matt & Taylor at Smoky Bones for a big meal that afternoon. Ms. Taylor was getting around pretty good on her little scooter. Matt & I had a couple Bourbon Mules, a huge appetizer called Mag Nacho and so much food leftover that we had to have two to-go trays to carry it all. My Cuban was outstanding. We visited for a while and then had to let the kids get on with their day. Matt was getting his haircut and then they had to go shopping. We drove back with the intention of me getting out and mowing again on a gorgeous day in the 70s. However, Luke had called earlier in the day. He and Dray had come back to the house to hang out and play video games. He said his computer had died and so when I got home, I began working on it. I got it working and cleared up the issue but didn’t realize how long it had taken me and by the time I reached a stopping point, it was already getting dark. I continued to work on it throughout the night. I also got all my new Hot Wheels checked-in from this week as we cleared-out the DVR and then watched an SVU marathon until we fell asleep. Luke ended up staying at Dray’s house again that evening. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

We tried to sleep in on Sunday morning, but the dogs had other ideas again. I left them outside and tried to go back to sleep but didn’t have much luck so I just got up and got back to working on Luke’s computer. It needed a lot of love. I finally finished in the early afternoon and he should be good to go for another couple years now… In between fiddling with it, I got to our weekly household chores and made some eggs and bacon for breakfast. Luke stayed at Dray’s house last night and didn’t respond to any calls or texts until the afternoon (must’ve been a late one!). Luke got home just in time to get cleaned up and we went to Gma & Gigi’s house for Jamie’s birthday party. We visited, sang a horrible version of the Birthday Song to him, enjoyed cake & ice cream and watched him open his presents. Jamie’s mom and her boyfriend joined us. Grace got off work for the party as well. It stormed really hard while we were there, causing us to lose power for a couple minutes. It was easily 25 degrees cooler when we came back out, compared to when we went in. We got home just in time for Kristie to pick-up Ann and they went out to work on After-Prom stuff. I watched Tiger Woods win the Masters, the Pacers lose to the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs and then put on the NASCAR race from last night. Luke spoke with his coach, who said that he would – indeed – be required to sit-out tomorrow’s game, unfortunately. Ann came home and made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we chilled-out that evening, watching the return of Game of Thrones. That night, the weather told cold so we closed-up the house, got under blankets and snuggled-up with the dogs and waited for it to start snowing… It was a relaxing end to a busy week, here at the Scheu abode. We have a few social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.04.53 smp19.04.54 smp19.04.55 smp19.04.56 smp19.04.57 smp19.04.58 smp19.04.59 smp19.04.60 smp19.04.61 smp19.04.62 smp19.04.63 smp19.04.64 smp19.04.65 smp19.04.66

Next up is our Waybac section which features yet more of photo album #17 – our Walt Disney World vacation in June 2004. We lead off riding rides in the Magic Kingdom: The Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland and the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland; then we head to Cinderella’s Castle for Cinderella’s Royal Table character breakfast; next we head to Animal Kingdom to watch Abby participate in the Festival of the Lion King show; then we move on to MGM Studios for more pictures of the Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage show with Bear in the Big Blue House, Rolie Polie Olie, Stanley and The Book of Pooh; and then back over to Animal Kingdom once again where we met up with Amy, Rob & Baili to watch the Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle parade and pose for pictures around the park with the various sights.

Waybac.2004.06.wdw391 Waybac.2004.06.wdw392 Waybac.2004.06.wdw393 Waybac.2004.06.wdw394 Waybac.2004.06.wdw395 Waybac.2004.06.wdw396 Waybac.2004.06.wdw397 Waybac.2004.06.wdw398 Waybac.2004.06.wdw399 Waybac.2004.06.wdw400 Waybac.2004.06.wdw401 Waybac.2004.06.wdw402 Waybac.2004.06.wdw403 Waybac.2004.06.wdw404 Waybac.2004.06.wdw405 Waybac.2004.06.wdw406 Waybac.2004.06.wdw407 Waybac.2004.06.wdw408 Waybac.2004.06.wdw409 Waybac.2004.06.wdw410

And finally, we have our video section which features one new home movie this week and several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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