…Gotta Get Outta this Place

This week was a very different one for us, as we began transitioning to a more normal lifestyle – despite all the discontent around the country. We’ve gone out to eat, visited family and hung out with friends. It felt good to get back to some normalcy after months of quarantine. The weather cooperated nicely this week as it felt like summer with temps soaring into the nineties. Matt enjoyed the week off, spending time with Taylor as she begins the job search and they begin looking for new living arrangements. They joined with their community in the protests this weekend. Abby worked fulltime at Wings & Rings and spent time with Gary this week. She had a job opportunity open up for her this week, unexpectedly. Luke worked several hours this week at Arby’s and spent time with Jessica and ran around with his buddies whenever possible. Ann had a long week of work but enjoyed spending time with friends for the first time in a while. I continued to struggle with my diet and received some bloodwork that confirmed that statement. I fell just short of my exercise goal this week, missing it by one mile as I logged fourteen miles of walking. It was good to see friends and family and catch up with everyone. It’s just unfortunate that we seem to only see each other at weddings and funerals. We said good-bye to my Uncle Chuck, who was the patriarch of the Scheu family. I hope this isn’t the start of the changing of the guard – I’m nowhere near ready for all of that to start occurring… Hello again and welcome to the latest incarnation of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work on a cool Monday morning for Ann & I. It was Annie’s first working Monday in about six weeks. It was definitely a long one for both of us – but then it wouldn’t be a Monday if wasn’t, right? While she dealt with belligerent people, mine was more busy work as I wrapped up month-end stuff and began start-of-month tasks. The boys and I tried to go to Chicago’s Pizza (we’d called last week and were told they’d be open that day). However, when we got all the way on the other side of town, we found that nothing had changed and the lunch buffet was closed indefinitely. Damn you, Corona! We ended up back at China Buffet and had a big lunch of keto-friendly foods. I walked four miles after work on a gorgeous day before picking up Ann and heading home. Abby worked the morning shift at BWR then drove up to see Gary and stay the night with his family. She called saying that Delilah had gotten out a couple times through a hole in the fence – which she had chewed. I fixed the hole when I got home and returned two dog toys to the neighbors that Delilah Jo had “borrowed” during her outing this afternoon. Ann and I enjoyed a little patio time and Around the World with French Martinis that were so good we had a few of them then ate Papa John’s pizza out there as well. It rained a little and we spoke with the folks who live behind us. They said DJ had gotten out five times yesterday and that they returned her each time. They put up a post on one end of the fence and I secured it. I secured the other end as well, where they said she was getting out. We saw her working hard to get out under the gate, so I’ll be reinforcing that tomorrow night with Luke. The neighbors said it won’t be an issue for long as they would be building a fence in the near future, which is great news. Meanwhile, Luke slept in before running around with friends and then heading into work at Arby’s. By the time he got home, Ann I were already pretty much asleep watching TV and called it a night while he stayed up late playing on his PS4. Here’s another batch of pictures from the formal dance party from a couple weekends ago at the Lowe’s.

