Still the Rain Kept Pourin’…Fallin’ on my Ears

It was another interesting week, here at the Scheu household. The big news of the week was Matt nearing graduation at U Indy and finding a job. He worked all week – not as a sub but as the replacement teacher – in Zionsville…the same place he had his interview this week. He also learned a valuable life lesson this week as well. Abby had a busy week of studying for finals at FC and survived her first Grizzly Grand Prix. We enjoyed seeing her this week, even if was only short amounts of time. Luke was a two-sport athlete this week, attending football and baseball practices as well as a couple baseball games. I enjoyed spending time with him, working out in the yard. He got practice driving this week and worked hard bringing up his grades, which had slipped a bit. Ann continued to rehab her knees, going to a couple therapy sessions, a doctor appointment and then spending most evenings nursing them at home. She began finalizing plans for the annual After-Prom event next week and enjoyed scrapbooking with her friends. I fell just short of my exercise goal, logging just over fourteen miles of walking this week. My team and I survived another CMS survey at work. I enjoyed my role of chauffer as it meant I needed to leave work a little early a few days this week – a tough job, but someone has to do it… We ran here and there this week and didn’t slow down until Sunday. Although it continues to get warmer with each passing week, we got a ton of rain this week, causing some low-level flooding in the area and putting a damper on things. Still, the flowers and trees were in full bloom and made everything a little more tolerable. The week flew by and we barely had time to catch our breath before we gear-up for an even busier week, starting tomorrow. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school for everyone on Monday morning. It was Earth Day…and what a lovely day it was. Luke had school then went on to baseball. Ann & I had fast mornings then went and got haircuts with Jami at lunchtime. While waiting for Ann to get her hair done, I got in two and a half miles of walking around the area. CMS walked in to our facility, unannounced, so I took them on a tour of the facility with Justin the entire afternoon when I got back. I finished just in time to run and pickup Annie and head to Luke’s baseball game at the high school to face Batesville. For whatever reason, Luke did not play that evening. The closest action he got was coaching first base in the first inning. The boys won 9-3. Luke went out to El Rep with his teammates after the game. Once he got home, we picked up Black Betty from Jerry’s shop. He did a good job driving Barney for me on his own. Betty is still not completely right, but we’ll try and drive her this week to see if she comes out of it. Here are pictures of Abby at Garrett’s Lambda Chi formal last weekend.

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Tuesday was another warm day. Ann & I drove Black Betty to work. She continues to struggle, so we’ll have to wait and see if she comes out of it. It was such a fast morning for Ann & I. Before I knew it, I was picking her back up and running her over to physical therapy. While she was in PT, I walked a 5K at the cemetery. Afterward, we came home to let the dogs out, change clothes, load up Barney and head on down the road to Madison for our next baseball game. Luke had a good day at school then travelled with the Pirate “C” team to battle the Cubs for the second time this year. Luke played left field in the first inning and then moved to first base for the remainder of the game. Defensively, he made one unassisted putout as well as four assisted ones. Offensively, he batted fifth and went 2-4 with a pair of singles and an RBI. He hit the ball well each time. In fact, his two outs were his hardest hits. Unfortunately, he got under both and flied out to deep left-center and then lined-out to left with a runner on 3rd base for the final out of the game. The Pirates battled hard but came up one point short that evening, 7-8. The good thing is that everyone got to play, including a couple boys that hadn’t played all year. Their record now stands at 7-4. The boys stopped at Wendy’s afterward while Ann & I grabbed dinner at Captain D’s before heading home. While we were at the game, Matt had his interview in Zionsville for a full-time teaching job. He called us during our ride home and said he got the job!! WOW!! Way to go, buddy! So, now he just needs to pass that darn Chemistry class and his teaching exams. We knew he would be fine, but how cool is it that he got the first job he ever interviewed for?!! We are so proud of him. Here are pictures from last weekend’s Easter dinner.

