It’s Breaking my Heart…but I’ve found a Driver and that’s a Start

It was another big week for us, here at the Scheu abode. Matt had a full but good week at work, teaching in Zionsville. He sold Bebe and it was a bittersweet moment as we cleaned her out one last time. I was surprised to find a few things in his trunk that we put in there back when we bought it. We did not get to see Matt, but he spent the weekend with Ms. Taylor, who had a memorable weekend at U Indy. Abby had a good week of school at Franklin. I did get a chance to spend a little time with her. She enjoyed spending the week with sorority sisters as they finalized their recruitment week. She had fun this weekend, going to Indy for the big game. Luke passed another milestone of his adolescence and Ann & I struggled to make that adjustment. We added a new vehicle to our fleet – lol. He spent the weekend enjoying his newly found freedom and brought home a new friend for us to meet. He continued being a one-sport athlete this week, playing in two football games. Ann continues to make strides in her knee rehab. Although she still drags that bright green cane around with her, she does a good job of moving without it and I’m hopeful that she may give up her “binky” soon. I was hot and cold with my diet again and missed my exercise goal again, only logging about twelve miles this week. Despite gaining another couple pounds (my doctor is going to kill me next week), I had a great week. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing friends and talking with family and keeping just busy enough to not stress me out. Although we have passed the autumn equinox and football season is in full swing, we continue to set records with the continual heat and humidity. I’m ready for October and the cooler days that come along with it. That’s one of the things we love about living in this part of the country – we truly enjoy the changing of the seasons. Oh…and if you’re driving around our area, please watch out for a new driver on the road and his Hot Rod Lincoln! Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We had a rainy start to our week on Monday. Ann & I celebrated our 24th anniversary, Dad Scheu’s 72nd birthday and Keith’s 53rd birthday. I called Dad & Barb to touch base and wish the birthday boy a happy day. They are doing well and enjoying retirement, just doing their thing and taking life slow. The dogs did better overnight – no accidents! Mom & Dee took Molly back to the vet for a checkup – he retreated ears and gave us more meds for her bladder. Luke went to school then Gma brought him his Jimmy John’s sandwich before riding down to his next football game with junior varsity football team. Due to the amount of playing time he got in Friday night’s varsity game, he was only available to play two quarters in that evening’s game. I had a fast day, spending the AM helping the nursing units prep for our annual State Licensing survey. Afterward, I got caught up with paperwork after my three-day weekend. Justin, Vic & I went to Arni’s for lunch – their senior salad with their homemade bleu cheese is one of my faves since I was a kid! Ann had a fast day at an all-day meeting at CRH. I only managed to walk 2.5 miles after work and left early to pick up Ann and head to Aurora for Luke’s ball game vs. South Dearborn. We were down several players due to either injury, grades or being pulled up to varsity. Others had limited time due to playing time last Friday, including Luke. Luke played special teams the whole game but played offense & defense only during the 2nd and 4th quarters. By the time he was allowed to come into the game, he was overly excited and flying to the ball! The only problem was that he was too aggressive and out of control. He missed several tackles by being over-eager to tackle the Knights runners and either over-pursued or didn’t break down in time to make the tackle and got juked. He played middle linebacker (and a few snaps at OLB) on defense and sniffer (TE) (and a few snaps at running back) on offense. He had 5 tackles on defense as well as 1 QB hurry. On offense, he had 1 ball thrown his way, but it was tipped and never made it to him. He ran the ball once for a loss of 2 yards on a draw. He also had three kickoff returns for 53 yards (17, 20 & 16). As for the game, we kept it close through the 1st half, but they made some nice adjustments and opened up the game in the 3rd quarter and although we scored a TD in garbage time, we were never really close – losing 14-30. Their record is now 3-3 on the year. I knew we were living right when I realized we were celebrating our 24th anniversary sitting on old, warped bleachers in the middle of nowhere, watching high school sports – much as we do each year – and stopped at Skyline for dinner on the way home – how romantic!! We got home just as Luke was being dropped off by the Wests and took it easy, cooling down in the A/C watching some Monday Night Football, 9-1-1 and Fear the Walking Dead before calling it a day. Here are pictures of Luke’s junior varsity football game at Lawrenceburg from last week.

