…Out there on The Back Porch, Drinking Beer with Dad

We’ve had a really good week, here at the Scheu abode. Summer is upon us – the temps are hot; the sun is a constant visitor and we’re searching for reasons to get in the water. We enjoyed seeing all the kids again this week. Matt got lined up for a couple part time summer jobs and has been searching for a new apartment for he and Taylor. Abby continued working fulltime and trying to find time to spend with friends and Garrett. Luke continued working part time and enjoyed spending time with his friends as much as possible. Ann and I continued working through the pandemic, thankful to have jobs. Like most employers, the first half of the year was a rough one and now are scrambling to cut costs in order to stay viable in today’s market. We just hope that doesn’t include our positions! I managed to lose five more pounds this week as I did much better with my diet – well during the work week. The weekend was just so-so…plus I only managed ten miles of exercise this week, falling well short of my fifteen-mile walking goal. The Coronavirus was still everywhere on the news and continued to impact our daily lives. The riots seem to have settled down, thankfully but the world sure has changed a lot in 2020… Hello again; and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work on Monday, but we sure didn’t wanna… Abby was still not feeling well, so she set up a doctor appointment for that afternoon. Ann & I drove into Columbus on a lovely, sunny morning. It was picture-perfect. We both had fast days, catching up from being away from the offices on Friday. Justin & I started a weight-loss competition, though I think he got the best of me that day. Luke called me in the early afternoon and said he was bringing Abs to Columbus for her appointment because she was still not feeling good. However, he had to work 2nd shift and needed me to run her to the actual appointment. So, he dropped her off and I forewent my exercise routine to drive Ms. Daisy. It was kind of neat the way they did it. There was a sign in the parking lot explaining everything and so you sat in your car and called them. When a room opened up, they came to get you. It was all very socially distant and safe. We weren’t sure if she had COVID-19 or what, but as it turned out it was just plain old strep throat. She hadn’t eaten, so we ran through the DQ drive through, waiting in line for 30 minutes – I shit you not. We were 16th in line when we pulled up and quickly, the line backed-up behind us – all the way out to the road! It was an ideal summer afternoon, honestly. We picked-up Annie and headed on home, stopping to get her meds while Bu slept the whole way home (poor thing). She came in, took her meds and went to bed for the night. I got up on the roof and repaired the shingle that had blown up during the high winds last week. Matt was the one who noticed it while we were playing cornhole this weekend (so thanks, pal!). Delilah and I played for a little while in the backyard before coming in to cool down. We still had the house open and just utilized a couple fans to move the air. We started a new series that evening called Homecoming on Prime Video. It was just OK and I think I slept through more than half of it. You know its bad when your wife takes the remote and you don’t even realize it! I went to bed just before Luke came home from Arby’s and Ann wasn’t far behind me. I think I slept about ten hours, still trying to catch up on the slumber I missed this past weekend. It’s hard keeping up with those kids!! Here are random photos from our recent adventures.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that Molly hadn’t made any accidents overnight for the first time in a long time on Tuesday morning. I listened to the Grace Potter weekly podcast called the Monday Night Twilight Hour. I’ve really enjoyed watching these each week. She’s not the only one doing this type of thing – a few of my favorite artists are trying to find a way to create art while not touring this summer. When we headed into work, in was only in the lower 60s but that was warmer than the upper 50s yesterday. Annie & I both had a long days at work but mine was pretty uneventful – just steady. I finally got out and did some walking for the first time in several days, logging just under three miles on a hot afternoon in the mid-80s. We stopped at the store on our way through town and Ann made snacky stuff to take with her tomorrow for her pitch-in at work for Amy’s last day. Abby stayed home, sick in bed. By the time we got home, she was starting to get a little more energy. She joined us eventually in the living room to watch some TV and then we played Mario Kart on the big screen with Matt on the Switch. Meanwhile, Luke had the day off from work and spent the day cruising around the state with Drayden, going shopping, chasing after a stray dog and ended up staying the night over at Shack’s.

