Over and Under, in Between the Ups and Downs

Ya know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – cancer sucks. The week has been a real rollercoaster, man. We’ve had some great highs but we’ve also had our share of lows this week as well. Matt had another exhausting week, working with the Special Ed kids in Zionsville. He had a tough life lesson over the weekend. Abby survived another homecoming and reached a milestone with her beau. Luke enjoyed the week off from school for Fall Break and played in two football games, including one that exciting and one that was ugly and gave us quite a scare. Ann used her cane less and less this week and although it is hard on her, it’s a necessary step in her recovery. I had a busy week that saw us upgrade all our computers at work to Windows 10 as well as endure our three-day inspection by the Joint Commission. We finally found out what was going on with our sweet dog, Molly. And as you may have concluded from the opening line of this blog entry…it wasn’t good. The leaves are turning and falling to the ground. The weather finally broke and it went from the 80s to the 30s. We even had a couple frost warnings! Our landscape continues flattening and broadening as farmers continue to harvest the fields that we see each day on our daily commute. It finally feels like football weather – now the boys just need to keep winning so we can enjoy it! Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

Monday had a cool, foggy start to the week. It was a fast but exhausting day as I began our Win10 deployment and continued prepping for TJC (The Joint Commission or JCAHO). I was sad to hear from Ann that morning when she told me that Jamie’s stepdad had passed away overnight. Jamie and Dee left that afternoon to go be with his mom during her time of mourning and Gma & Gigi watched their dogs and house, since Grace was in California – visiting her fiancé. Luke enjoyed his first day of Fall Break. He went to football early to get taped and go over game film before he and the JV team headed to their next ballgame. Ann had a long day as well, as most Monday are at her office. I got out of work late and only managed to get in about a mile and a half of walking before we left Columbus early and headed to Batesville. We met up with Drake and his boys at the game. The Pirates came out and jumped on top early, thanks to a big pass play to Luke that set up the first score of the game. Like last week’s varsity game against this school, the Pirates held a slim lead at the half. The boys played well in the 2nd half and although Batesville stayed in the game, the Pirates held on to win 19-14. Their record is now 5-3. When we told Luke that Uncle Paul would be attending the game, he said that he’d have to up his game…and that he did. Luke’s stats: On offense, he had one sweet pancake and an even sweeter catch of 40 yards! He nearly scored but was drug down from behind on the 5. Unfortunately, it was the only ball thrown to him. Defensively, he really stood-out by tallying 8 tackles – 6 solo, 1 assisted and a tackle for loss. He nearly had 5 sacks, but instead was credited with 5 QB hurries/knockdowns. His biggest contribution may have been the two takeaways he had with a pair of fumble recoveries! He was also one of the captains before the game that represented the team at the coinflip. After the game, we waited around to talk with him before he hopped on the bus and rode back to town with the team. Meanwhile, Ann & I met up with Paul, Dayla and the boys at LaRosa’s for dinner and a cold beverage. We had fun catching up and laughing. We all agreed that we need to get together soon! Here are pictures from Luke’s varsity football game vs. Batesville last week.

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Tuesday had another cold, foggy start to the day. It was the coolest day of the season with temps just barely in the 40s. Ann had the heat on in the car and even turned on her butt-warmer! Luke helped Gma get Molly’s urine collected for testing. Poor Molls just finished her antibiotic and she still has issues, including having accidents in the house with blood in her urine. She has to go back later in the week to have more tests done. Ann & I both had ridiculously busy days again. In fact, I didn’t even get a chance to exercise due to not getting out of work until it was time to pickup Ann. She needed picked up a little early so I could run her out to the elementary school to meet up with Amy for The Spirit of Women event put on by the women’s health group from DCMH. They had dinner, speakers and vendor booths. She came home and made sloppy joe in her new crock pot. I had gotten a call from Bryan earlier in the day that caused me to do some parenting with Luke and so he had to park his car that evening and miss Oakley’s bday party due to being grounded… After a long talk with Ann & I (and a new app on his phone), we had new understanding of one another and life was good. Here are pictures from Luke’s junior varsity football game last week vs. Franklin Co.

