I Know, for Me it is like…Coming Home

We’ve had another good week, here at the old Scheu homestead. Matt had his last full week of teaching class and is excited to start a new chapter in his life next week. He had his wrestling banquet this weekend and is counting down the days until his next knee surgery. Abby finished up Finals Week and with it, her junior year is also over. That’s right – we have another college senior now, it’s official! Initial indications are that she did really well on her final exams and should make the A/B Honor Roll again! Luke continued to work hard in his weight training and nutrition regimen. He is looking great – too bad he didn’t feel 100% this week. Still, it didn’t stop him from going to school (his last full week!), work and out with friends. We were thrilled when he reached one of his lifting goals – a new squat max! Ann and I had fast weeks at work, keeping busy and trying to stay cool as the temps began to soar this week. After FINALLY meeting my exercise goal last week, I fell short again this week with about 12 miles of walking. However, if you count Abby’s Move Out day when I loaded the van from her second-floor dorm room, I’d bet I was a lot closer… I just realized as I was writing this today – I didn’t get to play any frisbee golf this week. What a bummer – that’s something I will be working on next week for sure! Through the week, I dropped about five pounds, but after a great weekend I’d say I probably gained all that back. Along with the heat this week came the humidity that always plagues this part of the country. As the days got hotter and hotter this week, we were greeted with more and more cicadas. It’s weird though; usually the sounds of them mean late summer so it was a little discerning that they were already starting their thing in May. I wonder if that means they will be especially plentiful and loud this summer?! Abs has got a lot going for her right now. She received a couple leads on an internship, which she needs to graduate. She also had a couple job offers this week and has accepted one, which she will start next week and see how it goes. Things are moving right along for the fam…and although we’re so very proud of all three kids, we can’t help but feel a little old right now with how much all of them have grown up in the last few weeks. Hello again and welcome to the latest version of the Scheu Family Blog.

No one wanted to get up on Monday morning. I know I pressed snooze like 4 times and Luke was still in bed when Ann & I left for work. He went on to school but came home early due to not feeling well again. We figured he had a test or something – LOL! Black Betty was having a senior moment as she struggled to take us to Columbus. She is still having a cylinder misfire due to a clogged injector again. It usually takes about a tank of gas with deep cleaner before she comes out of it. It rained the whole way to work after coming down pretty good overnight. We were nearly late due to taking a detour in Newbern because the road was closed in order to fight a horrible house fire – how awful… We both had long days at work. The boys and I ate lunch at Kroger’s and then I bought a couple cases of the black cherry Ice drinks. I can’t find them anywhere so I bought everything they had in the store. We looked at the liquor aisle and only found a few bottles of wine for Justin’s wife. I began a couple projects at work that afternoon and then walked a 5K outside on a very nice afternoon. Ann made parmesan-encrusted chicken with some cheesy broccoli and fresh corn off the cob for dinner – yum! Luke tried on an outfit he will wear for a photo shoot next weekend for the gal who is doing his senior pictures. Luke is one of her spokespersons for next year, which is pretty cool. He retreated to his room after dinner and went to bed. Hopefully, he got caught up on his sleep today. We settled in and chilled with the dogs, watching several DVR’d shows that evening. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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It had obviously rained again overnight but gradually cleared during our morning commute into work. We had fast days at work. Justin & I held another new hire orientation class that day and then Ann and I had haircuts that afternoon with Ms. Jami. I was hoping we could just go home afterwards, but no; Annie had to go back… 😊 I got caught up on my paperwork and tried to make some progress on my new projects but kept hitting brick walls at every turn, it seemed. I did manage to get out on time and walked another 5K on a warm but muggy afternoon. When we got home, Luke was still there. He had a fast day at school and then went to football workouts. He and I began pulling out stuff from the garage, shed and driveway to put out for the annual Big Trash Day tomorrow. The pickers were everywhere that night! I’d say there were at least two dozen trucks milling around the neighborhood just during the hour or two we were outside that evening. After dragging everything out to the curb, we turned our attention to putting in the air conditioning in our bedroom. We wanted to get it in early before it really heats up this week. Ann said the heat and humidity was really going to hit us after this current weather front moves through. It looked like it would storm all afternoon / evening, but it never did and in fact, there was a decent breeze as we finished up that evening. Luke had Brayden over that evening and the boys were such a big help. There’s now way I could’ve done this alone tonight. As a thank you, we bought the boys dinner from their choice of take out. I think we got off pretty easy when they chose Arby’s. 😊 Afterward, they went over to Brayden’s Aunt’s and helped her by carrying out a bunch of stuff from her basement to the street. We watched a couple TV shows and fell asleep with the dogs in the living room…