I slept like a rock again and had trouble getting my butt out of bed on Wednesday. It was another gorgeous morning for our commute into work. When I dropped Ann off and came to work, the line to the BMV was still around the corner. It was that way all day yesterday too. The BMV had been closed for so long and must’ve finally opened this week. Ann & I had haircuts with Jami in the middle of the day, which helped split up the day pretty nicely. I worked on different projects that afternoon before walking about 3 miles on a hot afternoon. Abby was feeling better. Her temp was finally back to normal and she even cleaned the house and did laundry for us! When we got home, Abby drove us out to ElRep for dinner, which included margaritas and tacos. We came home and took it easy, relaxing in the A/C. When Ann fell asleep, I finished watching season 3 of Stranger Things. Luke worked at Arby’s that evening and came home just as we were heading to bed that night. Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.06.24 hwc20.06.25 hwc20.06.26 hwc20.06.27 hwc20.06.28 hwc20.06.29 hwc20.06.30 hwc20.06.31 hwc20.06.32 hwc20.06.33 hwc20.06.34 hwc20.06.35

I think I pressed snooze like six times on Thursday morning, not wanting to get my arse out of the sack. It was another hot, sunny summer day. I had a long day of working on projects, making baby steps here and there. Ann took a big pot of vegetable soup into work to share with her girls to enjoy that day. She had another good day as she focuses on interviews and trying to fill at least one of her open positions. You know, with the unemployment rate so high you’d think that folks would be beating down the door to work. However, our work is down about a dozen positions right now, throughout the entire facility. I am still trying to hire two cooks for my kitchen. I got out of work late again that afternoon, which has become the norm here lately. I only managed to walk like two and a half miles after work that afternoon. When I picked up Ann, we waited for Luke & Drayden to come by so they could talk to us. Luke surprised us by driving Dray’s Malibu. They had gone to the local pawn shop to sell some of his money that Grandpa Scheu gave him the last few Christmases. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested and referred him to Tom’s Coin Shop in Franklin. Abby returned to work at BWR that evening. Luke worked the morning shift for a few hours at Arby’s then had the rest of the day off to run around with Shack. They stopped by for a while and gave me a new hat for Father’s Day. We had a clean-out-the-fridge night and binge-watched the new Ashton Kutcher / Sam Elliott comedy on Netflix called The Ranch. I went on to bed and Ann stayed up for the kids. Abs got home late after going to Kristen’s house after work that night.

The girls were up early on Friday morning to run to Dunkin for coffee then Bu dropped Ann off at the downtown office. She came home and slowly got cleaned up before heading into work at BWR. Luke slept in till mid-morning then went into work at Arby’s. I got up just before the gals left and slowly got around to doing my outside chores. I checked fluids in all the vehicles then mowed and trimmed the house before Ann called, saying she was ready to be picked-up. We got the car washed at Davis & Daughters and was surprised to find Drew working there! He said his last boss at Mesco was a real ass! 😊 LOL! We ate lunch out at Wings with Abby as our server. It was really busy so we didn’t get to spend much time with her. We came home and Annie took a nap while I loaded up Betty White and headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow. I went inside and chatted with Gma for a while afterward to cool down. Dee came over to hang out as well before I headed back home to get everything put away and clean up. I hung out with the dogs and waited on Abs to get off work. Once she got cleaned up, we went to Walmart to get supplies for tomorrow’s outing. That evening, we decided to make frozen blackberry margaritas. We didn’t have enough Cabo Wabo, so we decided to get a bottle of Petron from the liquor store. As we were leaving, Gary pulled up so we hopped in his car and made him drive us. We also found a bottle of Urban Vines Cotton Candy wine that we’d been looking for since winter. We enjoyed a couple pitchers of margs along with some quality patio time and a small fire for a few hours before turning in early so that we could get out of bed on time at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.06.112 smp20.06.113 smp20.06.114 smp20.06.115 smp20.06.116 smp20.06.117 smp20.06.118 smp20.06.119 smp20.06.120 smp20.06.121 smp20.06.122 smp20.06.123 smp20.06.124 smp20.06.125 smp20.06.126 smp20.06.127 smp20.06.128 smp20.06.129 smp20.06.130 smp20.06.131 smp20.06.132 smp20.06.133 smp20.06.134 smp20.06.135 smp20.06.136 smp20.06.137 smp20.06.138 smp20.06.139 smp20.06.140 smp20.06.141 smp20.06.142 smp20.06.143 smp20.06.144 smp20.06.145

