Signs, Signs…Everywhere a Sign

OK; was I just complaining about the heat last week?? Me and my big mouth…well, you know what they say about the Indiana weather… Autumn arrived this week – the signs were everywhere – as we saw major changes in the weather that reminded us that we really are in to October now. Poor Lukey-Dukey had a rough week… On Monday, we welcomed Gracie back over as she joined us in our morning routine. After a long day at work, we ran Abby over to soccer practice at Washington Field where I also helped facilitate soccer practice for Luke – including about a half hour of extra scrimmage time beforehand where we really got a good workout! That evening, the kids were thrilled to come home to a family favorite, “noonles & tadies” (a term dubbed by Matthew years ago for chicken & noodles over mashed potatoes) for dinner. Luke & I were pretty pooped after dinner and fell asleep early on the couch. When Ann finally woke us up, I went back to bed and watched the Bears win on MNF in OT (well, portions of the game anyhow!)… On Tuesday, we noticed a loud knocking coming from the Pacifica on our way in to work. When we finally got to CBC, I had my tech, JT, check it out and he instantly diagnosed it as being an oil issue – somehow we had managed to run it nearly out of oil! So we added about 3 quarts and were good to go. That day, we finally had our Fire Marshal inspection we’d been waiting on for a couple weeks now. I am happy to say that we passed with flying colors – with no deficiencies and no plan of corrections! We were stoked and I need to take my guys out to lunch…perhaps I’ll wait until we are through our third and final inspection – that of our state licensing survey which is scheduled for next Thursday. Mom O took Luke to the dentist and found he had two cavities. 🙁 That evening, I patched both Abby’s and my tires where they had gone flat from our last trip through the woods. I’m not sure what’s on the floor of that trail, but it doesn’t like rubber, that’s for sure! Once “we” got the tires fixed, Luke & I went for a ride through neighborhood before it got too dark – it is fall after all…and the days are getting shorter and shorter. On Wednesday, the Reds clinched the NL Central!! Check this out: CLICK_HERE !!! Jay Bruce is my favorite player right now…even over Joey Votto, I think! We had a chance to watch Jay when he was playing with the Indianapolis Indians a few years ago. We took our kids from work to National Education Day or something like that. He hit a couple long balls that day – one of which came right by us! We were sitting out in right field and he was playing center, I think. It was the first time in 15 years they’d won their division!! Ann took Abby to soccer practice & jazz dance class. We finally received our new pool cover but didn’t get a chance to put it on due to the pool being so filthy dirty again already! I swear I just cleaned that thing out and the kids haven’t been in it, so I’m not sure where the hell all that dirt came from! I got about half of it cleaned before I ran out of water and had to refill the dang thing again! With all the refills I’ve had to do in the last month (a timeframe where we swam in it zero times, mind you); our water billed more than doubled – I about had a cow! I have to write up an affidavit and personally submit it to the water company before they’ll even consider giving us a break on the sewage portion of the bill. Once “we” were at a stopping point on the pool, Luke & I went for a bike ride and he talked me in to going through a small portion of the woods that led us across a corn field and right next to a seldom used train track. We heard the train coming so we rushed over to that area only to find that the train was switching tracks right before it entered our neighborhood. 🙁 So we rode back to the woods and decided to go on through…and wouldn’t you know it – the fourth flat tire occurred before we could even get half way through . We came home and patched the tire just as the sun was setting behind our privacy fence. So we went in and fixed supper and did homework real quick before the girls came home. Matt & I enjoyed the season finale of one of our favorite shows, Tosh.0. I hope they renew it for a third season.