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It was a very busy Election Day. On our way to work, we stopped at St. John’s Hall to vote in the primary election. Ann had trouble with her machine, but they got her squared away after about a five-minute delay. We noticed that two of the other machines were also having issues, so I hope that it got better for those poor workers. Next, we went to the hospital where she had her labs drawn. I drove her to work and then came in with her so I, too, could have my labs drawn that day as well (geez we’re old!). I had a fast day, aided by a big lunch. Luke & Brayden drove to Columbus to do some shopping. Abby also came over to attend a doctor’s appointment in Columbus. The boys picked me up from work and then we stopped and picked up the girls. We tried to go to Steak n Shake but their dining room was still closed so we ended up at Camilla’s. The afternoon went even quicker than the morning. At the end of the day, I was 30’ up in the air on a lift, repairing the wall in the gym and getting balls down. I walked a 5K on a really hot day before picking up Annie and heading home. I dropped her off at BWR for a girls’ night out while I went on to Walmart to grab some supplies. When I got home, Abs helped me unload and then we took a drink & snack to Gigi as she was broadcasting the election results. This year was weird because of the COVID outbreak and she had to broadcast from the radio station since the courthouse was still closed down. After we finished at WTRE, Abs went up to Megan’s house where they met up with Brittany and went on up to Indy to play Top Golf that night. She said they tried to go to a couple places afterward but were closed due to the recent riots up there (and across the country after that guy was accidentally killed by police officer in MN). Luke stayed out most of the night with his buddies and came home late. Meanwhile, I fixed the fence again (Delilah got out again – for the 3rd day in a row). I met the neighbors out back and their neighbors (since she keeps getting out to go see them!). The guy behind us (Jeremy) said he is putting up a new vinyl fence next month, which is awesome news. The other neighbors (Daniel & Abby) were equally nice and very understanding of our situation. I had Luke get out the chain and put Delilah on it this afternoon until I could get the fence shored-up. Ann is also getting a correction collar for us to use to keep her from destroying things (she ate a very nice extension cord this weekend, tore-up cushions and constantly chews on shoes, etc.), digging in the yard, messing with Molly and exploiting fence vulnerabilities and getting out. I worked on Uncle Chuck’s funeral video all night and waited up for Abs to get home before trying to grab a couple hours of shut eye before our big day tomorrow… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.06.01 sis20.06.02 sis20.06.03 sis20.06.04 sis20.06.05 sis20.06.06 sis20.06.07 sis20.06.08 sis20.06.09 sis20.06.10 sis20.06.11 sis20.06.12 sis20.06.13 sis20.06.14 sis20.06.15 sis20.06.16 sis20.06.17 sis20.06.18 sis20.06.19 sis20.06.20 smp20.06.53 sis20.06.21 sis20.06.22 sis20.06.23 sis20.06.24 sis20.06.25 sis20.06.26 sis20.06.27 sis20.06.28 sis20.06.29 sis20.06.30 sis20.06.31 sis20.06.32 sis20.06.33 sis20.06.34 sis20.06.35 sis20.06.36 sis20.06.37 sis20.06.38 sis20.06.39 sis20.06.40 sis20.06.41 sis20.06.42 sis20.06.43 sis20.06.44 sis20.06.45 sis20.06.46 sis20.06.47 sis20.06.48 sis20.06.49 sis20.06.50 sis20.06.51 sis20.06.52 sis20.06.53

Wednesday was a hot one – running the thermometer all the way up into the nineties. It was another busy day for both Annie and I. While she dealt with staffing issues and the sort, I was busy being pulled in multiple directions. I was able to squeak in a little under two miles in a half hour before I picked up Ms. Ann and headed back home. We left early in hopes that we would be going up to Indy to see Aunt Sue and my cousins. However, after talking with Cathy and the others that day, we felt it would be safer to avoid the area – what with all the curfews and violence that has occurred due to all the protests up there. Because of that unknown, we grudgingly opted to not visit that evening. But what to do with all the extra time? After Mom & Sandy visited for a little bit, we decided to still get together with the kids – sans Luke who had to work. We decided to meet Matt up in Shelbyville at a place we’ve grown fond of, called Pudder’s. Abs was our designated driver that evening (thanks, Bu!) so we could have a few Quaff On! Six-Foot Blonde ales. We enjoyed their homemade chips and cheese and then I got their Wild Burger, which consisted of 25% of each: bison, elk, wild boar and Wygau beef. It was delicious. I got mine with no bun so I could feel less guilty about the hand-battered onion rings I got to go with it! We visited for over an hour and then said our good-byes and came back to the house. We enjoyed some patio time, adding a couple new drinks to our repertoire. First up, we made Lemon Drops that went down very easy. We would’ve made another round but ran out of materials. Instead, we moved on to a raspberry Gin Rickey that was very interesting. We came in afterwards because we were starting to get bug bites. We may have to look at getting some of that stuff spread in our lawn to keep those darn skeeters away. When we came in, Ann napped while Abs and I watched the new Rick & Morty. It was the final episode of the current season (4). We then began binge-watching season 2 until we fell asleep. Luke came home from work and said he’d had a good day then disappeared into the other room to play PS4.

When we drove into work on Thursday morning, it appeared that we had some rain overnight as everything was wet and there were puddles – but I never heard anything at all, sleeping like a log. I don’t know if I even moved… I sleep so well with the air on. Ann & I both had long days again. I facilitated a regulatory visit with the state today that lasted most of my day. I was able to do a few other things around the office and button everything up before the weekend. I walked three miles in the heat after work. My phone said it was 94 degrees when I got done, but it was warmer out there on that asphalt. We ran a couple errands and then came home to relax for a bit. Luke was at work when we got home. Abs, on the other hand, enjoyed her day off doing nothing. We had Moscow Mules on the porch, despite the nasty humidity. We weren’t out long and soon we came in and had Fireworks popcorn for dinner. We chilled in the A/C the rest of the night. We both got our lab results that day. Ann’s numbers looked great…mine on the other hand – not so great. Not sure what it means for me, but I’m sure my docs wont’ be very happy with them… Here are some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.06.01 hwc20.06.02 hwc20.06.03 hwc20.06.04 hwc20.06.05 hwc20.06.06 hwc20.06.07 hwc20.06.08 hwc20.06.09 hwc20.06.10 hwc20.06.11

