He Said, My Name’s the Teacher…Oh that is what I Call Myself

We’ve had another fast week since we last touched base. Luke was back to being a one-sport athlete, focusing solely on football. He had a full week of school and participated in the annual Blue & White game. He ran around with friends and had spent the weekend with Oakley. Abby worked full time for the final week before she heads back to school. She enjoyed spending time with Megan and Garrett this week. Matt spent the week at school in Zionsville, setting up his classroom and then beginning the school year. He put in long hours and endured some intense behaviors in his special education room. He did get to spend a lot of time with Taylor and even came to town to see the fam. Ann continued to make gains on her new knees, walking more frequently within the house without the cane and is noticeably getting up and down much better. She cooked more this week, which was good news for all of us! She spent time with friends this week, enjoyed some hobby time and climbed higher on the football stands than she’s been in years! I had a good week on my diet, losing another half a dozen pounds and exceeding my walking goal by getting in nearly sixteen miles out in the heat. I, too, got to spend some time with friends and enjoyed watching a few football games, which is one of my favorite pastimes. We got to see Mom and Sandy a couple times this week, which is always nice. Although we did get a little much-needed rain, it was mostly hot and humid this week, as you might expect during August in Indiana. All in all, it was a good week as we tried to get back into the groove of school again. It’s hard to believe that summer is over and we’re at this point in the year already – 2019 has gone so fast…here in just a couple weeks, Luke will be driving himself to school each morning – damn, I’m old. Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning. Ann & I had fast days in Columbus. I ran her to a meeting just after lunch and setup an appointment for Barney to get in to see Jerry later this week. Justin & I walked a 5K in the heat & humidity. Abby worked 2nd shift at Buffalo Wings & Rings that evening. Luke rode to school with Blane, had a good day of classes then sweated his butt off at football. He said he practiced with the varsity the entire time, which sounds like a great thing to me! Ann & I threw BBQ chicken and veggies on the grill and enjoyed a cold beer on a hot evening on the patio. We decided we need a shade tree – or maybe one of those visor shades out there. She also made corn on the cob and we ate leftover sides from yesterday’s party. Luke got cleaned-up and played Fortnight all evening before turning in early, wiped-out from his long day. Ann & I took it easy in the A/C and watched our DVR’d shows, including a new one called Serengeti on Discovery. It reminded me of when I was a young child watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins. Here are pictures of Luke’s 2nd baseball tourney game vs. the Red Sox last week, where he hit his homerun that went all the way across the street to the pond!

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Tuesday was another warm, sunny day. Although we had rain in the area, we stayed dry – in fact we’ve actually had draught-like conditions despite all the rain we got in the spring. As we left for work that morning, we noticed how dead not only our lawn looked, but the whole neighborhood looked like they had “crunchy” grass. Ann & I again enjoyed fast days at work. I got in another 5K before we headed home that afternoon. Abby worked the evening shift again, serving at BWR on Wing Night. Luke had school then went on to football practice. He said both went well and he practiced defense on the varsity side only, which was really cool to hear! Matt called and said he had worked up at school, getting his classroom all decorated. But on the way back to his apartment, he blew out a tire – one of the new ones he just replaced! Thankfully, he safely got stopped and changed it himself. Taylor was with him and they took it to Firestone and got a new tire on it. We took it easy that evening, watching DVR’d shows including Dance Moms, Pawn Stars and the season premiere of Preacher. Here are pictures from Luke’s championship baseball game last week, where he and the Cubs won the city tourney vs. the Red Sox.