On Thursday, I got my annual flu shot at work; have you gotten yours yet?? That evening, Aunt Dee took Bu to soccer practice & tap dance class. Luke was supposed to go to Family Fun Night at the elementary school but he and Ann decided they’d rather see the exciting football game than to leave and go sing. That football game was Matt’s freshman football team taking on a very tough Franklin Co. squad that has had their number in past years. The Pirates looked pretty good on offense but even better on defense. Matt was named captain for the game and got to call to represent the team at the coin toss. The Wildcats came ready to play. They played hard – even dirty at times, spurring a few “disagreements” on the field and even a few punches (and penalties). Matt started at defensive tackle and was double teamed much of the game. Although he was upset afterwards about not getting any solo tackles, I reminded him that he played an important role of drawing two blockers to free-up a teammate to make the play. Matt also played on all special teams and subbed at guard and tight end on the offensive side of the ball as well. The Pirate defense gave up a fluke TD on a 4th and long pass play that was tipped and then hit off of a Pirate helmet and right in to the arms of the receiver who easily ran it in 30 + yards for the score. The Pirates also gave up a touchdown on a kickoff return. Really, only once did the defense struggle to stop the Wildcats. The defense really stepped up when needed. Despite the great play of the Pirates, it was a hard fought game that went undetermined until very late in the game when the Pirates came from behind and got in to the end zone to go up 28-20. The defense was asked to stop them one more time and after picking up a long pass play that put them inside the 30, the defense stiffened and held them to win the game! The play of the game came during an extra point play. After Franklin Co. scored their 2nd touchdown and were penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play, they had the ball at the 18 and went for 2 points with a designed roll-out play to the far side. When the QB was pressured in the flat, he threw the ball too high and right in to the hands of…# 64 – Matt Scheumann! Matt caught the ball 1-handed!! He was on his way to a touchdown when the referee blew the play dead…apparently you can not advance an interception during a point-after attempt in this league. He was so excited and you should’ve heard the crowd roar when he got his name announced! His parents were so proud of him! The Pirate victory not only put an end to a losing streak against the ‘Cats, but also extended the frosh Pirates winning streak and perfect season to 6-0! When we went to pick up Abby from Dee’s house afterwards, we talked with Jamie who offered me a ticket to the Red’s playoff game on next Monday night with him! I can hardly wait!!! We went to Chili’s afterward for supper to celebrate the big victory and the first interception of the Matt’s career. 

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Ann took off Friday to head down to Metamora w/ Amy for Canal Days. I came home and Luke & I bike riding on a chilly evening that made us go back in after one lap around the block and get sweatshirts. As Ann made our newest favorite dinner – her cheesy popcorn – Matt dressed for the varsity football game at rival Batesville. Matt again saw no action but the team won to raise their overall record to 4-3. We were up early on Saturday morning, in prep for Luke’s final soccer game of the year. Ann worked the concession stand the entire day to help out the soccer club, so she missed most of the games, sneaking in peeks here and there, which meant I was on my own to capture photo and video highlights today. Grandma Owens was able to make it to Lukey’s game, as were Aunt Deanna, Jamie and Gracie. Jamie had a cool new shirt with him – Cincy Reds Central Division Champs shirt!  Luke’s Blazers took on Luke Hellmich’s Jets for the fourth time this season. A series of unfortunate events led to the team’s second loss of the season. For beginners, Luke played sick (we just didn’t know it at the time). He was lethargic and had no stamina. The Jets were again dirty/ very aggressive players as our team was on the ground more than any other game the entire year due to shoving, tripping and elbowing. One of the team’s best players had to be pulled from the fourth quarter due to a lost tooth that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Then to top it off, one of Luke’s young teammates purposely kicked a goal in for the wrong team. These combined occurrences were too much for the team to overcome and they lost 2-1 to end Luke’s U8 career. This was only their second loss of the season and managed a share of the league title. Lukey shot several times but couldn’t find the net this day. We had a lot of fun teaching this good group of kids this year. I think they had fun, I know they were successful and we all learned some new stuff and were kept interested enough to come back out for soccer again next year. One thing I talked about with Luke’s coach was this was also our last U8 game as parents / coaches… Its official – our family is getting older.

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Next up was Abby’s penultimate soccer game. Matt was able to find a ride home with one of his teammates, so I was able to stay at the field and Ann continued to work in the concession stand through the rest of the day’s games. Bu’s KOVA Thunder team took on the Sunman Wilhelm Lumber team. Abby was chosen as the team captain and represented her team at the coin flip. She started as a midfielder and played there most of the game, hustling up and down the field – despite the polar air which made it difficult to breathe. Granted, it was cold at Luke’s game, but the air was very taxing on the kids during Abby’s game as the weather turned from bad to worse as the wind blew in clouds and very cold air. The players had rosy cheeks and a couple of them sat down with breathing difficulties, which brought the game to a halt. Although Bu was the right side midfielder the majority of the game, she did sub in at a defensive position late in the game when they were up 2-0 and Sunman scored. Bu did not take any shots on goal this game, but was up in the middle of the action most of the time. One of her passes was key in her team’s initial score. With the defensive substitutions at the end of the game, the Thunder was able to stymie the comeback hopes of their foes and held on to win 2-1 for their first victory of the year!! This was an important win as it not only ended their season-long losing slump but also gave them confidence and a little momentum heading in to their season-ending tourney game next Saturday.

