Do you Take what I Take…Endurance is the Word

It was another strange week for the Scheu family. There was a lot of wrestling and of course with it, some drama; the weather reminded us that it was indeed wintertime; and we buried a family member and a friend’s family member. After the lunar halo on Saturday night, we had a full, harvest moon on Sunday night/ Monday morning. It was a long day at my work as the lunar cycle once again proved itself to play havoc with our residents’ behaviors. Ann, Maryann & Sandy attended Vince Kanney’s funeral up in LaPorte with Keith, Rosie and Rosie’s family. Thankfully, they made it home safely that night, but before they left town, Ann sent me one more purple house picture. I finally got a haircut and got Matt a replacement Droid Incredible from Verizon. I picked up the kids from school since everyone else was up north. Matt had wrestling and Abby had tap class. After picking the kids up from school, Abby talked me in to stopping at Circle K for a frozen coke and we verified what my nose had already told me – the van had a very bad antifreeze leak. By the time I got home, it was pouring out the bottom of the van and by morning, the entire driveway was green. We made an appointment with Acra’s and took it in, first thing the next morning before work. Luke & I exercised outside in the sunny, 50 degree weather – what a lovely day it turned out to be… Ann made meatball subs for dinner – much to everyone’s delight. Matt & I watched the first half of the BCS championship game in New Orleans. Alabama put the hurting on LSU – it was all Crimson Tide for the national championship. On the radio, we heard of a murder in Shelbyville. It wasn’t until the next day that I put two and two together and figured out it was my old work friend, Leah, whose mother had been murdered. A couple days later, they found the guy selling her belongings. It turns out it was the young man she was renting a house to and the rent was due. He killed her and robbed the house over a few hundred dollars. Such a waste…our hearts go out to Leah and her family this week for their terrible loss. To top it off, Leah’s birthday was a day after she lost her mother. Mom and Dad B were featured on the Facebook page of their favorite diner down in Florida, called Maggie Moo’s.
Tuesday was another gorgeous day in the 50’s. Abby went in to school early for academic team practice again. The van turned out to be a back-side head gasket, meaning they had to tear most of the engine apart just to get to it, being a front wheel drive V-6. Mat had a wrestling meet that night. It was the final dual meet of the year as well as the final home meet. In addition, it was senior night and they had a nice little presentation before the meet started. Luke & Alex “warmed up” with the wrestlers. LOL It was a very close battle vs. the arch rival Bulldogs that went back and forth and came right down to the final match to determine who would be victorious – no pressure, right? That last match…you guessed it, Matt’s! If we won, the team won…if he lost…well, you get the picture. Matt would later said that he figured it out early on how it would have to go if they were to win and when the previous Pirate pinned his man, he knew it was on him. The whole Matt Scheu Fan Club was there that night – Mom & Sandy, Phyllis & Dick and all of us. Matt did not disappoint. He came out like a tiger and dominated the match, pinning the guy in about a minute – doing so in dramatic fashion. There was crescendo with the crowd and the admiration of everyone in attendance just erupted when he slammed the guy to the mat and, “put the hammer down.” That is a direct quote from the newspaper a few days later. Obviously, I couldn’t let that one go and so for the rest of this week, I’ve taken to calling him Matt “The Hammer” Scheu! What a great way to end the regular season. The Pirate grapplers have a 10-team dual meet this weekend, followed by the conference tourney and then the season-ending state tourney begins with Sectional play in two weeks. Thanks to Gigi for several great photos from tonight.

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Wednesday brought with it cooler temps as we saw rain the entire day here. CMS walked in for an unannounced survey at work (early indications are that we did well). We went to the junior high after school to see all the Science Fair entries and see how everyone fared. Abby got a 1st place ribbon for her entry on shooting basketballs. Way to go, Bu!! Grandma Owens was all fired up that the paper didn’t have better coverage of her grandson’s accomplishments the night before (the paper is notorious for its lackluster coverage of local sports – in this case, there was merely a photo and caption. The write up would not come for another day and the photographer left after about 5 matches). I guess she caused a big stink – calling the sports editor a couple times, raising hell and threatening to call the chief editor. Luke’s final Christmas present finally showed up today. It was great – I should’ve had the video camera rolling as I called Luke in to his room to help me open a box, which was re-wrapped in a fan box. He asked me what he needed a new fan for in his room but that quickly turned to just screams, as he unwrapped a 3’ die cast, antique Nylint fire truck – just like the ones I used to play with at Doc & Bev’s house, back on Shortridge St in Lafayette. It is great condition, only missing one of its four ladders. He has played with it constantly since then; and I’ve also gotten on the floor to play a few times myself. It is huge and very cool…
The next morning, Abby was back at school early for academic team again and it was freaking cold again, snowing all day. The state Health & Sanitation inspector walked in, unannounced at work for yet another inspection. We did great again, earning a 99% with a plan of corrections that we finished before she even left the building. We got the van back that night and Purdue lost again for their 2nd Big Ten loss of the year.
Ann went scrapbooking on Friday night and the kids and I went to the Greensburg / Batesville basketball game. We met up with the Drakes at the game and sat with them in mostly neutral territory. The game was really good. The Pirates are so young and yet so good. They are ranked 3rd in the state and 115th in the nation! And they have 3 sophomores and a freshman starting!! The freshman is Matt’s old friend and neighbor, Ryan, from across the street. The three sophomores are already being pursued by Division 1 teams, including Michigan State! How cool is that? This game was very close, going right down to the wire and even in to overtime. The Pirates eventually defeated the Bulldogs and the Matt and the cheer section stormed the floor and celebrated by “Tebow-ing” at center court. What a neat scene it was – and so full and loud! I had never seen so many people crammed in to that gym before – reminded me of my high school days in LaPorte when Delray Brooks was playing at Michigan City Rogers. Afterwards, we went with Paul & Dayla and the boys out to El Chile Poblano for dinner and a margarita as large as Luke’s head. 😉 Luke & Matt weren’t feeling real well afterwards. I’m not sure if they are using a new preservative or what, but their bellies were upset before we even left the restaurant, so it may be our last trip there for a while. Of course, it could just be that we ate a big dinner at 10 pm…