lp19.09.05 lfjvl19.01 lfjvl19.02 lfjvl19.03 lfjvl19.04 lfjvl19.05 lfjvl19.06 lfjvl19.07 lfjvl19.08 lfjvl19.09 lfjvl19.10 lfjvl19.11 lfjvl19.12 lfjvl19.13 lfjvl19.14 lfjvl19.15 lfjvl19.16 lfjvl19.17 lfjvl19.18 lfjvl19.19 lfjvl19.20 lfjvl19.21 lfjvl19.22 lfjvl19.23 lfjvl19.24 lfjvl19.25 lfjvl19.26 lfjvl19.27 lfjvl19.28 lfjvl19.29 lfjvl19.30 lfjvl19.31 lfjvl19.32 lfjvl19.33 lfjvl19.34 lfjvl19.35 lfjvlj19.36 lfjvl19.37 lfjvl19.38 lfjvl19.39 lfjvl19.40 lfjvl19.41 lfjvl19.42 lfjvl19.43 lfjvl19.44 lfjvl19.45 lfjvl19.46 lfjvl19.47 lfjvl19.48 lfjvl19.49 lfjvl19.50 lfjvl19.51 lfjvl19.52 lfjvl19.53 lfjvl19.54 lfjvl19.55 lfjvl19.56 lfjvl19.57 lfjvl19.58 lfjvl19.59 lfjvl19.60 lfjvl19.61 lfjvl19.62 lfjvl19.63 lfjvl19.64 lfjvl19.65 lfjvjl19.66 lfjvl19.67 lfjvl19.68 lfjvl19.69 lfjvl19.70 lfjvl19.71 lfjvl19.72 lfjvl19.73 lfjvl19.74 lfjvl19.75 lfjvl19.76 lfjvl19.77 lfjvl19.78 lfjvl19.79 lfjvl19.80 lfjvl19.81 lfjvl19.82 lfjvl19.83 lfjvl19.84 lfjvl19.85 lfjvl19.86 lfjvl19.87 lfjvl19.88 lfjvl19.89 lfjvl19.90 lfjvl19.91 lfjvl19.92 lfjvl19.93 lfjvl19.94 lfjvl19.95 lfjvl19.96 lfjvl19.97 lfjvl19.98 lfjvl19.99 lfjvl19.100 lfjvl19.101 lfjvl19.102 lfjvl19.103 lfjvl19.104 lfjvl19.105 lfjvl19.106 lfjvl19.107 lfjvl19.108 lfjvl19.109 lfjvl19.110 lfjvl19.111 lfjvl19.112 lfjvl19.113 lfjvl19.114 lfjvl19.115 lfjvl19.116

We had a cooler start to Tuesday. Ann even had her heater going on her side of the car during our morning commute. Luke had a good day at school and football. Ann had an all-day training again at CRH. I endured day two of our State Licensing inspection and facilitated new hire orientation. I walked early so I could pick up Ann after her meeting, but she called even earlier that I anticipated and I only got in about a mile and a half of walking on a pretty warm afternoon. Ann & I went to Mom & Sandy’s house when we got back to town so we could get Ann’s birth certificate and the title to the Hot Rod Lincoln, which we purchased off Gma for Luke. We sat and visited for quite a while and were tickled to see Mom’s face light up when Matt called to talk to her, as he has become their daily ritual on his way home from teaching at Z-West. Dee joined us for a little while after she got off at the station and we looked at some old photos until it was time to leave. We came home and dug out all the stuff we needed for Ann and Luke to get their licenses tomorrow as well as register and plate the Lincoln. Luke was excited when he got home and after grabbing dinner and watching Netflix on his computer in the den, got cleaned-up and went on to bed so tomorrow would come that much earlier! Ann & I watched some new shows on the DVR that evening – pilot episodes of Paul Schaeffer +1, On the Road with Brian Johnson and Prodigal Son as well as the season premiere of FBI. Here are pictures from Luke’s varsity football game vs. South Dearborn last week.

