Beautiful Delilah, Sweet as Apple Pie

We’ve had another busy week. The cold and snow returned to remind us that it is, indeed, January in Indiana. Matt had a full week of teaching school, coaching wrestling, spending time with Taylor and coaching in his first tournament. Abby split time between working, spending time with friends and family and seeing Garrett. Luke was a two-sport athlete again this week; he attended classes, went to morning football practices, spent time with friends as well as wrestled all week and even had a big tourney over the weekend. But the big news of the week is Ann & I having a new baby in the house! We had fun celebrating Ms. Ann this week as she grows ever closer to the Big One…and the first step towards her own AARP membership. I did much better with my diet and exercise regimen this work week, just missing my workout goal of fifteen miles by logging a little over fourteen miles. In the process, I managed to lose ten pounds this week! Lola and Molly have slowly begun to adapt to our baby, Delilah. It has been an adjustment for everyone, for sure. It was nice spending time with Gma & Gigi as well this weekend. We enjoyed having Abby in the house again this week. Honestly, I could get used to her being around again. I’m afraid that we’re going to have trouble letting her return for her spring semester next week… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

The start of the week greeted us with cold and snow on Monday morning. It snowed all day but didn’t leave us with any accumulation – if it’s going to be cold and snowy, we might as well have something to play in! Ann & I were up early on Monday morning and headed back to work on a frigid morning. Abby had the morning off with the dogs. Luke had the day off from school for MLK Day. He got up for wrestling practice and then he & Bu went shopping for…you guessed it – supplies for jalapeno popper dip. She really has a problem…LOL! She enjoyed the morning with her brother then went in to work at Wings & Rings that night. That afternoon, Luke and the wrestling team travelled to Bloomington to see Purdue face IU in a Big Ten wrestling meet – how cool?! After working on reports all day, it was felt good when I finally got out and walked that afternoon. I tried to exercise outdoors, but it was much too cold with temps in the mid-twenties…so I ended up at the mall, walking an almost 6K. We came home and took it easy that night, watching our DVR’d shows on the big screen. Here are pictures from Luke’s wrestling meet vs. Batesville on Senior Night last week.

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Tuesday was an even colder start in the upper teens with some ice on the roads. It was cold all day – it never got out of the 20s. After falling asleep so early last night, I was up even before the butt-crack of dawn. Ann & I had fast days at work. I walked about a 6K at the mall after work again. Abby slept in then worked at BWR. She got off early because they were dead that night. Luke went in early for football then had a long day at school. Afterwards, he went to wrestling practice then on to the girls’ basketball game. Ann & I ran to the store that night to get supplies for her to make dinner. It was delicious as always – jalapeno popper chicken with cheesy broccoli and baby potatoes. YUM! Luke informed us that this weekend’s wrestling tourney had been cancelled, which made us upset. He still has a good shot of evening his record at .500 this season, which is been fun to watch him turn around. I was pooped again that evening and fell asleep on the couch early. I wound up going to bed like the old timer that I’ve become… Here are pictures from Matt’s wrestling coach debut at Zionsville West.

mwfc20.01 mwfc20.02 mwfc20.03 mwfc20.04 mwfc20.05 mwfc20.06 mwfc20.07 mwfc20.08 mwfc20.09 mwfc20.10 mwfc20.11 mwfc20.12 mwfc20.13 mwfc20.14 mwfc20.15 mwfc20.16 mwfc20.17 mwfc20.18 mwfc20.19 mwfc20.20 mwfc20.21 mwfc20.22 mwfc20.23 mwfc20.24 mwfc20.25 mwfc20.26 mwfc20.27 mwfc20.28

On Wednesday, I was up early again on an even colder morning. It was in the mid-teens and the windshields were all frosted. Luke went in early again for football practice before his long day of school. He had wrestling practice that evening then went out with Kameron & Oakley. Abby took Molly to her follow-up vet appointment to have her ears re-treated. Afterwards, they went off on an adventure to get breakfast at McDonald’s and then went to Rural King to pick out new treats.  Ann & I had fast days at work then I walked about a 6K at the mall again. That evening, Abby & Ann went out to dinner with Megan & Mallory at Cracker Barrel. That left me with a nice, quiet evening with the dogs, watching DVR’d shows on the big screen. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.01.47 sis20.01.48 sis20.01.49 sis20.01.50 sis20.01.51 sis20.01.52 sis20.01.53 sis20.01.54 sis20.01.55 sis20.01.56 sis20.01.57 sis20.01.58 sis20.01.59 sis20.01.60 sis20.01.61 sis20.01.62 sis20.01.63 sis20.01.64 sis20.01.65 sis20.01.66 sis20.01.67 sis20.01.68 sis20.01.69 sis20.01.70 sis20.01.71 sis20.01.72 sis20.01.73 sis20.01.74 sis20.01.75 sis20.01.76 sis20.01.77 sis20.01.78 sis20.01.79 sis20.01.80 sis20.01.81 sis20.01.82 sis20.01.83 sis20.01.84 sis20.01.85 sis20.01.86 sis20.01.87 sis20.01.88 sis20.01.89 sis20.01.90 sis20.01.91 sis20.01.92 sis20.01.93