lfjvfc19.01 lfjvfc19.02 lfjvfc19.03 lfjvfc19.04 lfjvfc19.05 lfjvfc19.06 lfjvfc19.07 lfjvfc19.08 lfjvfc19.09 lfjvfc19.10 lfjvfc19.11 lfjvfc19.12 lfjvfc19.13 lfjvfc19.14 lfjvfc19.15 lfjvfc19.16 lfjvfc19.17 lfjvfc19.18 lfjvfc19.19 lfjvfc19.20 lfjvfc19.21 lfjvfc19.22 lfjvfc19.23 lfjvfc19.24 lfjvfc19.25 lfjvfc19.26 lfjvfc19.27 lfjvfc19.28 lfjvfc19.29 lfjvfc19.30 lfjvfc19.31 lfjvfc19.32 lfjvfc19.33 lfjvfc19.34 lfjvfc19.35 lfjvfc19.36 lfjvfc19.37 lfjvfc19.38 lfjvfc19.39 lfjvfc19.40 lfjvfc19.41 lfjvfc19.42 lfjvfc19.43 lfjvfc19.44 lfjvfc19.45 lfjvfc19.46 lfjvfc19.47 lfjvfc19.48 lfjvfc19.49 lfjvfc19.50 lfjvfc19.51 lfjvfc19.52 lfjvfc19.53 lfjvfc19.54 lfjvfc19.55 lfjvfc19.56 lfjvfc19.57 lfjvfc19.58 lfjvfc19.59 lfjvfc19.60 lfjvfc19.61 lfjvfc19.62 lfjvfc19.63 lfjvfc19.64 lfjvfc19.65 lfjvfc19.66 lfjvfc19.67 lfjvfc19.68 lfjvfc19.69 lfjvfc19.70 lfjvfc19.71 lfjvfc19.72 lfjvfc19.73 lfjvfc19.74 lfjvfc19.75 lfjvfc19.76 lfjvfc19.77 lfjvfc19.78 lfjvfc19.79 lfjvfc19.80 lfjvfc19.81 lfjvfc19.82 lfjvfc19.83 lfjvfc19.84 lfjvfc19.85 lfjvfc19.86 lfjvfc19.87 lfjvfc19.88 lfjvfc19.89 lfjvjc19.90 lfjvfc19.91

I didn’t sleep well overnight, probably because I was anxious for our triennial JCAHO survey on Wednesday. I finally got up early so Ann & I could drive in to work so I could be there to meet the surveyor, along with other senior management. It went very well and by the time lunch rolled around, I had already knocked-out my EOC tour. I then refocused my time on the Win10 project and worked on it all afternoon. I didn’t get out until late and didn’t get to walk at all that day again. I picked up Ann and we went to Lowe’s to pick up our new microwave after ours took a dump this past weekend. We got it set up and man is it huge! We joked that Ann can cook the Thanksgiving turkey in there! Luke enjoyed sleeping in before he helped Gma move some stuff in her house and then spent some time with Dray before heading to football practice. He came home and ended up running errands for us until after dark. Ann made sloppy Joe in her new crockpot last night for her work pitch-in and brought home leftovers for Luke & I that evening. I was thrilled after calling my insurance company and found out that they will cover all my old man procedures that Dr. Mungcal wants me to get done this month…yippee! I spoke with Abby that afternoon. Unfortunately, she did not make the homecoming court…but on a positive note, she was feeling much better and really wants us to attend homecoming this weekend. Here are random pictures from recent adventures.

sis19.10.74 sis19.10.75 sis19.10.76 sis19.10.77 sis19.10.78 sis19.10.79 sis19.10.80 sis19.10.81 sis19.10.82 sis19.10.83 sis19.10.84 sis19.10.85 sis19.10.86 sis19.10.87 sis19.10.88 sis19.10.89 sis19.10.90 sis19.10.91 sis19.10.92 sis19.10.93 sis19.10.94 sis19.10.95 sis19.10.96 sis19.10.97 sis19.10.98 sis19.10.99 sis19.10.100 sis19.10.101 sis19.10.102 sis19.10.103 sis19.10.104 sis19.10.105 sis19.10.106 sis19.10.107 sis19.10.108 sis19.10.109 sis19.10.110 sis19.10.111 sis19.10.112 sis19.10.113 sis19.10.114 sis19.10.115 sis19.10.116 sis19.10.117 sis19.10.118 sis19.10.119 sis19.10.120 sis19.10.121