lfsd19.01 lfsd19.02 lfsd19.03 lfsd19.04 lfsd19.05 lfsd19.06 lfsd19.07 lfsd19.08 lfsd19.09 lfsd19.10 lfsd19.11 lfsd19.12 lfsd19.13 lfsd19.14 lfsd19.15 lfsd19.16 lfsd19.17 lfsd19.18 lfsd19.19 lfsd19.20 lfsd19.21 lfsd19.22 lfsd19.23 lfsd19.24 lfsd19.25 lfsd19.26 lfsd19.27 lfsd19.28 lfsd19.29 lfsd19.30 lfsd19.31 lfsd19.32 lfsd19.33 lfsd19.34 lfsd19.35 lfsd19.36 lfsd19.37 lfsd19.38 lfsd19.39 lfsd19.40 lfsd19.41 lfsd19.42 lfsd19.43 lfsd19.44 lfsd19.45 lfsd19.46 lfsd19.47 lfsd19.48 lfsd19.49 lfsd19.50 lfsd19.51 lfsd19.52 lfsd19.53 lfsd19.54 lfsd19.55 lfsd19.56 lfsd19.57 lfsd19.58 lfsd19.59 lfsd19.60 lfsd19.61 lfsd19.62 lfsd19.63 lfsd19.64 lfsd19.65 lfsd19.66 lfsd19.67 lfsd19.68 lfsd19.69 lfsd19.70 lfsd19.71 lfsd19.72 lfsd19.73 lfsd19.74 lfsd19.75 lfsd19.76 lfsd19.77 lfsd19.78 lfsd19.79 lfsd19.80 lfsd19.81 lfsd19.82 lfsd19.83 lfsd19.84 lfsd19.85 lfsd19.86 lfsd19.87 lfsd19.88 lfsd19.89 lfsd19.90 lfsd19.91 lfsd19.92 lfsd19.93 lfsd19.94 lfsd19.95

Wednesday was a big day for Luke. We all went in late to work & school in order to take the Duke out to the BMV to get his driver’s license. Gma surprised him by meeting us out there in the HRL. It was family day at the BMV for the Scheu’s as Luke got his license, Gma renewed her license, Ann got the new travel star on her license, I transferred the title to the Lincoln and got plates/registration for all six of our cars. Oh my gosh; he was so excited! He drove Memaw home and then went on to school while Ann & I went on to work. I had a fast day, including lunch with Justin & Vic at the China Buf. I walked just shy of a 6K on a comfortable, overcast afternoon. I talked to Robby on the way home from work. He is working in a very exciting place – a nuclear power plant in Michigan! He and Sharon are doing well and he’s hopeful that they may make to Thanksgiving this year. Luke went on to football practice after school and decided he wanted to wash his car, clean the windows and wipe down the interior with Armor All. It was funny how much he reminds me of how I felt when I got my ’64 Galaxie 500. I would spend hours polishing the chrome and waxing that paint job. It was nice to be able to send him to Walmart to get stuff and not have to get dressed and go with him! 😊 We watched a ton of shows on the DVR that evening. Some of my favorites are wrapping up: Preacher and Infamy as well as season premieres of NCIS NO and South Park, a new one called Emergence. Here are pictures from Mallory’s wedding last weekend.