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Wednesday was a cooler, overcast day. Luke went to baseball practice after school. Abby drove down to see Ann & I. We got her check engine light cleared off Tonya then took her to lunch at Five Guys. Matt took the day off from teaching to take Taylor to her doctor appointment where she got her cast off and now has a boot…meaning she;s one step closer to not having to use that damn scooter anymore! It was the final day of our CMS survey and it was a stressful one. Not only did we have the pair of CMS surveyors in-house but we also had a pair of corporate visitors doing their own things as well. I’ll find out how we did tomorrow, but early indications are very good. I was late getting out of work as Kevin and I met with the surveyors to review our emergency management program. As a result, I only got in a little over two miles of walking before picking up Ann. I dropped her off at home and Luke drove us out to Walmart to get supplies for the week. Later, I took Ann up to The Beach for her weekly After-Prom meeting. Luke & I finished up the Easter leftovers for dinner and then I helped him with his math homework. I was worn-out from the day and fell asleep early. Here are pictures of the recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hw19.04.47 hw19.04.48 hw19.04.49 hw19.04.50 hw19.04.51 hw19.04.52 hw19.04.53 hw19.04.54 hw19.04.55 hw19.04.56 hw19.04.57 hw19.04.58 hw19.04.59 hw19.04.60 hw19.04.61 hw19.04.62 hw19.04.63 hw19.04.64 hw19.04.65 hw19.04.66

We had a rainy Thursday with severe weather that evening. Luke had school but his baseball game was postponed to next week. Even practice was cancelled, so he came home and played Fortnight all night – enjoying a rare night off. We did very well with our CMS survey – in fact, it was the best one we’ve ever had! I am very proud of our team and what we do out there at work. We left work early again. This time, Ann had a doctor appointment that went very well. Doc says that she is progressing perfectly and won’t need to see her again for three months. When her appointment ended, she walked to the office next door for her physical therapy session. She said her therapist was torturing her but she was told she wasn’t trying hard enough. They laugh and cut-up every session, giving each other a hard time. She did squats, lunges and the step machine, which was set higher than ever before. Meanwhile, I walked nearly five miles in the rain at the cemetery. We ran a few errands when we got back to town, including stopping at Mom & Sandy’s to pick-up a dress and visit for a couple hours. We had a tornado warning that evening, but thankfully it missed us. Molie stopped over to browse through Abby’s closet for prom shoes and accessories. We watched the NFL draft in Nashville that night, where 150K fans braved the rain to pack the streets and, of course, boo the commissioner. It ended up raining all day and all night and was still going strong when we went to bed that evening. Here are pictures of Luke’s baseball game at South Dearborn last week.