Despite being off on Friday, we were up early to head up to Fishers for Uncle Goon’s funeral. Luke drove us up in the Hot Rod Lincoln and did really well on the interstate. We met Matt & Taylor at the funeral home, which was very pretty. A large chunk of the family was able to make, but not everyone. We had Aunt Sue, Vicki, Daniel & Kels, Seth & Hannah (via Zoom in Hawaii, up on the monitor), Billy & Blancha, Jackie & Jace; Cindy, Cathy & Tom; Dad, Barb & the six of us; Barney, Steph, Nick & Connor; Sally & Scottie, Chris, Tricia, Jack & Joey, Jason, Erica, Tyson, Kyleigh & the twins; and Mary. Per Cathy’s request, most of the guys dressed like Uncle Chuck – golf shirt, shorts and white socks pulled up. It was pretty cool. Seth, Scotty, Chris & Tricia, Cathy, a couple of Chuck’s co-workers as well as Cindy all got up and spoke. It was very touching and the format was one that Ann & I both thought we’d like to mimic when our time comes. We followed Dad & Barb out to Chuck & Cindy’s house for a Celebration of Life. Most of the family came out for that but some had to drop off. The most glaring omission that day was obviously John & June. Sadly, John is dealing with some serious medical issues but we’re hoping for the best. I sat at Chuck’s bar with Dad for most of the afternoon and enjoyed a few Bloody Mary’s. At one point, Cathy served up about 40 shots of Glenlivet scotch – Uncle Goon’s drink of choice – and we all did a toast to him. Although it was a sad time for all of us, I did enjoy catching up with everyone – especially Aunt Mary and my cousins Jackie & Chris. Eventually, we had to say goodbye and head back home. As we were leaving, I was upstairs talking with Vicki, Chris, Sally & Mary when Abby came running up to catch Dad & Barb as they left. She made some comments that she typically does and we all looked at each other, laughing. We were wall thinking the same thing – we had a new Witch in the family! For decades, Aunt Sally had the nickname of Witch and Mary was Little Witch. We determined that Abby, being in the same vein as those two, should have the moniker Baby Witch! LOL 😊 When we got back home, we all took naps until Gary came over for the weekend to see Gale. Luke went out with friends for a while that evening. Ann ordered pizzas and we had some patio time – well we tried but it was just too stinkin’ warm outside, so we stayed in for some living room time and enjoyed a new cocktail called a Deep Blue Sea Martini. We ended up watching a movie that evening called Gemini Man with Will Smith until late. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.06.01 smp20.06.02 smp20.06.03 smp20.06.04 smp20.06.05 smp20.06.06 smp20.06.07 smp20.06.08 smp20.06.09 smp20.06.10 smp20.06.11 smp20.06.12 smp20.06.13 smp20.06.14 smp20.06.15 smp20.06.16 smp20.06.17 smp20.06.18 smp20.06.19 smp20.06.20 smp20.06.21 smp20.06.22 smp20.06.23 smp20.06.24 smp20.06.25 smp20.06.26 smp20.06.27 smp20.06.28 smp20.06.29 smp20.06.30 smp20.06.31 smp20.06.32 smp20.06.33 smp20.06.34 smp20.06.35 smp20.06.36 smp20.06.37 smp20.06.38 smp20.06.39 smp20.06.40 smp20.06.41 smp20.06.42 smp20.06.43 smp20.06.44 smp20.06.45 smp20.06.46 smp20.06.47 smp20.06.48 smp20.06.49 smp20.06.50 smp20.06.51 smp20.06.52 smp20.06.54 smp20.06.55 smp20.06.56 smp20.06.57 smp20.06.58 smp20.06.59 smp20.06.60 smp20.06.61 smp20.06.62 smp20.06.63 smp20.06.64 smp20.06.65 smp20.06.66 smp20.06.68 smp20.06.69 smp20.06.70