mw19.01 mw19.02 mw19.03 mw19.04 mw19.05 mw19.06 mw19.07 mw19.08 mw19.09 mw19.10 mw19.11 mw19.12 mw19.13 mw19.14 mw19.15 mw19.16 mw19.17 mw19.18 mw19.19 mw19.20 mw19.21 mw19.22 mw19.23 mw19.24 mw19.25 mw19.26 mw19.27 mw19.28 mw19.29 mw19.30 mw19.31 mw19.32 mw19.33 mw19.34 mw19.35 mw19.36 mw19.37 mw19.38 mw19.39 mw19.40 mw19.41 mw19.42 mw19.43 mw19.44 mw19.45 mw19.46 mw19.47

Luke was excited to drive himself to school for the first time on Thursday morning. He had a fast day at school then had a good football practice. He cleaned his car again that evening and has some big plans for it as well. Ann had a busy day, attending a couple meetings. After I picked her up from her morning meeting, we stopped by Five Guys for lunch. After dropping her at her afternoon meeting, I finished up my monthly EOC rounds (got in about 14K steps today!) and walked a couple miles around the airport property on a pleasantly warm afternoon. We took it easy and watched a bunch of DVR’d shows that evening – including a new one that looks promising called Stumptown and the next episode of the new AHS season called 1984. I edited pictures and video for this week’s blog until I fell asleep on the couch with Lola. Here are pictures Robby sent me from his current jobsite in Michigan – beautiful!

rwm19.01 rwm19.02 rwm19.03 rwm19.04 rwm19.05 rwm19.06 rwm19.07 rwm19.08 rwm19.09 rwm19.10

We enjoyed a much cooler start to our Friday with temps only in the upper 40s. Mother Nature reminded us that summer just ended a couple days ago as temps rose forty degrees over the course of the day to nearly 90! Luke drove himself into school again in the Hot Rod Lincoln. After school, he did not get his Jimmy Johns sandwich with Gma, which was the first time in several years. He’ll have to figure something out to get that mojo back! I had the day off again and after dropping off Ann at work, drove up to see Abby at FC. We walked up to Ann’s for breakfast and then took a stroll around the town and ended up getting in about a mile and a half of exercise. It was chilly when we met at the Ben statue but by the time we got back to the car, it was already getting hot and humid. I dropped her off at campus and went on to the Exit 76 flea market to do some HW hunting for a while. I picked up Ann and we went to Walmart to get stuff for the team meal that night. We came home and made a bunch of sandwiches for the boys to eat after the game tonight. I think we made about 40 and the Wests made about 40 as well. While Ann napped and iced her knees that afternoon, I started writing the HTML code for this week’s blog and watched some DVR’d shows. Later, we loaded up Barney and headed to Brookville to watch Luke and the varsity Pirates face the Wildcats. As is the norm, we did a lot of walking as their setup is horrendous due to the lake and the hills. We were thrilled to see they had renovated – gone is the loud Wildcat “roar” after each score, thank Gawd! We also appreciated the new entrance (wish we had seen it on the way in!) and the concession stand/ restrooms on the visitor’s end…what we didn’t appreciate was the damn pole right in front of us that blocked our view several times throughout the evening. We did have fun sitting with our friends in the stands and I was very proud of Ann, who walked more that evening than she’s done in the last couple weeks combined. Luke started that evening, but only on special teams. He played on the kickoff return team, running back one kick for XX yards. He was also on the punt and punt return teams as well as the PAT/field goal team. On defense, he had a chance to play a series at outside linebacker as well as one play at middle linebacker when E-Lowe’s helmet broke. He was credited with only one assisted tackle and did not play any offense that evening. As for the game itself; it was sloppy. We did a better job of tackling but the blocking was still lacking. We also turned the ball over three times in the first half but somehow held a slim lead as we headed into the long halftime show which featured Homecoming ceremonies, a lengthy band performance and then the dance team had a performance as well. We looked better in the second half and made some big plays when we needed them on both sides of the ball, holding on to win, 29-22. Their record now stands at 3-3 on the year. We ran sandwiches to the bus, along with a handful of other parents, after the game. It was a little sad knowing that we didn’t need to arrange a ride for Luke, but it was also a little liberating at the same time. He ended up going out to Oakley’s house and staying the night with him. Ann & I came home after stopping at the Dairy Cottage for some ice cream before we left Brookville. After we got everything put away and sat down to relax and watch some TV, we promptly fell asleep. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.09.208 sis19.09.209 sis19.09.210 sis19.09.211 sis19.09.212 sis19.09.213 sis19.09.214 sis19.09.215 sis19.09.216 sis19.09.217 sis19.09.218 sis19.09.219 sis19.09.220 sis19.09.221 sis19.09.222 sis19.09.223 sis19.09.224 sis19.09.225 sis19.09.226 sis19.09.227 sis19.09.228 sis19.09.229 sis19.09.230 sis19.09.231 sis19.09.232 sis19.09.233 sis19.09.234 sis19.09.235 sis19.09.236 sis19.09.237 sis19.09.238 sis19.09.239 sis19.09.240 sis19.09.241 sis19.09.242 sis19.09.243 sis19.09.244 sis19.09.245 sis19.09.246 sis19.09.247 sis19.09.248 sis19.09.249 sis19.09.250 sis19.09.251 sis19.09.252 sis19.09.253 sis19.09.254 sis19.09.255 sis19.09.256 sis19.09.257 sis19.09.258 sis19.09.259 sis19.09.260 sis19.09.261 sis19.09.262 sis19.09.263 sis19.09.264 sis19.09.265 sis19.09.266 sis19.09.267 sis19.09.268 sis19.09.269 sis19.09.270 sis19.09.271 sis19.09.272 sis19.09.273 sis19.09.274 sis19.09.275 sis19.09.276 sis19.09.277

