The Race is On. Now You’d better Run…

Another busy week has flown past us already. Matt taught his last full week up in Zionsville as a sub and had a nice weekend getaway with Taylor. Abby enjoyed a week off from everything and got all settled in at home. She attended a concert with Garrett and they had a nice weekend together as well. Luke wrapped up his freshman year at high school, played summer-league baseball and spent some time with his buddies over the weekend. Ann continued working hard in physical therapy, seemed to be getting around a little better and continued to slim down. With our lives finally getting back to some normalcy this week, I was able to meet my walking goals for the first time in about a month – raking in fifteen miles. I finally began making some headway with my diet as well and it’s beginning to slowly show on the scales. It was a long, hard week of work but we had a long weekend of play as well – giving our lives a nice balance. The weather was all over the place again this week and we continue to receive abnormally large amounts of rain. It was nice to finally have a little time to get some projects done this week that had been on the back burner and we look forward to spending more time on patio in the coming weeks with our friends and family… But this week was all about the big race. Evidence of it was everywhere – from the news and TV to commercials and other advertising. It was everywhere and although we didn’t attend this year, we talked about it all week, including Carb Day – an event we’ve yet to attend. Who knows…maybe next year? Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning. It was our first full day of work in a while. Luke started his final week of school then turned-in his high school baseball uniform that afternoon. I walked a 5K around the airport property after work. Abby stayed home and worked on cleaning her room. Matt continued teaching in Zionsville, commuting from his new Greenwood apartment. I went through Abrell’s website and ordered several pictures of Luke playing JV baseball. We were pretty tired that evening and fell asleep watching TV, trying to keep warm on a chilly evening. Here are pictures of Luke from Abrell’s Photo Works website.

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Tuesday started off cool that morning. It was a wet day with rain falling on and off all day. It was another long day for both Ann & I (we aren’t used to these eight-hour days – LOL!). Justin, Vic & I went out to lunch at Five Guys and I walked a couple miles after work. Luke had a fast day at school while Abby continued cleaning her room. I picked up Luke and ran him to the ball diamonds for pictures with his Cubs team. Mr. Abrell was out there taking pictures. I believe he has taken every picture of our kids out at those ball diamonds. Luke started at first base vs. the Franklin County Firestone team and played the whole game, recording 1 putout and 7 assisted putouts with no errors. He had three at-bats, going 1-3 with an RBI triple, followed by a pop-up and a K. It was a close game that went seven innings, but the kids hung on to win 4-3. Their record stands at 4-1 on the year. The girls joined us as I set up camp, out behind the right field fence to cheer on the Cubs on an unseasonably cold evening. We missed the Messers – it was very strange without them at the complex. We went out for dinner at Chilis afterward then got pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy on the way home for having a license plate light out. He said he accidentally punched in the wrong plate number so he thought it was a stolen vehicle! He let us go with a warning, thankfully. We came home and promptly fell asleep, watching shows on the big screen. Here are pictures of Luke’s final high school game of his freshman year at Franklin County, playing on their varsity field.

lfbfc19.01 lfbfc19.02 lfbfc19.03 lfbfc19.04 lfbfc19.05 lfbfc19.06 lfbfc19.07 lfbfc19.08 lfbfc19.09 lfbfc19.10 lfbfc19.11 lfbfc19.12 lfbfc19.13 lfbfc19.14 lfbfc19.15 lfbfc19.16 lfbfc19.17 lfbfc19.18 lfbfc19.19 lfbfc19.20 lfbfc19.21 lfbfc19.22 lfbfc19.23 lfbfc19.24 lfbfc19.25 lfbfc19.26 lfbfc19.27 lfbfc19.28 lfbfc19.29 lfbfc19.30 lfbfc19.31 lfbfc19.32 lfbfc19.33 lfbfc19.34 lfbfc19.35 lfbfc19.36 lfbfc19.37 lfbfc19.38 lfbfc19.39 lfbfc19.40 lfbfc19.41 lfbfc19.42 lfbfc19.43 lfbfc19.44 lfbfc19.45 lfbfc19.46 lfbfc19.47 lfbfc19.48 lfbfc19.49 lfbfc19.50 lfbfc19.51 lfbfc19.52 lfbfc19.53 lfbfc19.54 lfbfc19.55 lfbfc19.56 lfbfc19.57 lfbfc19.58 lfbfc19.59 lfbfc19.60 lfbfc19.61 lfbfc19.62 lfbfc19.63 lfbfc19.64 lfbfc19.65

Ann & I in went in to work early on Wednesday so she could work at the North Vernon office. I had a fast morning then picked Annie up for physical therapy that afternoon. As she worked in the pool at PT, I walked three miles at the cemetery. Luke had a big day of finals at school. Abby continued working on her room and has it looking very nice. We can see the floor! 😊 She has a ton of clothes that she needs to figure out what to do with now… It rained early then got hotter and sunnier at the day progressed. It was probably twenty degrees warmer at sunset that it was while I was walking that afternoon. Abby picked up Luke from school and they got Luke’s hat and jersey for summer ball at Rivera’s. When Ann & I got home, Abs drove me out to Walmart to get supplies then we came home and put in a new license plate bulb in the Pacifica. Later, I taught Luke how to shave with my razor. It brought back so many memories of when Dad B taught me how to shave. Back then, I started with an electric razor before moving up to a “real” one. Luke took a big step that evening but did just fine. He said he wants a real mustache. It was a really cool rite of passage for him…but I also got a big kick out of it too. We turned on the air that evening and watched a new show called Blood & Treasure. It has potential, so we’re going to record it this summer. Here are pictures of Luke’s first summer league baseball game of the season at Franklin County.