It was noticeably warmer on Wednesday morning as we headed into work. Although it looked like it was going to rain early on, it cleared up and turned out to be the warmest day of the year so far. The boys and I took Michelle out for lunch at Snappy Tomato for a long lunch. It was a fast day for me and a long one for Ms. Ann. Although she couldn’t go into too many details, she had a couple good stories during the ride home. Black Betty still struggled that day but she got us there and back and the A/C worked – so it’s all good. We filled her up with premium that night and spent like $70 on gas – yikes! We stopped by Walmart real quick on our way home to pickup a few more storage totes for Abby and when we got home, I cleaned out the van, removing the benches and the bag chairs that were stored in the back. It should make for a nice moving van tomorrow to move Abs home from FC. It sure was hot when we got home. The house was decently cool in comparison to the outside, but sure smelled like dogs. I was hoping to get out and play a round of frisbee golf that evening, but that wasn’t in the cards for me. As the temps are only supposed to go up and stay up from here, Ann helped me install the A/C in the family room. It was pretty yucky from last year and so as I installed and insulated it, she took it apart and cleaned it up so well that it looked like a new fixture when we were done. Delilah will sure be thankful tomorrow. As we finished up, I received a DM from Mindi (one of my Timm cousins). She had sad news to deliver – Trudi’s husband (Homer) had passed away that morning. Homey was always very kind to me – the misfit boy in a band of six girls in that family! 😊 We talked back and forth for a bit then I called Dad and Rob to pass along the news. Rob and Sharon had a good Week 19. Turns out that our old room (405) may be coming back on the market. Ann and I talked and we would be very interested in buying it, so Rob urged me to reach out to the manager to let her know that we would like it if it ever became available. I plan to do that next week if I can find time and remember to do it. Dad & Lynn are in Florida as well. They made it over to the Sand Pebble for a few days to stay with Robby. Dad is having that same procedure he had a few years ago where they shock his heart back into its proper rhythm. Lynn said she would keep us updated, re: his progress. Luke had a good day at school then went to football workouts. That evening, he went to ElRep for dinner with friends and didn’t have a whole lot to say that night except that he was hot and tired. So, he showered and went on to bed. Ann and I were sweaty and tired after working around the house. She didn’t feel like cooking and it was too late to order delivery, so we just had a find-your-own dinner and watched some DVR’d shows before falling asleep with the dogs in the living room again. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.05.267 smp21.05.268 smp21.05.269 smp21.05.270 smp21.05.271 smp21.05.272 smp21.05.273 smp21.05.274 smp21.05.275 smp21.05.276 smp21.05.277 smp21.05.278 smp21.05.279 smp21.05.280 smp21.05.281 smp21.05.282 smp21.05.283 smp21.05.284 smp21.05.285 smp21.05.286 smp21.05.287 smp21.05.288 smp21.05.289 smp21.05.290 smp21.05.291 smp21.05.292 smp21.05.293 smp21.05.294 smp21.05.295 smp21.05.296 smp21.05.297 smp21.05.298 smp21.05.299 smp21.05.300 smp21.05.301 smp21.05.302 smp21.05.303 smp21.05.304 smp21.05.305 smp21.05.262 smp21.05.306 smp21.05.307 smp21.05.312 smp21.05.309 smp21.05.310 smp21.05.311

To say that Thursday was a busy day would be an understatement. To top it off, there were near-record highs that day. Ann & I had busy days. The boys and I grabbed a quick lunch at Five Guys and then we had our monthly marathon meetings that afternoon. Ann had an even faster day, working only a few hours. Abby came down to Columbus about mid-morning and received her second COVID shot! Afterward, she picked up Annie and they went up to FC to pack up her room. Once I finished up at work, I dipped out early and headed up to Franklin in Barney. By the time I got there, the gals had eaten lunch at Main & Madison Café and had the majority of her dorm room packed and ready for me. We worked together really well. I loaded up the van with my dolly and although I didn’t get out to exercise, I still managed to log over 13K steps! With the heat and no A/C in Barney, I was a sweaty mess by the time I got home. Abs said that Gary was gonna come over and help but made himself scarce while I was moving her out…hell, he didn’t even have a cold beer for me! The girls worked really hard that day and made my job a lot easier as they were able to keep me moving, which is what I like because it’s so hard for me to stop and start repeatedly at my advanced age! That morning, Dad went in to have another treatment for his A-fib. Ms. Lynn did a great job of taking care of him and keeping us updated as she spent the day in the hospital and then they wound up keeping Dad overnight just to make sure everything was good with him. Meanwhile, Luke had school and football practice. He had a big workout when he upped his squat max to 500 lbs!! Wow…way to go, little buddy! He is only a few pounds about from gaining admission into the coveted 1K Pound Club! When he got home, he showered and then drove us out to El Reparo for dinner. We enjoyed a pitcher of margaritas to welcome our little senior home. That’s right – it’s official…Abby is now a college senior! That’s both exciting and sad that our little Bu is growing up… We came home and enjoyed a little porch time with a couple sour cocktails – a Gentleman Jack whiskey sour as well as a So-Co Amaretto sour. We came in and tried to watch a show but wound up going on to bed – worn-out from our long day…