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After the game, I brought the kids home and Ann stayed behind in the concession stand when the weather went from cold and breezy to even colder, even breezier and rainy. I worked outside in the back yard, cleaning the rest of the pool and then getting the pool cover on and all the stuff put away for the winter. Abby’s teammate and good friend Emma Hellmich came over to stay the day and night with Bu and we ordered Pizza King pizzas for lunch. Matt came out to help me with the new cover during the cold, driving rain (thanks buddy). I know it was supposed to be only the 1st week of October, but I swore it was really the third week of November! We watched a little bit of college football and NASCAR racing on the TV and napped on the couches. That cold weather really takes it out of you, man. It was during this time that I finally figured out that Purdue had a bye this week and read about the big team news – their starting quarterback, Robert Marve, has suffered another season-ending injury. The University of Miami transfer was injured in the first quarter of last Saturday’s loss against Toledo, tearing the anterior crutiate ligament in his left leg. He concludes his season having completed 66-of-99 passes for 512 yards, including three touchdowns and four interceptions. The worst part about the injury is that it is the same injury to the same leg that Marve hurt just over a year and a half ago. It is not looking good for the Boilers this year as their season just went from mediocre to no way. We’ll be lucky to bring home the Old Oaken Barrel this year! When Ann got home, she took the girls out to the store and came home to bake cookies with them to take to the soccer awards banquet at Washington Field. Due to the weather, this was by far the worst turnout ever for the annual end-of-year cookout event. It finally stopped raining, but that didn’t mean it was any warmer. Don’t get me wrong…we obviously needed the little bit of rain we got – we definitely didn’t need the near-freezing temps. We only saw one other player from Lukey’s team, three from Abby’s team and maybe 25 or 30 people overall at an event that easily sees 200 folks each year. Due to the poor turnout, there were no ceremonies, speeches nor team pictures. However, we did get to have a cookout. By this time, Luke was really tired and was starting to get sicker. He was so cold that he sat in the van for the last 20 minutes we were there. Our friend Jeff Kuehl announced that he was retiring from the soccer league board. He has been associated with the club as long as we have – a full decade. The girls got a game of knockout started where most of the attendees participated and was easily the funnest thing happening out there – besides huddling around the gas grill to keep warm! LOL! We came home and Lukey took a nap as the girls washed two of the muddiest dogs in the county, I swear. We stayed inside and finally got warm again. Once it started to get dark, I woke up Lucas (who was really out) and we headed down the street to the Inaugural (“First Annual” is what the t-shirts read!) Ryle Addition Block Party. We thought it was a pretty cool idea to have a little neighborhood get-together…and what a great way to top it off by getting Rusty Bladen to perform a little “Homegrown Rock ‘n Roll.” Rusty did not have his supporting group, but played solo acoustic in a very intimate setting. I brought all the kids down and Ann joined us a little bit later. Matt thought it was lame although I saw his buddy Chris and a few girls his age out there at the party. I think he was just cold. Either way, he came home only minutes after arriving to go back and play Xbox with his best friend Brayton, who lives up in Indy. Lukey tried to play with his friends, but quickly became too cold again. I went and got him a blanket and the girls brought him one as well after they made a trip home to use the bathroom. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t use the port-o-potty they had out there. They were kind enough to bring me a fully stocked cooler! There were three bonfires set up in a guy’s driveway where Rusty was playing inside his garage. I met a couple guys from the neighborhood that I’d never seen before that were both pretty cool. I gave the host a donation and a beer and he was happy. This was the 2nd time for Matt & I seeing Rusty Bladen, a local artist from Madison that makes regular rounds through Greensburg and the surrounding area. The last time we caught him was at the Decatur County 4-H Fair. Rusty has a southern Indiana style of music that is very true to the vein of John Cougar Mellencamp’s style of music. Despite the two blankets, the three fires and snuggling with me, Luke got too cold to stay past Rusty’s first set. Ann took him home to stay with Matt and came back to hang with me for the rest of the party. He did go up and meet Rusty before he left. He was very down to earth still and we shot the shit for about 10 minutes. He wants me to upload some of the pictures I took to his website. You can check out Rusty’s web page HERE. By the time Rusty wrapped up his set (without playing my favorite, “Smoke like a Train”), we all smelled of bonfire! If the weather had cooperated, I’m sure there would’ve been a better turnout, but as it was; there were about 50 brave souls out there on that frigid Saturday night.