Thursday saw yet another cool, foggy start in the 40s. Ann & I endured another long-ass day at work as we went in early and stayed late again. It was day two of our JCAHO survey and that afternoon was my turn in the barrel to go through my books. Thankfully, Justin & Vic were there for moral support and add to the narrative when they felt comfortable. I felt it went pretty good and afterward Kevin & Tena both took time to find me and say that the surveyor was impressed and actually enjoyed our session, which I thought was very cool. I made time that afternoon to walk nearly 6K on a surprisingly warm afternoon. I hadn’t been outside since the early morning and there was a stark difference when I returned to the outdoors. It felt good to get out of my dress slacks for a while as well. I actually wore long pants four straight days – can you believe it?! That’s by far the longest span I’ve had in the last decade or so… When I picked up Ann and we came home, we both flopped on the living room furniture and didn’t do much else the rest of the night – except when Ann made us Fireworks popcorn for dinner – it was nice to have some comfort food after such a stressful day. Luke slept in then bebopped around the city with Abby, who came down to visit. They ended up at ElRep before she went back to Franklin and he went on to football practice and team dinner. He ended up out at Kam’s house again and didn’t get home until after I had gone to bed. Luke was in the paper that night for his defensive prowess on Monday night’s game, which was cool. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.10.47 smp19.10.48 smp19.10.49 smp19.10.50 smp19.10.51 smp19.10.52 smp19.10.53 smp19.10.54 smp19.10.55 smp19.10.56 smp19.10.57 smp19.10.58 smp19.10.59 smp19.10.60 smp19.10.61 smp19.10.62 smp19.10.63 smp19.10.64 smp19.10.65 smp19.10.66 smp19.10.67 smp19.10.68 smp19.10.69 smp19.10.70 smp19.10.71 smp19.10.72 smp19.10.73 smp19.10.74 smp19.10.75 smp19.10.76 smp19.10.77 smp19.10.78 smp19.10.79 smp19.10.80 smp19.10.81 smp19.10.82 smp19.10.83 smp19.10.84 smp19.10.85 smp19.10.86 smp19.10.87

We were up early yet again on Friday for the final day of JCAHO survey. Ann & I got up even earlier so we could meet Justin & Vic out at the Hangar for breakfast before we started our long day. Because of the cloud cover, it was by far the warmest morning of the week as well as the darkest. I was mortified when I accidentally hit a raccoon or two on our way to work, just outside of Hartsville…although we didn’t see any carnage when we came home, so not sure what that means… We enjoyed our meal and went to work for a fast day. It was our final day of our TJC survey. Justin & I sat in on the leadership portion of the survey. It went really well and Kevin let me sneak out a little early when Ann finished office that afternoon. Mom took Molly back to the vet for more testing that morning. Mom called and told Ann the bad news and then she tearfully called me: Molly has cancer. The vet called us later that afternoon, regarding Moll’s diagnosis and prognosis. We will give her some medicine but she likely has 6-9 months. Luke enjoyed sleeping in again and later had Ms. Shannon over to visit for a bit. It rained on and off all day. When we got home, we just napped and watched TV with the dogs. Later, Luke went to Gma’s house with Dray for a quick pre-game meal before they headed over to school to catch the bus and head to their final regular season road game vs. East Central. Abby, Mary, Molie & Garrett headed back up to Deer Creek to see the concert that got rained-out a couple months back – Luke Bryan. It worked out for the best that she didn’t make the homecoming court, as she would’ve been required to attend the pep rally instead of going to the concert…and she paid way too much for those tickets to just blow off the show. As it turned out, it got so cold that night, up in Noblesville, that they left the arena and listened to the show from their car to stay warm! Meanwhile, Ann & I loaded up Barney and headed down the road, prepared to sit out in the rain and cold winds. It was forecasted to drop 30 degrees while we were at the game, as it does nearly every year against the Trojans. It was interesting that it was six years ago to the day that Matt blew out his knee at the EC game. We always hate going to St. Leon – one year we had a flat tire, another year Matt sustained his injury…and this year did not disappoint. To start with, it was miserably cold, windy and rainy. To make it worse, it was their senior night and they had like 35 players to introduce that evening, pushing back the start until nearly 8 pm. And to top it off, Luke got smeared by an illegal hit and was down on the ground for a few minutes…but I’ll get to that. The Trojans were ranked #8 and looked every bit of it, going up by 4 TDs before we even got out of the 1st quarter! When they went up by 35, we thought that would take their foot off the throttle; but when we couldn’t move the ball, the Trojans began calling timeouts, got the ball back with under a minute to play and promptly scored again to go up by 6 TDs, because you know…five is simply not enough. With the clock running continuously in the 2nd half, it limited their chance to run the score up to 100, only getting to 56-0 by the start of the 4th quarter. That’s when Luke attempted to run up and catch a kickoff in the wind and rain. He bobbled it and just as he was securing it the 2nd time, he got lambasted by a helmet-to-helmet hit. He was running forward with his head down (trying to secure the ball), not paying attention to the defenders closing in on him and when he was blasted by the guy coming full steam and leading with the crown of his helmet, he stayed down. We all held our breath and then eventually he got up and walked off the field under his own power, thankfully. The headhunting was bad that night. EC played hard and fast, they were dirty and ruthless – all the key ingredients to a successful program. If the referees aren’t calling fouls, then I guess it’s ok to do it. You could tell it was bad when the preacher sitting next to us began yelling at the officials! …And rightfully so; it was dangerous out there – it was cold, wet and slick, playing on artificial turf and then add to it the cheap shots and you have a recipe for disaster. Although we had few guys get hurt, they all got back up and were able to continue. Luke came right back in on the next special teams play – much to his credit. But this time, he let the ball skip past him after they kicked it right back to him. He said he didn’t have a headache, so I don’t think he was concussed – thank God. The Trojans played their 2nd and 3rd stringers in the final quarter and our starters were able to stop them from scoring again. But when we attempted a field goal with a second left, we had a bad snap and ended up being shut out for the first time this season, 56-0. Their record stands at 4-4 on the year. We still have a shot at having a winning record going into the playoffs. We drove home and got everything unpacked and set out to dry before we got under blankets to keep warm with the dogs while watching TV on the big screen.