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We were up early again on Saturday morning as Matt had a big wrestling meet up north in Straughn, IN for the Tri High Super Duals. This year’s teams included Greensburg and host Tri High as well as Southridge, Alexandria, Anderson Prep, Northeastern, Hamilton Heights, Centerville, Daleville and one team that had to withdraw due to being snowed in – South Adams. The Pirates came out flat, promptly losing their first two matchups badly – including Matt who was pinned in the 1st period (Southridge) in the first round. He should’ve beaten the guy in the 2nd match but just as he turned the guy for a pin, he got too high and got himself rolled and ended up in a really bad position where he was again pinned (Alexandria). Then in the 3rd round, he was supposed to have a forfeit. So, having never warmed up, he walked out on the mat expecting to walk right back off – only to find an opponent running out on to the mat. As it turns out, the kid pulled a fast one. He was supposed to square off with our 192 pounder (a 6’4” senior) but decided to move up to wrestle Matt. Matt was doing pretty well against the bigger, older, stronger, hairier boy. He was up a couple points when the cheater did an illegal chop on the outside of Matt’s elbow. He would later tell me he heard it pop three times. It obviously hurt like hell as he screamed out in pain. In all he has done and all the different injuries he’s had, we’ve never heard anything like that from him. He was obviously hurt, but not only did the referee not penalize the move, but he didn’t even address it and Matt had to scramble out of bounds to get a stoppage of play after he did it a second time. We were pretty upset that the referee was doing nothing and we sort of let him know our displeasure. He toughed it out and went back out only to have the boy do it again. This time, he screamed even louder and fell to the mat, forcing the stoppage. The coaches and trainer came out to check on his injury. We weren’t sure if it was a shoulder or elbow issue. Ann later said he had every symptom of a torn rotator cuff. I understand a legal chop and I also understand that injuries happen but these weren’t chops to the fold of the elbow, but were instead up high on the outside of the arm – a dangerous move that put severe strain on Matt’s shoulder. He was determined to finish the match and the trainer / coaches allowed him to continue. The score was tied as the third period was winding down and right at the end, Matt got a takedown – only to have it waved off as being out of bounds (even though this particular ref had been calling takedowns out of bounds all day – something we had been complaining about earlier). We were a little upset, especially me who had a few choice words for this guy. This was not the first time this referee had issues and Ann is looking in to filing a formal complaint. Anyhow Matt’s match went in to overtime, meaning the first takedown would win. Matt battled and persevered, taking the guy down in a decisive fashion and finally ending this painful match. This seemed to be a turning point for the Pirates as the team rallied around him and never looked back. After losing the first two matchups, the Pirates only lost a couple more matches – reeling off three dominating victories over host Tri High (60-6), Anderson Prep (72-0!) and Northeastern (54-12)!! Thankfully, Matt had forfeits in the final 2 matches and was able to rest his arm. I doubt the coach would’ve let him continue anyhow, since there are more important matches next week. Ann & I want to apologize for the language on the video below. It was a very emotional time. I am still hoarse as I type this, late on Sunday night. A few of the boys went out for dinner afterwards and then came home late. Abby & Luke played outside in the snow for about an hour. It wasn’t quite enough for sledding, but they still had fun out in the front yard. Ann cooked spaghetti and Matt passed out on the couch with a sore arm. Drew Brees and the Saints lost to the ‘Niners and Tim Tebow and the Broncos lost to the damn Patriots. On Sunday, we did our weekly chores and watched more football as Ravens and Giants progressed to the championship rounds. Matt went to Joel’s house to spend the night, since tomorrow is MLK Day. Ann and I sent the kids to bed early and enjoyed a quiet evening watching Simpsons, Family Guy and our shows on the DVR to put a slow, simple end to a strange week…

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Next up is the video section, including two new family videos and several from around the net…

That brings us to our Waybac section that again features several pictures from our golden years. We lead off in April of ’68 again for yet more wonderful pictures of the Mom & Dad Scheu with classic photos of Grandpa & Granny Scheu, Aunts June & Judy and cousins David and Kathy as well as Mom & Dad and Aunt Brenda.