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Luke woke us up early on Sunday morning, stating he was hungry and asked if he could have breakfast (at 4 am). We had no sooner said yes than he was puking in the hallway and bathroom. Ahh, there’s no better way to start the day than barf at four in the morning – especially after consuming a few adult beverages a few short hours before, let me tell ya! Poor Lukey was able to fall back to sleep as were Ann and I after we got the mess cleaned up. Thankfully, this was to be the only time he would vomit today, but it explained why he acted the way he did all day long and at the game. Luke did have tummy troubles that caused frequent visits to the bathroom and eventually a dose of Imodium. Another sign that it was fall again – two extra loads of clothing! I couldn’t believe how many clothes were dirty this week. It sucked. The Cowboys had a bye week, so they didn’t lose. The Colts looked off the whole game, although there flashes of brilliance. Their defense let them down this game. Their record is now 2-2 but 0-2 within the division. There were several great defensive games this week, including the Bears on Sunday Night Football. It was good to see Jeff Gordon drive the #24 Dupont Chevy to a Top 5 finish and a two position leap in the Cup standings in his quest in the Chase and is ‘Drive for Five.’ The Colts had a tough loss on a last-second, 60 yard field goal as time ran out. Ann made pancakes and bacon for a late breakfast before taking Abby & Emma out shopping for the rest of the day and in to the evening. This was Abby’s final present – a shopping spree to spend the money she received for her birthday. That’s how our cold week ended. Here are several videos of this week’s happenings, plus a few fun music videos for good measure:

Time now for the Waybac feature this week… Leading off this week, we have a couple from the 1940’s of the Biddinger children, including one with Gigi and the other with Moe; and then an old photo from the 80s with Mom and Dad Owens with their friends. Waybac.1940s.bk.wi2.ns

Next up we have two from the Brown Family Reunion fish fry at Kenny & Marilou’s house in Rossville: the first one has Tammy and the second one has Marilou, Homie, Tammy, Dad B, Grandpa Brown, Uncle Timmie and Trudy in about September of ’91. Only a few months later, Grandpaw Brown would pass away…included here are photos from the funeral that celebrated a successful and honorable life (my original post had 2 pictures of the open casket, but I felt they was disrespectful and have removed them); next we have another picture of Ann and Dee at Keith’s wedding in LaPorte in ’92; Dad B and Uncle Kenny in the breezeway between their house & garage, just outside of Rossville; and then a couple pictures of me helping to mow the lawn at the Dream House in ’93.

Waybac.1991.09.bfrff1 Waybac.1991.09.bfrff2 Waybac.1991.rlbd3 Waybac.1991.rlbd4 Waybac.1991.rlbd5 Waybac.1992.aadoakarwilpicp Waybac.1993.reb.ukh.ri Waybac.1993.tms.rl.dhri1 Waybac.1993.tms.rl.dhri2

Wrapping up this week’s Waybac section are several photos of Abby’s 3rd birthday party in the kitchen at our new Ryle Addition home and include shots not only of Bu but Grandma O, Gigi, Grandpa B, Aunt Dee, Matt, Gracie and yours truly.

Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp1 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp2 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp3 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp4 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp5 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp6 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp7 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp8 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp9 Waybac.2002.09.21.asbp10

Well that does it for another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll get you caught up again next time. Until then, have a good one.

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  • Mom

    Great videos Tom!! Way to go 64!! Poor Luke…he even looked sickly at his game and you can tell just like you did Tom in his eyes. Those Scheumann eyes tell you alot!! In the picture of Tammie and another person, I believe that is Brent’s mom Brenda. Thankyou for the nice pictures of moms funeral also. I sure miss her alot!! Little Abby when she was 2….what a cutie patootie!! She is still cute but just innocent and adorable in these pics. Good luck to the Reds as it seems as if Tampa Bay is out of it after only 2 games here. They looked bad!! Take care and will talk with you later. XXXOOO’s

  • I apologize Mom, those were pictures of Grandpaw, not Grandmaw…but I’m with you – I miss here dearly also. I wonder what she would think of her great grandchildren? …As for the Reds, they are in the same boat as the Rays and may be eliminated from the playoffs before the weekend is through. 🙁
    Love you Mom,
    – Tom

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