lbfcf19.01 lbfcf19.02 lbfcf19.03 lbfcf19.04 lbfcf19.05 lbfcf19.06 lbfcf19.07 lbfcf19.08 lbfcf19.09 lbfcf19.10 lbfcf19.11 lbfcf19.12 lbfcf19.13 lbfcf19.14 lbfcf19.15 lbfcf19.16 lbfcf19.17 lbfcf19.18 lbfcf19.19 lbfcf19.20 lbfcf19.21 lbfcf19.22 lbfcf19.23 lbfcf19.24 lbfcf19.25 lbfcf19.26 lbfcf19.27 lbfcf19.28 lbfcf19.29 lbfcf19.30 lbfcf19.31 lbfcf19.32 lbfcf19.33 lbfcf19.34 lbfcf19.35 lbfcf19.36

Thursday was Luke’s last day of his freshman year of school. Abby finished up her room and I have to stay it looks pretty sweet the way she has it arranged. Ann & I endured another long day of work. It rained pretty much all day but finally stopped by the time work ended and I was able to walk a little over three miles on a hot, humid afternoon. When we got home, Luke helped me put in the extra A/C unit in the master bedroom and then I ran him out to buy a couple bathing suits. Moments after we got back, Tyler picked him up in a golf cart and they rode over to one of their little girlfriend’s houses, who was having a pool party for Luke’s friend group. Abby and I set up her TV, cable box, remotes and Chromecast, so she’s good to go for the summer now. Again, I have to say that her room looks really nice…I just wonder how long it will last!? We watched the season finales of SEAL Team & Tosh.0 and I finally got a chance to open up our new video camera. I was pleased to see that it was exactly what I was hoping it would be, so it’s a keeper! Here are pictures from last weekend’s Dixon Dance Revue.

ddr19.01 ddr19.02 ddr19.03 ddr19.04 ddr19.05 ddr19.06 ddr19.07 ddr19.08 ddr19.09 ddr19.10 ddr19.11 ddr19.12 ddr19.13 ddr19.14

Friday was the first day of summer vacation for Luke. He worked hard around the house, getting his beds taken apart, cleaning up his room and family room and even mowed and trimmed the yard! Ann worked till noon then Abby picked her up for a girls’ afternoon of nails and noodles. I worked on our phone issue at work all day and went to lunch with Justin & Vic at Chinese Buffet. After work, I walked three miles, giving me fifteen total on the week and meeting my goal for the first time in about a month! I took Luke to Taco Bell for dinner, picked up another bin for Bu’s stuff as well as new bedding for Luke and then we picked up Barney at Jerry’s garage with a new radiator and window motor installed. Luke did a nice job driving solo for the fifth time this year. He finished picking up his room and then went over to Addison’s house until late. Abby left with Megan as they drove up to see Mr. Garrett for the evening and brought him back to stay with us. That left Ann alone to get in a good long nap. Later, we watched the season finale of NCIS and the season opener of Elementary – which is now in its final season, sadly. Here are various pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.05.132 sis19.05.133 sis19.05.134 sis19.05.135 sis19.05.136 sis19.05.137 sis19.05.138 sis19.05.139 sis19.05.140 sis19.05.141 sis19.05.142 sis19.05.143 sis19.05.144 sis19.05.145 sis19.05.146 sis19.05.147 sis19.05.148 sis19.05.149 sis19.05.150 sis19.05.151 sis19.05.152 sis19.05.153 sis19.05.154 sis19.05.155 sis19.05.156 sis19.05.157 sis19.05.158 sis19.05.159 sis19.05.160 sis19.05.161 sis19.05.162 sis19.05.163 sis19.05.164 sis19.05.165 sis19.05.166 sis19.05.167 sis19.05.168 sis19.05.169 sis19.05.170 sis19.05.171