Ann & I returned to work on a warmer Thursday morning in the 30s. After a quick day at school, Luke went to wrestling practice then hung out at Gray’s house until late. Abby ran a few errands to get ready for the newest member of the family tomorrow before heading into work at BWR. Ann had a long day, attending a couple meetings at the hospital. My day went fast but it was admittedly a long one…however, it did give me time to finish my annual report – the earliest I’ve ever had it done, in fact. I walked a 5K out in the cool weather and got a call from Coach Nieman. After learning that the Knights’ Classic had been cancelled this weekend, he was able to get us into a six-way meet at Milan instead. I worked about eleven hours then drove us home in the pitch-black darkness. We took it easy, watching a couple DVR’d shows before both falling asleep on the couch / recliner. Here are pictures from Luke’s Winter Formal last week.

lwf20.01 lwf20.02 lwf20.03 lwf20.04 lwf20.05 lwf20.06 lwf20.07 lwf20.08 lwf20.09 lwf20.10 lwf20.11 lwf20.12 lwf20.13 lwf20.14 lwf20.15 lwf20.16 lwf20.17 lwf20.18 lwf20.19 lwf20.20 lwf20.21 lwf20.22 lwf20.23 lwf20.24 lwf20.25 lwf20.26 lwf20.27 lwf20.28 lwf20.29 lwf20.30 lwf20.31 lwf20.32 lwf20.33 lwf20.34 lwf20.35 lwf20.36

I drove Barney into work on a rainy Friday morning. It was dark and rainy. As I was turning off 9, onto 450, I hit a huge mud puddle that I didn’t see and knocked the damn serpentine belt off. I wasn’t sure at first, but it wasn’t too long before I noticed that the lights were getting dimmer and then the wipers started going slower and it was getting ready hard to see. Once the transmission started cutting out, I knew I had to find a place to park it. Thankfully, I was able to nurse it into the Columbus city limits before the engine finally shut off and I coasted into the housing addition just a half mile from work and called Vic. He came and got me and a little while later, we tried to get the belt back on it once it got light out and the rain had slowed down. We almost had it on but after an hour, we gave up because I think we busted the tensioner, so I called Jerry. He couldn’t help so I had it towed to his shop and caught a ride with the driver, calling it an early day. I talked with Jerry and Lexi for a while at the shop while waiting for Abby to pick me up. We grabbed some Taco Bell and headed home. Meanwhile, Ann worked at the Greensburg office and then held an After-Prom meeting at the high school. It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time again to start planning this big event! Abby was supposed to work a double but let someone else take her morning shift. That worked out great for us because she was so helpful today; driving Ann & I. Later, she went in to work at Wings that evening. Matt passed two more of his teacher licenses tests! He also re-took a third one, which was also his final one…the one he didn’t pass last time. Unfortunately, he did not pass it this time either. He was disappointed, but he is so close to it now. He talked with Ann for a while and is anxious to get back in and try it once more. The third time’s the charm, Matthew! Luke had a good day at school then attended wrestling practice. When he got home that evening, we piled into the Hot Rod Lincoln and he drove us down to Memphis, IN – near the Kentucky border. It was there that we picked up Ms. Delilah, a cute Sheepadoodle. We talked with her breeder, Amanda, for a while before making our way home. Luke wanted to snuggle with his new puppy, so he sat in the back and I drove home. The dogs did better with her than we expected that evening and things went pretty smooth. Abby came home early and enjoyed playing with the puppy. Gary came over again that night to spend the weekend with us. Megan came over a little while to see the puppy. Lola was shaking that evening. We think she must’ve hurt herself again, out chasing rabbits in the backyard. Ann gave her a baby aspirin to help ease her pain but she had trouble getting comfortable that night. Poor Ms. Delilah cried for about a half hour in her crate before finally falling asleep…but it was heartbreaking to say the least… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.01.35 hwc20.01.36 hwc20.01.37 hwc20.01.38 hwc20.01.39 hwc20.01.40 hwc20.01.41 hwc20.01.42 hwc20.01.43 hwc20.01.44 hwc20.01.45 hwc20.01.46 hwc20.01.47 hwc20.01.48 hwc20.01.49