With Luke out at Oak’s house, we were awakened early on Saturday morning by the sound of dogs barking. They had no big brother to sleep with and so they were up and down, wanting into Luke’s bed where they like to sleep…but who was Lola barking at? What a dumb dog. When I got up to let them out, I had another mess in the kitchen to clean up, so I just got up and started my day. I uploaded my pictures and videos and began formatting this week’s blog entry. Once it got light out, I moved outdoors by checking / topping-off fluids in the vehicles. There was no need to mow/trim at home or at Mom & Sandy’s house because the grass is mostly dead. Matt & Taylor couldn’t make it down with Bebe because they were busy with Homecoming festivities, so Luke & I drove up to get the Buick and bring her home. Luke was out running around with Oakley and ended up in Westport at their pizza place. He came by and picked me up and we dropped Oakley off at North high school at his little brother’s football game. Luke did a good job of driving on the interstate with me. After we picked up the car and stopped for lunch at Taco Bell, we drove on home. It was Luke’s first solo drive on the interstate as he followed behind me and did great! He went on to Connor’s house where they had planned to go camping…but those plans got scrapped. Instead, he picked up Connor, Oak and his new friend Shannon and they ended up cruising around town and wound up out at the Haunted Woods at Hopeless Hollow. Meanwhile, Matt & Taylor were at the U-Indy homecoming football game. Taylor was nominated to be on the homecoming court! She was on a float on the parade and everything. Unfortunately, she fell just a hair short of winning homecoming queen by a mere 10 votes! Uggh!! Congrats Taylor; we’re proud of you, sweetie! Maryann & Sandy stopped by the house to see us that evening, on their way to the casino for a rare night out without the fur baby. I cleaned-out Bebe for a couple hours and got it ready for Matt to sell. He had a bunch of stuff in it – in fact I think I told Ann that it looked like a homeless teenager had been living it in for several years! The old girl has a couple minor mechanical issues that I think we may have Jerry address. On their way back to town, Mom & Gigi called and asked if we wanted to go have dinner at BWR, which of course we said yes! We had a nice dinner and enjoyed spending time with them. It was a rare evening out without any dependents! We came home afterward and watched the season premier of Blue Bloods before I called it an early night, taking some ibuprofen and heading on to bed. Luke ended up staying the night with Connor that evening, meaning the dogs didn’t know what to do with themselves again that night… We have lots of social media pictures to share.