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It was still raining as we headed to work and school on Friday morning. Black Betty was doing better; in fact, it has gotten better every time we drove her this week – let’s hope that trend continues. Ann & I had another short day, leaving at noon when Ann’s office closed. Before we left town, we stopped at Best Buy to pick-up After-Prom gifts as well as get new screen protectors on our phones. We decided to grab a quick lunch when we got back to the ‘Burg but I made the mistake of staying on the bypass to get to Lincoln Street. With all the construction out there, it took us twenty minutes to get from Hwy 3 to Lincoln – ridiculous! The traffic congestion was so bad that we changed our lunch destination twice and ended up stopping at ElRep because it was the easiest to get in and out of their parking lot. When we came home, Ann prepped and printed pix for scrapbooking while I searched our storage closet for her birth certificate and our marriage certificate so we could get new licenses with the stars on them. Although we found lots of goodies we haven’t seen in years (which will eventually find their way up here on the blog), I didn’t find what I was looking for. I took Ann out to Burney to scrap with her buddies at the church and came home to get started on the lawn. As I was getting stuff out of the shed, I got a call from Matt who was on his way back from work in Zionsville and was up in Indy. He was a little panicked and a little perturbed – he had run Bebe out of gas on Interstate 70! I told him that Luke & I would grab the gas cans from the shed and come put fuel in his car but it might be quicker to call roadside assistance. Thankfully, he got ahold of State Farm and they got him all taken care of fairly quickly – definitely a good hour faster than Luke & I could have reached him, since I had no idea where on I-70 he was actually stopped. To make it more interesting, he ran it dry in a section of road where there was only enough shoulder room for his car to pull off – and his gas tank was facing the road, of course! It wasn’t long before he was re-fueled and on his way to see Ms. Taylor on campus with a new, invaluable less learned…at least it didn’t happen on the way TO work! I did that once myself…except I was a teenager and in town – still, I’ve never done that again and hopefully he won’t either! Luke got home from baseball practice and we had a little discussion about his math grade. I was impressed to see that he already has a plan in place to bring it up before he loses all his screens or worse – can’t play football in the fall! We mowed the lawn at home, which was quite the undertaking, given that it’s been over a week and we’ve had nearly three inches of rain since we last cut the grass. I think I stalled and re-started my mower at least twenty times and I know his did several times as well. We got it knocked down but it doesn’t look as nice as I’d like, so we’ll work on it again tomorrow. Afterward, we loaded up Betty White and headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house to do the first mow & trim of that lawn this season. It really needed some love and looked much better when we finished. Luke also pulled weeds in a couple spots for them, which helped as well. Afterward, he drove us to Taco Bell for a “quick” dinner. He decided to go through drive thru….big mistake…forty-five minutes later, we had our food and were headed home to eat. What are they doing in there?? That night, we watched Mr. Glass on the new big screen. Luke fell asleep watching it and ended up sleeping on the couch with Lola all night. Ann came home with Shawna and promptly fell asleep in her chair while icing her knees. I continued looking for Ann’s papers and ruled out our bedroom closet and the top of the hall closet as well. I still have a few places I want to look this weekend…who knows what other goodies I might find in boxes we haven’t opened since we moved in here, nearly two decades ago! Here are random pictures of our recent adventures.

ed19.03 sis19.04.119 sis19.04.120 sis19.04.121 sis19.04.122 sis19.04.123 sis19.04.124 sis19.04.125 sis19.04.126 sis19.04.127 sis19.04.128 sis19.04.129 sis19.04.130 sis19.04.131 sis19.04.132 sis19.04.133 sis19.04.134 sis19.04.135 sis19.04.136 sis19.04.137 sis19.04.138 sis19.04.139 sis19.04.140 sis19.04.141 sis19.04.142 sis19.04.143 sis19.04.144 sis19.04.145 sis19.04.146 sis19.04.147 sis19.04.148 sis19.04.149 sis19.04.150 sis19.04.151 sis19.04.152 sis19.04.153 sis19.04.154 sis19.04.155 sis19.04.156 sis19.04.157 sis19.04.158 sis19.04.159 sis19.04.160 sis19.04.161 sis19.04.162 sis19.04.163 sis19.04.164 sis19.04.165 sis19.04.166 sis19.04.167 sis19.04.168 sis19.04.169 sis19.04.170 sis19.04.171 sis19.04.172 sis19.04.173 sis19.04.174 sis19.04.175 sis19.04.176 sis19.04.177 sis19.04.178 sis19.04.179 sis19.04.180 sis19.04.181 sis19.04.182 sis19.04.183 sis19.04.184 sis19.04.185 sis19.04.186 sis19.04.187 sis19.04.188 sis19.04.195 sis19.04.196 sis19.04.197 sis19.04.198 sis19.04.199