Delilah was barking at 4 am on Friday morning. Thankfully, she stopped but she woke up Lola. She was happy to go sleep with Abby which allowed Ann and I to go back to sleep for a couple hours. The line was especially long at Dunkin that morning that put us a little behind but I dropped her off and came home to work from my desk that morning. Abby eventually got up and enjoyed spending time with the dogs, outside in the sun. Around noon, we took the van (still fully packed with Abby’s stuff) and put some stuff in storage, picked up Ann and went to lunch at Carriage on the Square. When we came back, we dropped Abs off at the station where she met with Gigi, regarding a job for the summer and came on home. I unloaded the rest of Abby’s stuff into her room and went outside to start mowing. I got the front yard done just as Abs walked back to the house. We loaded up Betty White with the yard tools and grabbed Bu’s carpets from school. She put a leash on Delilah and the two of them hopped in the back of the truck and we headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow their lawn. I was surprised how hot it was out there. Abs & DJ went into the garage to use Gma’s carpet cleaner on her dorm carpets, which were pretty nasty – as you might imagine. I sat and cooled off with Mom & Dee afterward then we ran to Rural King. D-Bug loved it – especially the chicks, ducks and bunnies! She really liked the bunnies!! They rode in the back again on the way home – I’m not sure enjoyed it more…Abby or Delilah. 😊 I was going to mow the backyard, but by that time I was done and ready to go sit down. So, I put everything away, got cleaned-up and sat down for a while. I talked to Matt about our plans for tomorrow. We had made tentative plans to get together at the track to watch the Indy 500 qualifications. I had expressed concern to Ann about him walking around on that bum knee and it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. I was relieved to find he was on the same page as I was. He is also concerned about the knee plus he has to set up the wrestling banquet. We are looking forward to seeing him for a few days next weekend for our ThanksChrEaster celebration. 😊 The girls worked on putting away Bu’s clothes for several hours then I had ElRep leftovers and the girls had Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we watched a slew of DVR’d shows – some of which were season finales. One was even a series finale – Prodigal Son – which had a horrible ending… Luke got called off from work, so he ran around with friends most of the day and surprised us by bringing Drew by to see us. They went to the YMCA to lift weights. Although Drew left after an hour, Luke was there nearly four hours. When he came home, he was sweaty and worn-out. He still had enough energy to go out to Oakley’s house afterwards, where he spent the night. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.05.42 hwc21.05.43 hwc21.05.44 hwc21.05.45 hwc21.05.46 hwc21.05.47 hwc21.05.48 hwc21.05.49 hwc21.05.50 hwc21.05.51 hwc21.05.52 hwc21.05.53 hwc21.05.54 hwc21.05.55 hwc21.05.56