We were up early on Saturday morning for Luke’s wrestling tourney. It is the final competition before Sectional seedings are set next week. Delilah whimpered a little that morning as she continued to discover her new Forever Home. Ms. Molly got up from Abby’s bed and kept her company, which we were happy to see. Lola, on the other hand, couldn’t care less…except when she gets in her space. Delilah has tried a couple times to play with her, but Lola isn’t interested in that puppy stuff! LOL. Ann & I loaded up Black Betty and headed down the road to Milan High School for their annual 6-way tourney. Meanwhile, Matt and his wrestling team travelled to Lebanon for his first tourney as a coach. He kept us updated on his progress through the day, which was cool. He would end up steering the team to 3rd place. Nice job, Coach! Abby & Gary tried to sleep in as we left, but I’m sure the pup had them up soon afterward. They would eventually take Delilah on her first adventure – to Rural King! She did great; but she wouldn’t walk in the parking lot and had to be carried into the store. 😊 She loved seeing all the new sights and smelling all the new smells. Meanwhile at Milan, the Pirates faced Switzerland County in the first round. The team won easily and Luke faced a big guy but ended up pinning him in the first period. In the second round, we faced the host Milan team. Luke faced a guy that has one of the best records in their program’s history. They started and then stopped after like 45 seconds because the Milan wrestler hadn’t had the mandatory wait between matches. Once play resumed, Luke got in trouble for being too aggressive with his head taps…even though the other kid had done it to him twice and he was just giving it back to him. Luke would wind up being taken down and pinned in the first period. The team lost as well, unfortunately. Next, the Pirates faced Madison Consolidated. Luke came out strong and wound up pinning his opponent in the first period…and the team won as well! In the fourth round, we faced the small, five-man team from South Washington. Unfortunately, they did not have a wrestler in the 195 class, so Luke won by forfeit and the team won easily as well because of all the other forfeits. In the final round, we faced Jennings County to see who would bring home second place. Luke was up like 9-1 after 1 before pinning his opponent in the 2nd round. The team would also pull out the win to go 4-1 on the day. With Luke’s 4-1 record today also, his overall record for the season now stands at 15-14. It was a great way to build momentum as he heads to Sectionals next weekend. We came home and tried to take naps…but the dogs and kids had other ideas. Later, Mom & Sandy came over with Pickles to visit us and meet Ms. Delilah. They stayed and watched a replay of Luke’s matches on the big screen. We watched a couple DVR’d shows then got cleaned up and took Ann out for a special birthday dinner at the new steak house, here in town, called Big Sky. Abby & Gary joined us for a double date to help celebrate her 50th birthday. We had such a good time. We started with drinks and appetizers. The crab cakes and inside out potato skins were outstanding – as were the drinks, particularly One Foot in the Grave and Granite Peak Mule. The birthday girl and her daughter had steaks while I had a burger and Gary had pasta. The burger was excellent. Everyone loved their meals. To top it off, the bartender brought Ann a HUGE piece of cake that was just the perfect way to top off an A-class meal. It was still snowing when we came out. Although it snowed on and off all day, we never did get any accumulation. Meanwhile Luke went to the basketball game that evening. It was a big one as Greensburg hosted South Decatur. It was well attended – nearly capacity (5K)! Wow!! The Pirates ended up winning by 30, handing the Cougars their first loss of the year. Afterward, he and Kameron went to Batesville to hang out with some girls before hitting Steak N Shake for a late dinner and getting home late. Kam ended up spending the night with us. Dalilah had a really good day, as she continues to acclimate to her new home…while Lola & Molly are still trying to figure out if she’s just a temporary guest or a new, long term sister… We have a ton of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.01.74 smp20.01.75 smp20.01.76 smp20.01.77 smp20.01.78 smp20.01.79 smp20.01.80 smp20.01.81 smp20.01.82 smp20.01.83 smp20.01.84 smp20.01.85 smp20.01.86 smp20.01.87 smp20.01.88 smp20.01.89 smp20.01.90 smp20.01.91 smp20.01.92 smp20.01.93 smp20.01.94 smp20.01.95 smp20.01.96 smp20.01.97 smp20.01.98 smp20.01.99 smp20.01.100 smp20.01.101 smp20.01.102 smp20.01.103 smp20.01.104 smp20.01.105 smp20.01.106 smp20.01.107 smp20.01.108 smp20.01.109 smp20.01.110 smp20.01.111 smp20.01.112 smp20.01.113 smp20.01.114 smp20.01.115 smp20.01.116 smp20.01.117 smp20.01.118 smp20.01.119 smp20.01.120 smp20.01.121 smp20.01.122 smp20.01.123 smp20.01.124 smp20.01.125 smp20.01.126 smp20.01.127 smp20.01.128 smp20.01.129 smp20.01.130 smp20.01.131 smp20.01.132 smp20.01.133 smp20.01.134 smp20.01.135 smp20.01.136 smp20.01.137 smp20.01.138 smp20.01.139 smp20.01.140