We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning until the dogs got me up. Molly, of course, had peed again so I cleaned that up – Ann wonders if she has doggie diabetes? We don’t feed them table food and she is in good shape, so not sure what’s up with her but she pees and drinks an awful lot… I did the dishes, cleaned-off Lola again (had to do it last night also – she was green again from being in the freshly-mowed yard!) and cleaned up the house from last night before sitting down to work on the blog pictures and videos while keeping warm (I accidentally left a window open in the living room and it was quite chilly that morning). I got in a few hours of Ancient Aliens before getting up and resuming my search for Ann’s papers (we may have to get new copies of them if I can’t find them). Luke got up and showered. He said he didn’t have baseball practice that morning, so he went back to sleep afterwards. Ann got up and went with Shawna for day two of scrapbooking in Burney. Abby stopped in to see Ann and pick-up her meds. She hasn’t been feeling well…possibly a side effect of the stress of finals. I did a few things around the house then took a nap until Luke woke me up and we got started on our day, outside. We did fluid checks on all the vehicles and disassembled the old big screen to prep for big trash day. We cleaned-out all the gutters and then I trimmed while he re-mowed the backyard at a shorter level. I spoke to Jamison next door and he said he was cool with me power washing his fence on our side as I clean the siding on the house when it warms up next month. We went to Topps to get some downspout extenders to keep the water from pooling at the corners of the house but they didn’t have anything so I’ll have to hit up Lowe’s next week. Luke drove Betty White to Taco Bell again but this time we went inside and they fed us much quicker. We talked and relaxed then came home and chilled just as it started raining again. I searched the hall closet for Ann’s papers but struck-out. I’m afraid the only other place they could be are out in the garage, buried on the shelf in the back. I picked up Annie at Burney, late that afternoon and we came back and snuggled up with blankets and dogs, trying to stay warm while a cold rain continued outside. Ann “made” Papa John’s pizza for dinner as we watched some DVR’d shows and then put a classic on the big screen that I’d never seen – The Boondock Saints – and fell asleep early, worn-out from our days.

smp19.04.77 smp19.04.78 smp19.04.79 smp19.04.80 smp19.04.81 smp19.04.82 smp19.04.83 smp19.04.84 smp19.04.85 smp19.04.86 smp19.04.87 smp19.04.88 smp19.04.89 smp19.04.90 smp19.04.91 smp19.04.92 smp19.04.93 smp19.04.94 smp19.04.95 smp19.04.96 smp19.04.97 smp19.04.98 smp19.04.99 smp19.04.100 smp19.04.101 smp19.04.102 smp19.04.103 smp19.04.104 smp19.04.119 smp19.04.105 smp19.04.106 smp19.04.107 smp19.04.108 smp19.04.109 smp19.04.110 smp19.04.111 smp19.04.112 smp19.04.113 smp19.04.114 smp19.04.115 smp19.04.116 smp19.04.117 smp19.04.118 smp19.04.121 smp19.04.122

We enjoyed sleeping in again on a lazy Sunday. I was the first up and watched my classic sci-fi shows before Annie got up and we started our weekly household chores. We napped on and off and watched the Talladega NASCAR races and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony from the end of March, which finally aired last night. I was bummed they didn’t air the entire Def Leppard setlist, but hell it lasted three hours so I guess they had to edit some things to prevent it from going four! Afterwards, Ann finished up some After-Prom stuff and went to bed while I watched the new episode of Game of Thrones. It was epic! It was a great way to wind down the week before we gear-up for next week, which promises to be an even crazier one!

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our photo album #17 that has all the pictures from our Walt Disney World vacation in June 2004. But to lead off this time, we have three more Gigi pix – one from about 1963 with her sisters, one from around the mid-seventies that I presume is a school picture and then one with Maryann and Matt, circa 1999/2000. Then we move on to the Disney pix – first in Epcot at the Sea Base aquarium; then we move on to Animal Kingdom for the Festival of the Lion King show; next we head back to Epcot for the very cool Mission: SPACE ride; next we head back to the Contemporary for a couple of pictures, including the neat artwork on the side of the elevator shaft and watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the roof; then we see a couple of pictures from Downtown Disney and our final pictures is one more from Epcot, outside the Spaceship Earth attraction.

Waybac.1963.gsp Waybac.1973.gsp Waybac.1999.gmg Waybac.2004.06.wdw432 Waybac.2004.06.wdw433 Waybac.2004.06.wdw434 Waybac.2004.06.wdw435 Waybac.2004.06.wdw436 Waybac.2004.06.wdw437 Waybac.2004.06.wdw438 Waybac.2004.06.wdw439 Waybac.2004.06.wdw440 Waybac.2004.06.wdw441 Waybac.2004.06.wdw442 Waybac.2004.06.wdw443 Waybac.2004.06.wdw444 Waybac.2004.06.wdw445 Waybac.2004.06.wdw446 Waybac.2004.06.wdw447

Lastly, we have our video segment which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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