I was up early on Saturday, despite staying up late last night. I checked fluids in the vehicles before Luke left to get his hair cut and fuel up the Hot Rod Lincoln. Ann & I went to the store and got drinks and food for today’s adventure. It was homecoming at FC, so Abby was anxious to have us up to tailgate and we were excited to go back to campus and see some old friends we haven’t seen in a while. We loaded up the Lincoln and Luke drove us on the intestate, up to Franklin. We met up with Abby, Garrett, Megan and Bri. As we were walking up to Bu’s dorm, we met up with Danny & Stacy as well. The nine of us spent the rest of the day together. We set up in Kline Woods, next to the Lambda Chi tent. We had two coolers full of cold beverages and a wagon full of snacks while the ΛΧΑs grilled chicken breasts and burgers. It was a perfect day for tailgating. In fact, with Abby’ speaker blaring, it was so good that we didn’t even make it to the game, but we heard that the Grizzlies did defeat Anderson by a couple TDs. We eventually walked around a couple times to go see folks, but mostly stayed pat in our little area and enjoyed spending time with Abby and the gang. We hung out with Natalie for a while and I enjoyed seeing several of my old fraternity brothers. The Chi guys were great and we had a lot of fun with them. The old man had to show them a thing or two – LOL. After visiting for several hours, we all piled into Luke’s Lincoln (all 7 of us!) and he drove us downtown for dinner at one of faves – Shale Creek Brewing. Danny & Stacy met us there and we enjoyed a few cold brews and a big dinner. We laughed and talked for an hour or so then went back to campus and sent all the snacks and drinks in with Abby and said our good-byes. Luke did a great job of driving us back, including driving at night on the interstate, which is great experience for him. Unfortunately, both Ann & I fell asleep on him! We got the car unloaded and everything put away and then he went out for the evening. Meanwhile, Ann settled in to sleep in her recliner. I was totally spent and gave it up and just went on to bed. Luke ended up coming back with Drew and they spent the night out in the family room with the dogs. Here are pictures of latest additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.10.01 hwc19.10.02 hwc19.10.03 hwc19.10.04 hwc19.10.05 hwc19.10.06 hwc19.10.07 hwc19.10.08 hwc19.10.09 hwc19.10.10 hwc19.10.11 hwc19.10.12