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Matt’s first day of school was Wednesday morning…as an official teacher in Zionsville! Luke again attended school then football practice. He and his teammates had a fundraiser after practice where he ate pizza and sold trash bags. He said Ann & Gma bought a ton, which is fine with me – you can always use trash bags…and they never expire! Abby worked at Wings & Rings again that day. Ann & I drove to work in Columbus on a foggy morning where we again enjoyed very fast days. Before I knew it, I was out walking yet another 5K before heading home a little early. Ann had just enough time to put together her new stainless steel automatic trash can and ice her knees before getting picked-up for a girls’ night out with Shawna and her scrapbook gang. They drove to Batesville for dinner at Izzy’s, which is at Hillcrest. When Luke got home, he drove Betty White while I limped Barney out to Jerry’s garage. We came home and he got cleaned up and played Fortnight all evening while I edited pix & vids and watched the end of season 3 of Jessica Jones (apparently there are no plans for a 4th season, which is a bummer). Later, I turned on Legion (the penultimate episode – and again there will be no 4th season of this series either). When Ann got home, we watched the series 1 finale of Blood & Treasure – apparently there WILL be a 2nd season of this show. Matt called us that evening and told us all about his day…which was a rough one, for sure! It reminded me of when I was about his age and working in one of the hospitals where I teched. I can still recall how tough it was when the kids had to go back to school. I’m sure he will be in for a bit of a wild ride these first couple weeks, but it should settle down pretty quickly and he will learn a lot. Meanwhile, Abby worked a 12-hour shift and brought me home some celery & bleu cheese (she’s such a good girl!). Luke was in the paper that night with his Cubs baseball team for winning the league tourney last week. Addison came over for a while late that evening and hung out with Luke on the back porch. Later, Abby ended up driving to Trafalgar to spend the night with Megan. Here are random pictures of our recent adventures.

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Abby had fun at the lake with Megan on Thursday. Luke had school and football practice again. Ann & I both had good days at work. I got to see her in the middle of the day when I ran her to a meeting then walked a 5K with Justin. We left town a little early so she could run an errand for work that evening. The cicadas were so loud when we got home on that hot afternoon that we could barely hear each other talking as we walked up the driveway. The dogs were cooped up in the kitchen by themselves all day for the first time since the spring and seemed to do pretty good – but they were sure ready to go out by the time we got home that night. Later, I met up with my boys for a coach’s meeting…wait; can we still call it that now that we’re retired? Probably not…so we’ll just call it card night as we watched the Colts on TV. I grabbed some takeout from Wings & Rings and headed over to the Sunken Boat Bar where Bryan was grilling out wings on his new barbeque. We ate and watched the game on his big screen that takes up the entire wall of his basement. Eventually Bob came over just as a nasty storm was rolling through the area. We went out on the back porch to have a cocktail and watch it play havoc with the floating trampoline on the pond, his new flagpole on the far side of the yard and the furniture on his dock. When his table and chairs nearly blew into the pond, we ran out and moved them all onto the beach and sat and watched the weather blow through. It came and went pretty quickly. Afterward, we went inside to have another cocktail, watch the 2nd half of the game and play some cards. One by one, the rest of the crew started dropping out and it ended up just being the three of us, just like our old coach’s meetings used to be. The Colts ended up losing but we were excited to finally watch some football! We called it an early evening, wrapping up as the game ended. I came home in Betty White and watched a couple DVR’d shows before calling it a night. Here are pictures of the recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.08.15 hwc19.08.16 hwc19.08.17 hwc19.08.18 hwc19.08.19 hwc19.08.20 hwc19.08.21 hwc19.08.22 hwc19.08.23 hwc19.08.24 hwc19.08.25