Matt & Taylor were up early on Saturday to take a train to Chicago for the weekend! I was up fairly early to get started on my day. After picking up the house a little, Luke and I went to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow their lawn. We loaded up Betty White with the yard tools along with my toolbox and drill. After completing the yard work, we repaired her outdoor table, cleaned-out a gutter in back and hung a shelf. I ran a few errands, including going to an old hardware shop on the square that I didn’t know was still open and ran down to Herbert’s to get a new air filter for my Husqy mower where I saw a sign that said they were going out of business at the end of the summer. We came home to put stuff away and get cleaned-up a little. Just as we finished, Justin & Amanda came over with their kids to swap beds with us. They had an extra queen bed and we wanted to get rid of the bunkbeds, so it was a good trade. Luke’s happy with having a larger bed and their kids are excited to get bunkbeds in the basement of their new home. We got Luke’s bed installed and packed up the bunkbed in Justin’s truck and decided to have a drink and some patio time. Ann made her Moscow Mules, which were perfect for the hot, humid day! After a couple drinks, we decided to install our new Ring doorbell. We had to run to Topps for a masonry drill bit but other than that, it was a snap and is working perfectly. We had a couple brews then had to go tarp the truck really quick as it suddenly began storming! Thankfully, we got it all covered up and the storm didn’t last long. Once it blew over, Luke drove Justin & I to the store to get food for dinner. We also stopped at the liquor store to make sure we stayed hydrated on that hot evening and even ran into the fireworks store for a couple of big boomers. We got another pack of the Rise in the Easts and also picked up a pack of a new ones called Alien that may be even louder! Justin & I cooked burgers and dogs out on the grill and Megan stopped over to eat dinner with us as well. After dinner, we moved back to the patio and ended up playing some cornhole. Abby & Garrett went up to the track earlier that day. Although they got rained on at first, it cleared nicely and enjoyed watching the Zack Brown Band play up at IMS on Legends Day. They made it home safely afterwards and joined us out back for a little while. Justin and I enjoyed some Sailor before they had to call it a night. Garrett & Megan stayed the night with us again that evening. We were so sweaty from being out in the heat all day and the showers felt especially good that night. We weren’t up long after that, wiped-out from our busy day. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.05.151 smp19.05.152 smp19.05.153 smp19.05.154 smp19.05.155 smp19.05.156 smp19.05.157 smp19.05.158 smp19.05.159 smp19.05.160 smp19.05.161 smp19.05.162 smp19.05.163 smp19.05.164 smp19.05.165 smp19.05.166 smp19.05.167 smp19.05.168 smp19.05.169 smp19.05.170 smp19.05.171 smp19.05.172 smp19.05.173 smp19.05.174 smp19.05.175 smp19.05.176 smp19.05.177 smp19.05.178 smp19.05.179 smp19.05.180 smp19.05.181 smp19.05.182 smp19.05.183

Megan got up early on Sunday morning and as she left, the dogs woke-up and wanted out. I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I stayed up and enjoyed watching the news coverage of the Indy 500. I love the anticipation of race day morning – all the people, traditions and memories of holidays past make it a special time for me that I always look forward to and fondly look back on past Memorial Day weekends. Being the first unofficial weekend of summer doesn’t hurt! The coverage on channel 13 was so good this year that I forgot all about the Monaco F1 race. As the morning went on, I couldn’t find a live simulcast anywhere online. It is a shame that it’s still blacked-out in this region every year. Thankfully, Matt helped me find it online and I was able to bring it up on our new big screen. Matt & Taylor enjoyed the day in Chicago before riding a bus back home that evening. Abby drove Garrett back to New Castle and ended up staying the night. Luke enjoyed sleeping in his new bed so much that he didn’t get up until after noon! He wasn’t up long before he went fishing with Blane at Drew’s house and caught a few fish – but no keepers. Ann got up and had me run to the store so she could make us a big batch of biscuits & gravy for breakfast. It really hit the spot that morning! Later, Luke drove us out into the country in the truck so he could stay the night at his buddy Cameron’s house with Oakley and some others. On my way back into town, I ran to the store and got Ann & I steaks and veggies to throw on the grill. I picked-out a porterhouse while Annie chose a nice filet. She trusted me to be the grill master…but only with strict supervision. It was pretty cool hanging out just the two of us on the new patio furniture, enjoying a cold beverage and cooking steaks on the grill. They were really good, too! 😊 It was a perfect evening with sun and a cool breeze. After dinner, we settled in and fell asleep watching the Coca-Cola 600. It was the perfect way to wrap up another enjoyable week, here at the Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac segment which features more of photo album #17 that has all our pictures from out Walt Disney World vacation in June 2004. We lead off this time around in Epcot with pictures at the Garden Grill for Chip ‘n Dale‘s Harvest Feast character meal and then over at the Sea Base; next we head to Animal Kingdom for the Kilimanjaro Safari; then we head over to MGM Studios for pictures outside of the Star Tours attraction; next we head to Magic Kingdom and into Adventureland at Tom Sawyer Island; and finally we head back to Animal Kingdom at DinoLand USA for a couple of pictures of Matt with Dino-Sue – the T-Rex found in South Dakota.

Waybac.2004.06.wdw500 Waybac.2004.06.wdw501 Waybac.2004.06.wdw502 Waybac.2004.06.wdw503 Waybac.2004.06.wdw504 Waybac.2004.06.wdw505 Waybac.2004.06.wdw506 Waybac.2004.06.wdw507 Waybac.2004.06.wdw508 Waybac.2004.06.wdw509 Waybac.2004.06.wdw510 Waybac.2004.06.wdw511 Waybac.2004.06.wdw512 Waybac.2004.06.wdw513 Waybac.2004.06.wdw514 Waybac.2004.06.wdw515

Next up is our video section which has one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this issue of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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