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. I got up a little early due to my over-active c-pap machine going at full blast. I let the dogs out and cleaned up messes from overnight. Lola & Molly are used to our slow Sunday morning, filled with snuggles naps and low noise levels…but that is not what you get when you have a new puppy in the house! Especially one that is triple the size of our schnauzers. I did a few chores and then settled in to watch some Ancient Aliens and 1960s Star Trek with the dogs. It continued snowing overnight and we had minor accumulation by the morning, but nothing serious. Once Ann got up, we did our weekly household chores and watched some DVR’d shows. Abby went to work at Wings & Rings. That afternoon, we went to Mom & Sandy’s house where we enjoyed Gigi’s Gourmet for lunch! Afterwards, we hung around and had Ann’s 50th birthday party with cake and ice cream along with a rousing death march version of the Birthday Song. We had a big spread – I didn’t even have enough room to try everything! We had sausage balls, queso boats, mini wienies, meatballs, corn casserole, Mom’s mac & cheese, ham & cheese, olive dip, BWR bleu cheese and tons of raw veggies, deviled eggs, shrimp & cocktail sauce as well as three cakes: butter pecan with caramel icing (Annie’s favorite…it was amazing) and a pair of Pepperidge Farms cakes – a chocolate and a vanilla. And if that wasn’t enough, we even had three flavors of ice cream – chocolate, vanilla and peppermint – yum! We sat and talked and took turns uploading pictures to Gigi’s Apple TV / screen share thing and laughed and laughed at old pictures. Besides Mom & Sandy, we had Ann & I, Luke & Gary, Jamie, Dee & Grace and then Matt & Taylor joined us today as well. The kids came back to our house and Gary decided to stay for a while as well since Abby was able to find someone to work her evening shift and ended up coming home early to see Matt. The kids loved on the new puppy for a couple hours then we said goodbye to Matt & Taylor and then later Gary had to leave as well. Abby & Luke hung out with us that evening and played with the dogs while we relaxed and watched more DVR’d shows on the big screen. Delilah had much fewer whiney moments today, finding her spot in the doggy hierarchy. Lola struggled to maintain dominance with her, so it may be interesting to see how that eventually plays out. It was a relaxing way to wind down the week before we gear up and start it all over again in the morning….

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature various photo albums from our bedroom closet. We lead off with a bunch of pictures from our wedding and then some from the ensuing honeymoon – all from September, 1995; next we have a few more pictures of the kids at Christy’s house in 2002; and finally we have a sweet picture card from Daddy – Daughter Day in February 2004.

Waybac.1995.09.tawr126 Waybac.1995.09.tawr127 Waybac.1995.09.tawr128 Waybac.1995.09.tawr129 Waybac.1995.09.tawr130 Waybac.1995.09.tawr131 Waybac.1995.09.tawr132 Waybac.1995.09.tawr133 Waybac.1995.09.tah58 Waybac.1995.09.tah59 Waybac.1995.09.tah60 Waybac.1995.09.tah61 Waybac.1995.09.tah62 Waybac.2002.kach29 Waybac.2002.kach30 Waybac.2002.kach31 Waybac.2002.kach32 Waybac.2004.02.ddn01 Waybac.2004.02.ddn02 Waybac.2004.02.ddn03

There were a couple entries for the Shit that Luke Says this week…but as usual, I forgot to write them down again. ☹

And we wrap up this week’s entry with our video section, which includes one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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