I was up really early on Sunday morning after going down so soon last night. It was so cold in the house, just barely above freezing with a frost warning for the area. Matt called me, asking for some advice. I could hear the stress in his voice. He is house-sitting up in Zionsville for a friend this next week. But when he took the dog out to use the bathroom this morning, he accidentally locked himself out of the house! So now he and the dog were out in the cold and he didn’t know what to do. He checked all the windows and there was one that was unlocked but he would have to cut the screen to get in it. He ended up calling the homeowners. It turned out that the neighbors had a key…but they were also away on vacation. Thankfully, another neighbor came over and they were able to jimmy the door in the garage open with a credit card. It was a valuable lesson for him to learn and we’re glad it worked out for him and he didn’t freeze to death! Luke & Drew slept in until after noon. They were up for like 10 minutes before Luke had to run him home. I eventually got around to our weekly household chores. Molly came out with me to add coolant to Black Betty. When I opened the door to pop the hood she jumped in the car, hopped over to the passenger seat and looked at me with those puppy dog eyes of hers. I swear she was smiling and so after I finished up under the hood, I HAD to take her for a quick ride around the neighborhood. She loved it when I put the window down so she could stand up and put her head out in the wind. 😊 I’m really gonna miss that kind of stuff… Ann was pretty sore after not using her cane yesterday. We were so proud of her being brave and pushing through the pain at homecoming. However, today she spent her day resting and icing her knees. Mom, Sandy & Pixie came over to visit that afternoon. After they left, Luke went out to the high school to meet up with his teammates to watch the sectional draw and see who and where they will play next Friday. As it turned out, they will play Franklin County at home. I was so excited to watch the Cowboys play the Jets today, sure that we would see a big win after a disappointing loss last week. It felt like a must-win. But when I saw the team that showed up to play, I couldn’t even watch till halftime. Instead, I got PO’ed and so we turned it off and watched some DVR’d shows for a while. I turned the Cowboys game back on after we watched SWAT but was stunned to find the Cowboys had given up 3 TDs to a team that had only scored 2 in their first four games. I don’t know which was worse – the fact that they gave up three scores to a team with a back-up quarterback or the fact that they only scored 9 points against a team that hasn’t won a game all year. I was so mad I turned it back off and we watched the new SVU. When we turned it back on, there was two minutes left. They scored a TD but couldn’t convert the 2-point PAT and they lost again. This team is in trouble. They are under-achieving much like the Pirates are this year. After the game, we turned on Blue Bloods and then after Ann went to bed, I watched The Walking Dead and Talking Dead with Molly next to me on the couch before calling it a week. It was the perfect way to wind down an emotional week.

Next up is our Waybac section which section which continues to feature our #18 photo album. We have enough to get us through a few more weeks, but there’s not many left… We lead-off this week with some more pictures of Mom and the gang at the Week 19 welcome party at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island, FL in May 2002; next we have more pictures of Abby and others at Grace’s birthday party in Westport in July 2004; then we move on to more pictures of Mom & Bu at Abby’s birthday party in our home in September 2004; next we see Abby playing soccer at the YMCA with Matt coaching her in October 2004; and finally we have Matt & Abby at a Christmas presentation with Luke & Gigi looking on in December 2004.

Waybac.2002.05.wnwp11 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp12 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp13 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp14 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp37 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp38 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp39 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp40 Waybac.2004.09.abdp14 Waybac.2004.09.abdp15 Waybac.2004.09.abdp16 Waybac.2004.09.abdp17 Waybac.2004.10.asp12 Waybac.2004.10.asp13 Waybac.2004.12.macp01 Waybac.2004.12.macp02

I actually wrote down a quote for our segment known as The Shit that Luke Says. When we told Luke the news about our poor little dog, he and Ann were talking about whether we would get another pooch and he said if we get another one, we’d have to call it Molly. When Ann said that just using the name it wouldn’t be the same, Luke said, “If we call the next one Molly, maybe it’ll make it be as good a dog as she is!”

We wrap up with our video section which features three new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

Joe Bonamassa – "Love Ain't a Love Song" – Live from the Sydney Opera House from Joe BonamassaTV on Vimeo.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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