Friday was a cooler day filled with lots of sunshine. Abby was still at Megan’s house when we left for work that morning. Luke went to school then had football practice again. Afterwards, he ran around with Oakley and Blane as they collected money from their trash bag fundraiser, went out to dinner and then went back to Oakley’s house to hang out that evening. We ended up leaving work in the early afternoon as Ann’s office closed, making it a very fast day. Ann brought home more homegrown peppers from work, including jalapenos and habaneros – yum! We ran home to pick up Ann’s scrapbooking stuff and then I dropped her off in Burney at the church to scrapbook with Shawna and the girls. Next, I ran out to the high school to get our annual all-sports passes, but everyone had already left for the weekend. I ended up leaving a check at the office and they’ll send the family passes home with Luke next week. I ran a couple errands then paid bills before eating my leftovers from last night with the dogs. They joined me on the couch to binge-watching the rest of season one of the rebooted Lost in Space series on Netflix. I hope they do a second season. Abby got home safely after spending several hours out on the water today. She has a bit of a sunburn but nonetheless got cleaned-up and headed into work at BWR for the night. The cicadas could be heard through the closed windows, even with the air on and the TV turned-up loud. I contemplated mowing the yard but instead, decided to take it easy – why do today what you can put off to tomorrow; right? 😊 Besides, it was much too warm to mow that night – I figured it’ll be much cooler in the morning! Matt had another rough day of teaching at Z-West. I told him it will probably get a little worse over the next week or so before it begins to gradually get better. I encouraged him to be consistent and stick to his guns. Thank goodness he has Ms. Taylor and a good support system at the school to help keep him grounded and not flame-out after his first week! Working with at-risk youth is not an easy chore and definitely isn’t for everyone. Luke ended up staying the night out at Oakley’s house. Abby got home from work just as I was headed to go pickup Ann, so she rode out with me to Burney and we brought her home. Abs went on to bed while Ann & I chose to fall asleep in the living room before heading that way ourselves…

smp19.08.28 smp19.08.29 smp19.08.30 smp19.08.31 smp19.08.32 smp19.08.33 smp19.08.34 smp19.08.35 smp19.08.36 smp19.08.37 smp19.08.38 smp19.08.39 smp19.08.40 smp19.08.41 smp19.08.42 smp19.08.43 smp19.08.44 smp19.08.45 smp19.08.46 smp19.08.47 smp19.08.48 smp19.08.49 smp19.08.50 smp19.08.51 smp19.08.52 smp19.08.53 smp19.08.54 smp19.08.55 smp19.08.56 smp19.08.57 smp19.08.58 smp19.08.59 smp19.08.60 smp19.08.61 smp19.08.62 smp19.08.63 smp19.08.64 smp19.08.74 smp19.08.65 smp19.08.66 smp19.08.67 smp19.08.68 smp19.08.69 smp19.08.70 smp19.08.71 smp19.08.72 smp19.08.73 smp19.08.75 smp19.08.76 smp19.08.77 smp19.08.78 smp19.08.79 smp19.08.80 smp19.08.81 smp19.08.82