The girls were up early on Saturday morning and headed to St. Paul for our weekly order of goodies from Wildflour bakery. I got up and checked fluids in all the vehicles before mowing our yard while Luke slept in. I stopped midway so that Ann & I could hop into Betty White and head to Milford to pickup furniture for Matt & Taylor. When they move out of their apartment this year into a new place, they won’t have much furniture. So, Ann bought a group of tables from her scrapbooking friend, Lynn. We stored them in the garage until they’re ready for them. I finished mowing and trimming, despite the weed eater not running well. I’ll have to see if Victor can look at it for me. Luke was at work when we got home, so I went to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow. I tried to run the trimmer, but it wouldn’t even spin the head so I turned it off and just blew off the sidewalks. I went inside and talked with the girls for a while and munched on some of her homemade mac and cheese and had a cold glass of iced tea. Mom said Matt & Taylor were headed into Indy to join a sit-in peaceful protest. His Aunt Sue would be proud of him! When I got home and put everything away, I got cleaned-up and then ran a few errands, including going to Walmart with Gale & Gary. After work, Luke went to Columbus with Brayden for a cookout and to go swimming. Meanwhile, the rest of us changed clothes and headed out to the Lowe’s for Eric’s high school graduation party. Bryan and his band Nothin’ Fancy played the party and sounded really good. Alan & Kristy had a big spread of food and drinks. We enjoyed a few adult beverages and talked with our friends that we haven’t been able to just hang out with since the whole quarantine thing began. There was a good crowd on-hand despite the pandemic. I think many folks are just ready to be done with all of the precautions. Gale & Gary caught a ride home with Drew so they could spend time with Megan. We stayed for another couple hours later before heading home. We enjoyed some porch time to wind things down that evening. We tried a new cocktail called a Root Beer Rum Cream. It was a little too much like a dessert for my tastes but was still pretty good. The weather couldn’t have been better that night and was a perfect way to wrap up another busy day. When everyone else went to bed, I stayed up to watch a few episodes of SVU and write out the html code for this week’s blog entry.

We enjoyed sleeping in on a lovely Sunday morning. Although Molly still had her nightly accidents, they weren’t as bad as they had been this week. We slowly got up and got around to our weekly household chores. We took it easy that morning, watching racing all day. Early that afternoon, we went to Julia’s graduation party out at the same place we held Abby’s – Highpoint Orchard. It is now owned by Abby & Ann’s friend, Kuyhlia. We enjoyed chatting with Christy and Jimmy as well as a few others while eating some good food and had a couple beers. We couldn’t stay long, as Abby had to work that afternoon so we wished Julia well luck at IU in the fall and headed out. Abs got ready and went to work and Garrett went home. Luke worked at Arby’s until late that night, as did Abby at Wings. Ann & I napped and binge-watched a few more of the Jeffrey Epstein biopic on Netflix called Dirty Money. That evening, Delilah tore up an extension cord that laid along the fence line on the neighbor’s side. She had dug it out a couple times and I’d put it back but that night, she got it again and bit through it, ripping it in half. We’ll have to take it to them tomorrow and buy them a new one. We fitted her for the training collar Ann bought for her. We will begin training her next week because these behaviors have to stop. Ann read about a new city ordinance that just went into effect – no fireworks can be shot off until a week before the 4th of July. They can be shot off for another week or so but that outside of those dates, none can be shot-off or they’ll fine you. Sure enough, about an hour later, someone began shooting off some big ones and Molly became glued to my hop and Delilah snuggled up with Ann for a couple hours, petrified of the loud booms and noises. Lola, of course, was jumping and barking – wanting to go catch them! We waited up for the kids to get home before heading to bed and calling it a week.

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature a large batch from Deanna & Chad years ago. This entry has digital pictures from 2003. We lead off in June with a visit to Gma & Gigi’s house and then Luke’s birth; next we have July with 4th of July festivities, Gigi’s birthday and then another visit to Mom & Sandy’s house; in October we have Halloween at Mom & Sandy’s house; November has Danny’s 50th bday and then more Thanxmas pix and finally, in December we have Christmas Eve at our home.

Waybac.2003.06.ggh08 Waybac.2003.06.lbd08 Waybac.2003.07.foj30 Waybac.2003.07.foj31 Waybac.2003.07.foj32 Waybac.2003.07.foj33 Waybac.2003.07.foj34 Waybac.2003.07.foj35 Waybac.2003.07.foj36 Waybac.2003.07.foj37 Waybac.2003.07.gbd07 Waybac.2003.07.gbd08 Waybac.2003.07.sic04 Waybac.2003.10.tot05 Waybac.2003.11.dbdp04 Waybac.2003.11.txm18 Waybac.2003.11.txm19 Waybac.2003.12.bcd01 Waybac.2003.12.oce08 Waybac.2003.12.oce09 lp20.06.01

We wrap up this week’s blog entry with our video segment, which features one new family movie as well as Matt’s video that we uploaded for his team when we shaved his head and several from around the internet. I don’t think you will be able to see the Uncle Chuck memorial video I created, due to being banned by YouTube due to copyright claims by record companies. If interested, it can be found here: https://scheumann.us/Uncle_Goon2.mp4 .

Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom…and Uncle Goon.
Later, Scheu

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