D-Bug was barking at the sunrise again, early on Saturday morning. Lola didn’t have a worry in the world as she was sleeping with her girl like a pretty little princess. In fact, D-D didn’t even want to stay outside because her older sister wasn’t with her. Just a minute after going out, she was barking at the backdoor to be let in. She immediately sought out Lola, got her up and then the two of them went out for about an hour, prowling, sniffing and just general guard-dogging. I did some blog stuff and watched a couple episodes of the weekly Law & Order marathon while adding a several more albums to my music collection. The girls slowly got up and got ready then went up to Indy for a baby shower with the Scheu family. Daniel & Kels are expecting twins!! As the girls left, Luke (who had come home only minutes earlier) also left the house to go work at Gma & Gigi’s house. He did a few chores inside and outside the house to help them out. I put the van back together and cleaned out a hole for Abby’s storage needs. Afterward, Delilah helped me mow while Lola supervised. I was surprised that the grass was so high and still damp. I had to stop and clean out the underside of my Husqy mower about 10 times. I wonder if I need a new mulching blade or at least may need to sharpen it… When I finally finished, I showered and then Luke picked me up and we went to lunch at Taco Bell. He come home and showered before heading into work at Hibbett’s that afternoon. The girls shared stories from al the fam they spoke with at the shower. As far as who all came today: Vicki & Fadi as well as Daniel & Kelsey of course, Billy & Blancha, Cindy, Dad & Barb, Ann & Abby, Kimmy, Sally, Chris & Trish were the ones they could remember talking with at the event. Abs said she had a Bloody Mary with Dad in my absence. Thanks for taking one for the team, Bu! 😊 I watched the truck race at COTA, the first time for NASCAR to visit this amazing track in TX. Abs did some cleaning while I wrote out html code for this week’s blog entry. Afterward, Abs and I had a cocktail and did some work around the outside of the house. She & I repaired the garage door and the sliding glass door, re-sealed the windows with the A/Cs and trimmed a tree in the back as well as clean-up a little in the family room to make sure we have room for Matt & Taylor’s bed next weekend. By the time we finished, we decided to forego the park and some frisbee golf in lieu of making dinner. It was a team effort that night. I sliced baby bell peppers and then Abby stuffed them with the creamy goodness that Ann concocted. As she made fresh cut corn and pasta salad, Abby and I grilled chicken, smoked sausage and bratwurst. It was a great meal and a lot of fun because we did it as a team. Afterward, Abs and I retreated to the backyard for some porch time and some cocktails. We decided to try a few drinks with the Hot Dickel (Tabasco-infused) whiskey. We had a Celery-Dickel Cooler, then had a Hot Dickel Manhattan and finished with Hot Dickel Michelada. Once the sun went down, we decided to get out the cornhole boards and throw for a couple hours in preparation for next weekend. Matt wants to play one of our marathon tourneys like we’ve done in the past. When Luke got off work, he grabbed us some grape soda so we could make some old-fashioned Purple Passions. After that, we had 151 rum and cokes and wrapped up the night with a simple one (my fave) – Tito’s, 7-Up Zero and black cherry Ice. In the end, I white-washed Bu, winning 5—0 but we had a great time and enjoyed getting to talk and catch up on things…

After getting to bed around 4 or so this morning, Ann graciously got up with the dogs and allowed me to sleep in for a few hours. When I got up, I did our weekly household chores and slowly woke up on the couch. I wrote out the blog while watching the season finale of SNL and the Xfinity race from COTA as well as Indy 500 qualification from yesterday and Bump Day highlights from today. That afternoon, I watched the Cup race from COTA in the rain, which was pretty cool. It was perfect to have the motorsports playing on the TV, as it made for excellent background noise for Ann & I to take naps! 😊 Abby and Luke took Delilah out for a ride in Tonya. When they got back, Abby continued to work on putting away her clothes while Luke went to work with Coach Harris. Ann made an apple pie…well, she called it an apple galette…that smelled wonderful. I am guessing it was really good because she wouldn’t let me have any of it! When Luke got home from working, he was wiped out and went to his room and napped, which is what Abs was doing as well. Brayden came over and woke him up so that they could go swimming all afternoon. That evening, we flipped on the American Idol finale and spent the night watching it on the big screen. We touched base with Dad B, who was feeling pretty good after a rough day yesterday. He sounded good – upbeat, funny and well-rested. Luke came home from swimming just long enough to change and went out to the Y to go lift weights. Ann & I voted for Chayce Beckham to win the 2021 American Idol contest and as it turned out, he did win! Afterward, I put on Fear the Walking Dead to wind down the evening and put a cap on another week.

Next up is our Waybac section which features the penultimate batch of Dee’s 2004 digital camera pictures. We lead off win May – Abby at the Dixon Dance Revue; June – Luke’s first bday party; July – 4th of July parade, swimming, cookout and fireworks; Fair Parade, last night at the county fair and Grace’s bday party; August – new puppies at Mom & Sandy’s house (Minnie & Charlie); September – Abby’s 5th bday party; October – Matt’s broken arm and Trick-or-Treating at Gma & Gigi’s house; November – Mom O’s bday and Thanksgiving Day; and December – Christmas Eve (including a great one of Mom B!) and Christmas Parade day.

Waybac.2004.05.ddr45 Waybac.2004.05.ddr46 Waybac.2004.05.ddr47 Waybac.2004.06.lbd57 Waybac.2004.07.foj244 Waybac.2004.07.foj245 Waybac.2004.07.foj246 Waybac.2004.07.foj247 Waybac.2004.07.fp108 Waybac.2004.07.fp109 Waybac.2004.07.gbd98 Waybac.2004.08.mmc110 Waybac.2004.09.abd57 Waybac.2004.09.abd58 Waybac.2004.10.mba05 Waybac.2004.10.tot17 Waybac.2004.11.mabd26 Waybac.2004.11.td41 Waybac.2004.12.ce51 Waybac.2004.12.ce52 Waybac.2004.12.cp32 lp21.05.04

We wrap up with our video segment, which features one short home movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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