We enjoyed sleeping in a little on Saturday morning. The girls got up and went to Wild Flour Artisan in St. Paul to get pastries for breakfast – yum! I got up and checked fluids in the vehicles before mowing the yard. With all the heat and drought-like conditions, the grass hadn’t grown much but it still looked better when I finished. When I got back inside, the girls were in the kitchen making jalapeno popper dip and chocolate chip dip for Bu to take to Mallory’s bridal shower up at Lamb Lake. She left early to go help Megan and Julie setup for the big event. Meanwhile, Ann & I drove to the high school to watch Luke and the Pirates square off in the annual Blue & White game. As we arrived, we met up with Mom & Sandy in the parking lot and walked in with them. We spoke to several parents and friends we hadn’t seen since last year and sat in our usual spot with the Nobbes and Wests. The boys ran through some 7-on-7 where Luke rotated in at weak-side linebacker – or Will – as the position is known. Next they practiced special teams. Luke was the end blocker on the right side for the PAT / field goal team and the upback blocker on the punt team – both new positions for him. I assume he will see some action on the kickoff and return team as well, but they didn’t run through those teams. After that, they went 11-on-11 for about an hour. He rotated in on defense at outside linebacker – both Will and Sam (the strongside backer). Oddly enough, he did not play at all at Mike (middle linebacker – the position he’s played for the last six years)…but we’ll take it! Any way he can help the team win and get some playing time is good with us! Offensively, he rotated in at sniffer back (a sort of tight end position in the spread offense) and got a few balls thrown his way. On his biggest play, he was able to break a couple tackles down the far sideline and gained about 50 yards! Overall, we were pleased to see that no players got hurt – which was the most important thing today! …Now we just need to make it through next week’s scrimmage unscathed and we will be ready the following week to start the regular season! Meanwhile, Matt & Taylor tried to get down in time for the game but found themselves slowed by all the construction around Indy. He was upset they couldn’t make it to his game before they met with Angie to do some financial planning. We were proud of him for going and talking to her to better understand his future. Luke & Oakley went out with Blane and friends for lunch after the game then returned to Shriver Field to watch the younger kids as they played in their respective Blue/White games. They caught a ride back home with Fez afterwards and promptly fell asleep out in the family room. After the game, Ann & I picked up Matt & Taylor at the house and took them to the new Mexican restaurant, out by the BP station on the bypass called Taqueria Dalia’s. Ann got the tacos and the Mexican street corn that was amazing. I got the homemade chicken tamales and some great hot sauce that made me sweat profusely! I’m not sure how long they will be in business. We hope they will last, but they need to work on the atmosphere and the drinks – but the food was outstanding! We would probably do takeout again, but doubtful we’d go back in to eat at the restaurant. We came back and promptly fell asleep – except poor Taylor, who had to watch us all nap – while we were watching Stranger Things on Netflix. When we finally woke up, we said good-bye to Matt & Taylor who headed over to Gma & Gigi’s house for a couple hours before heading back up north. Luke & Oak went out to go eat with a bunch of buddies but ended up coming back moments later with Oak’s friend, Hannah (and Luke’s cousin!). They sat and talked with us for a while before going out to dinner and then over to a friend’s house for several hours. Ann made popcorn as we watched a couple DVR’d shows. Once Ann fell asleep, I binge-watched the rest of Stranger Things, season one. The kids eventually came back and hung out on the back porch and family room until late. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

We all enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. We eventually got up and did our weekly household chores. I watched one of my favorite Star Trek episodes that morning. It was the one where they travel back in time to 1930’s Earth and Kirk falls in love with Joan Collins, who ends up getting hit by a truck – a classic! As Ann played on her iPhone and napped, I watched the Cowboys game from last night, Ancient Aliens and all NASCAR races. Abby came home from Megan’s house and said she had a good time with Megan. Garrett came over a little later and ended up spending the night with us. Luke & Oak eventually got up and went out to lunch with Hannah. They ended up running around all day and we didn’t see him until later that night. Mom & Pixie came over to visit that afternoon after she finished recording her Cafeteria Corner segment with Sandy at the radio station. It was good to sit and talk with her for a while. Later, Ann made corn on the cob and cheesy smashed potatoes inside and we grilled pork chops out back on the patio over a cold beer. It was a beautiful evening and the food turned out great. Abby & Garrett joined us at the dinner table, but Luke didn’t make it and ended up eating the leftovers when he eventually got home that night. We took it easy with dogs, watching our DVR’d shows, including Serengeti and Fear the Walking Dead. It was the perfect way to wrap up another week before we turn around and start it all again tomorrow morning…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature pictures from our final photo album (#18) of our young family. We lead off with Matt riding his brand new Hot Wheels Lamborghini Power Wheels across the street from our Main St house on Christmas Day, December 1998; next we fast-forward to 2004: Ann & Megan at Easter at our house in April; Abby’s last day of school at the park in June; then the kids at Cristy’s house in June; Luke’s birthday at our home in June; Matt’s last day of school in June and finally Daniel & Seth at Christmas in December.

Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw05 Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw06 Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw07 Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw08 Waybac.2004.04.eoms01 Waybac.2004.06.aldos03 Waybac.2004.06.kach17 Waybac.2004.06.kach18 Waybac.2004.06.kach19 Waybac.2004.06.kach20 Waybac.2004.06.kach21 Waybac.2004.06.kach22 Waybac.2004.06.kach23 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp03 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp04 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp05 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp06 Waybac.2004.06.mldos01 Waybac.2004.06.mldos02 Waybac.2004.06.mldos03 Waybac.2004.12.dsacc

And we wrap up this week’s entry with our video section which includes one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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