smp19.09.167 smp19.09.168 smp19.09.169 smp19.09.170 smp19.09.171 smp19.09.172 smp19.09.173 smp19.09.174 smp19.09.175 smp19.09.176 smp19.09.177 smp19.09.178 smp19.09.179 smp19.09.180 smp19.09.181 smp19.09.182 smp19.09.183 smp19.09.194 smp19.09.195 smp19.09.196 smp19.09.197 smp19.09.198 smp19.09.199 smp19.09.200 smp19.09.201 smp19.09.202 smp19.09.203 smp19.09.204 smp19.09.205 smp19.09.206 smp19.09.207 smp19.09.208 smp19.09.209 smp19.09.210 smp19.09.211 smp19.09.212 smp19.09.213 smp19.09.214 smp19.09.215 smp19.09.216 smp19.09.217 smp19.09.218 smp19.09.219 smp19.09.220 smp19.09.221 smp19.09.222 smp19.09.223 smp19.09.224 smp19.09.225 smp19.09.226 smp19.09.227 smp19.09.228 smp19.09.229 smp19.09.230 smp19.09.231 smp19.09.232 smp19.09.233 smp19.09.234 smp19.09.235 smp19.09.236 smp19.09.237 smp19.09.238 smp19.09.239 smp19.09.240 smp19.09.241 smp19.09.242 smp19.09.243 smp19.09.244 smp19.09.245 smp19.09.246 smp19.09.247 smp19.09.248 smp19.09.249 smp19.09.250 smp19.09.252 smp19.09.253 smp19.09.254 smp19.09.255 smp19.09.256 smp19.09.257 smp19.09.258 smp19.09.259 smp19.09.260 smp19.09.261 smp19.09.262 smp19.09.263

As predicted, the dogs were beside themselves overnight and Lola was scratching at our door before the sun came up on Sunday morning. Ann got up with them but I should’ve because I couldn’t go back to sleep and ended up getting up after tossing and turning for a while. I got an early jump on our weekly household chores and by the time football started, I was done and ready to finish writing the blog. Sandy came by and picked up Bebe’s keys and title and went to go get the oil changed and clean it up a little. Luke’s friend Shannon came over to hang out as Ann & I watched Red Zone on the big screen. Abby, Bri and Garrett went to the Colt’s game today and said they had fun. After the Colts lost, Ann made dinner of Papa John’s pizzas. 😊 Luke & Shannon ate dinner then went out to Oakley’s house while Ann played on her phone and I watched the NASCAR races at the Charlotte Roval. They were both great races again this year…it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks! I got a call from Dad & Lynn that evening. I’ve been a horrible son, neglecting to call my dads. It was great to catch up with him. He said that he & Lynn are doing great and taking it easy up in Jersey. Today, they walked to the beach and sat on the boardwalk, taking in the view and enjoying the weather. After the races, we turned over to watch the Cowboys play the Saints on Sunday Night Football. It was the perfect way to wind down a great week and rest up so we can turn around and start it all again tomorrow…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature the last batch of pictures from our photo albums. After we finish with #18, we move on to the digital age… We lead off this week with Matt riding his new Hot Wheels Lamborghini across from our Main St house on Christmas Day in December 1998; then we moved down to the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island for the annual Welcome Party – love that punch! – in May 2002; then we have some professional pix – Megan in September 2003 and the Dance kids in August 2004; Grace’s party in Westport in July 2004; and Luke & Abby with the Welages in October 2004.

Wabyac.1998.12.mlhwpw09 Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw10 Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw11 Waybac.1998.12.mlhwpw12 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp3 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp4 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp5 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp6 Waybac.2003.09.m18mp Waybac.2004.07.dksp1 Waybac.2004.07.dksp2 Waybac.2004.07.dksp3 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp29 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp30 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp31 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp32 Waybac.2004.10.totira01 Waybac.2004.10.totira02

We wrap up this week with our video section which features three new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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