The summer solstice came way too early on the longest day of the year. The girls drove to St. Paul to visit Wildflour Bakery and bring home a wonderful spread for breakfast. Once they got home, we loaded up Tonya and headed over to Taylorsville to go canoeing at Blue’s Canoe Livery. Abby & Gary joined me along with Luke & Drayden, who spent the night last night. We drove separately so the boys could go their own way afterward, since they had plans to go play airsoft at Spec-Ops in Franklin. We got over there at a decent time, which even surprised me. We signed our waivers and went up to the desk to pay when they asked if we had made a reservation, which we had not… So, they said they were completely booked and they were sorry but we could come back tomorrow. We were bummed and stood in the parking lot for about a half hour trying to figure out what the hell we were gonna do now and how I could’ve made such a rookie mistake; I was very disappointed in myself. We called around but everything was either booked solid or closed…and it was all due to the damn COVID-19 rules. Luke & Dray went on to Franklin early and played airsoft all day in the heat & humidity. It was easily in the 90s that day – the sun was so hot. Meanwhile, Abs, Gary & I went around the corner to the huge indoor flea market next to the outlet mall. Abs looked for a liquor cabinet while I did a little Hot Wheels hunting. Although she wasn’t successful, I found a few new treasures for my collection. Afterward, we decided to drive to St. Paul and go to the old rock quarry called White Rock Park where we went cliff diving for a couple hours. The three of us started on the 10’ cliff first. It sure felt like it was more than 10’!! Next, the three of us worked up the nerve to jump off the 20’ cliff. It was a freaky and wow…what a rush! My legs nearly buckled at the edge and I got that sinking feeling in my gut – but I just kept going and forced myself to jump! I’m glad I did; it was really cool!! We took a break for a while to get rehydrated and then I took some pictures and video of the kids jumping off the 10’ and 20’ cliffs again. Next, Gale & Gary jumped off the 30’ cliff! I was impressed with Abby’s courage – she took it like a champ. I’m not sure if I could do it or not! The kids walked over to the 40’ cliff afterward but I relegated myself to just taking pix and vids. Although Gary jumped off it a couple times, Bu decided to sit it out – and to be honest, I was OK with her NOT jumping off that big-ass cliff. We walked around a little before heading back to the car to get a drink and a snack and decided we’d had enough so we took off for home. On our way out, we noticed that the entry gate was closed. Behind it, there was a line that was – no shit – a mile long and about 80 cars in length. They just kept going and going; we couldn’t believe it! They were waiting for patrons to leave the park so that they could enter due to the pandemic rules. There’s no way most of those people were getting into the park that day. We got cleaned up and relaxed for a few. While Gary slept and Ann watched an SVU marathon, Abby went with me out to the city park and we played the new 9-hole frisbee golf course! I don’t think it’s quite finished because there was no clear indications of how the course is actually laid out, so we took our best guess and had fun with it anyway. I assume it’s a par 27. With that parameter, I was 5 under and Abs was 6 over par. We saw Luke & Dray drive through the park. They stopped to talk to us for a bit then Luke took Dray house and then came on home. After Abby gave me the wonderful Father’s Day gift of playing my first frisbee golf game with baskets, she surprised us with another by buying us dinner from Tarouya! It was very nice and the food was great as always. We were hoping to go eat there but they were still closed, allowing only takeout (due to Corona). After dinner, the kids retreated to their rooms and Ann & I continued watching the SVU marathon on Ion and chilling in the A/C with the pooches. I was so sore that evening! Delilah loved catching lightning bugs again that night. We laughed and laughed at her last night when we were on the patio. She was quite entertaining! Abby & Garrett went to hang out with Megan for a while that night. Later, Matt & Taylor came home to stay the night. We visited with them for a while and when Abby came home, they got Luke up and surprised me with an early Father’s Day celebration. I guess technically, it was an hour into Father’s Day, so it counts! I loved my new rear (surround) speakers for our soundbar and the cool bar stuff to help us with our mixology quest! Because the Family Room is currently full of Matt’s furniture for his apartment, we blew up the air mattress and had the kids sleep in the living room – which the dogs loved! We talked for a while and were thrilled to hear about Taylor’s new job with Dick’s as well as Matt’s two summer jobs. It reminded Ann & I of when we were just starting out after college and were each working two jobs for a while. They put in a bid for an apartment in Carmel as well, which is very cool! They should know more on Monday, so next weekend may be another busy one for us if they decide to move…

We enjoyed sleeping in on Father’s Day. We got around to our weekly household chores and cleaned up the house that morning. Abby took Ann to the store before she went into work at Wings & Rings all day and night. Ann made us biscuits & gravy for breakfast that really hit the spot. Gary took off to go spend the day with his folks and we sat and talked with Matt & Taylor and watched a movie on the big screen. The kids chose It: Chapter Two. I think we all may have napped for a wink or two during it. We paused it when we got hungry and Ann made a big dinner for us. We had cheeseburgers, roasted red potatoes and cheesy broccoli – yum! I really enjoyed spending time out on the back porch with Matt, drinking a couple beers and cooking burgers in the rain. After the movie, we said goodbye to Matt & Taylor and kicked back to watch another SVU marathon. That evening, I got tired of waiting on Abby and finally got caught up on all the new Simpsons episodes on the DVR. I called my Dads to wish them both a happy Father’s Day. It was a nice, relaxing day – the only thing that would’ve made it better would’ve been to have the Talladega race NOT be rained-out today (or to have any sport on TV at this point!). But having it be an overcast, stormy afternoon and evening only made it easier to plop on the couch and nap as we wound down the day and called it a week…

Next up is our Waybac section, which features pix from a couple different sources – including a some from the 1990s that Aunt Sally gave Dad at Uncle Chuck’s funeral a couple weeks ago as well as several from Dee-Dee’s stash she gave us a decade ago. We lead off in the nineties – first Jason & Erica’s wedding in June of ’95; Ann & I hearing wedding bells a few months later in September ’95; Dad with Matt & I at the Scheu family Christmas party in Lafayette in December of ’96 & ‘97; then we move on to 2003 – in June, we see Gracie in Westport; in July we have the 4th of July fun, Gigi’s birthday and Slushy hanging out in Gigi’s stereo cabinet; in October, we see Matt trick-or-treating at Gigi & Memaw’s; in November we have Mom O’s birthday and Thanxmas; and in December, there’s Christmas Eve at our house.

Waybac.1995.06.jaw01 Waybac.1995.06.jaw02 Waybac.1995.09.tawasp01 Waybac.1995.09.tawasp02 Waybac.1996.12.damsfcasp01 Waybac.1997.12.dmatsfcasp01 Waybac.2003.06.ggh10 Waybac.2003.07.foj46 Waybac.2003.07.foj47 Waybac.2003.07.foj48 Waybac.2003.07.foj49 Waybac.2003.07.foj50 Waybac.2003.07.foj51 Waybac.2003.07.gbd10 Waybac.2003.07.gbd11 Waybac.2003.07.sic06 Waybac.2003.10.tot06 Waybac.2003.11.maobd03 Waybac.2003.11.txm23 Waybac.2003.11.txm24 Waybac.2003.11.txm25 Waybac.2003.11.txm26 Waybac.2003.12.oce12 Waybac.2003.12.oce13 hwc20.06.03

From time to time we get some whoppers from our wordsmith that is our third child. We like to call this portion of the blog, The Shit that Luke Says. He used to spew pure gold for many years. Although it occurs more infrequently nowadays, he still has some good ones. The main problem is that I forget to write them down and most of them are forgotten and lost to time. This week, we were sitting in the living room and I happened to be jotting something down for this week’ entry when I captured this nugget. So, we were talking about his nut allergy and he was all worked up about something and said he would love to try eating a pistachio – except that he couldn’t pronounce it correctly. I don’t remember exactly how he said it that made us chuckle. But it was his quip afterward that had us rolling. When we corrected his pronunciation, he quipped, “Well I’m German so it’s hard for me to say some English words.” 😊 What????

And finally, we have our video segment which features one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

OK: that does it for this week’s entry. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and be safe out there in the pandemic. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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