Waybac.1968.04.madsw49 Waybac.1968.04.madsw50 Waybac.1968.04.madsw51 Waybac.1968.04.madsw52 Waybac.1968.04.madsw53 Waybac.1968.04.madsw54 Waybac.1968.04.madsw55 Waybac.1968.04.madsw56 Waybac.1968.04.madsw57

Next we move to Shortridge St. for several pictures that Mom took of me in our dining room in my rocking chair – which I still have to this day. These look to be taken in about 1970. Also about this same time we have me riding my new horse in the living room while Grandpaw Brown looks on. Then we have Barney & I at Granny’s house at Christmas in what looks to be December of about ’71. Next we have Mom and her gang from work at her wedding reception at the 40 & 8 in June of ’78. Other pictures include Aunt Marilou, Aunt Lou Atha, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Belinda and of course my lovely mother. Finally we have Aunt Sharon seeing Mom & Dad B off on their honeymoon cruise. God; look how happy they look…

Waybac.1970.tsssrc1 Waybac.1970.tsssrc2 Waybac.1970.tsssrc3 Waybac.1970.tsssrc4 Waybac.1970.tsssrc5 Waybac.1970.tsssrc6 Waybac.1970.tsssrc7 Waybac.1970.tsssrc8 Waybac.1971.12.tabghc1 Waybac.1971.tabghc2 Waybac.1978.06.madbw42 Waybac.1978.06.madbw43 Waybac.1978.06.madbw44 Waybac.1978.06.madbw47 Waybac.1978.06.madbw45 Waybac.1978.06.madbw46 Waybac.1978.madbh57 Waybac.1978.madbh58 Waybac.1978.madbh59

Next up we have a slew of pictures from 1980: we start with our first visit back to Lafayette in Jan/Feb from California, including Grandpaw Brown feeding Robby on Elmwood St., Virden holding Rob in their home in Lafayette, which is the old Bryan household they all grew up in near Oakland school; Aunt Karen with Brent holding Rob; and then me with Nathan holding Rob at the airport, just before we flew back out to Temple City. Next we have a couple from our living room on N. Soreno Dr in March, including Mom w/ Rob (wearing the hat I just brought for him of my visit to Magic Mountain and a ride on the new Colossus rollercoaster, which was the largest wooden rollercoaster at the time! I really like the next picture, which has Rob & I in our living room in the San Gabriel Valley, also in March. Next is Rob in April, and finally Vird & Belinda in October. Then we head to 1982 for Rob and Vicki Crum in Lake Schaeffer (Indiana Beach) in Monticello, in August – I remember he was absolutely terrorized by that lake. He really didn’t want to go in to the water, but we threw him in anyhow and he freaked! Poor kid…but he was fine and the next day, he was swimming with Mark & I; Rob & I blowing out candles on our birthday cake in our Rockwood St. home in October and Rob & I in the living room with Robby riding his new tricycle; and finally Dad buying the champion steer at the LaPorte County 4H fair in July, 1985 while he was working for Bernacchi’s.

Waybac.1980.01.rag Waybac.1980.02.rdavil Waybac.1980.02.rkab Waybac.1980.02.tranaa Waybac.1980.03.ramitc Waybac.1980.03.tamitc Waybac.1980.04.rsmop Waybac.1980.10.rcmc Waybac.1980.10.rot1 Waybac.1980.10.rot2 Waybac.1980.10.vabbp Waybac.1982.08.ravils Waybac.1982.10.rbobcilp1 Waybac.1982.10.rbobcilp2 Waybac.1985.07.rblpcfps

…And that wraps up this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Well….great pics and even greater video of Matt’s meets!!! I would have been right with you Tom on the cussing out of the ref and that kid was such a dirty wrestler!! Is that chop even legal? It looked like a karate chop…what an idiot..I am sooo glad Matt beat his a..!! Also…our restaurants name is Maggie Maes NOT Moos or was that an intentional typo??? Loved the Waybac pics and it was such great memorys to see my girl pals from the Welfare Dept. Wonder where they are today? Congrats to Abby also for her Science project how cool was that? Take care and have a great weekend. Did you know Rob and Sharon will be here for SuperBowl? Should be alot of fun. Love ya and XXXOOO’s

  • Mom

    Tommy…looking at the picture of Aunt Lou Atha and Belinda and Sharon sitting at a table at Dad and my reception…I believe that is your Grandma Brown (my momma) as the lady has glasses on and I believe that is moms dress, but it is hard to tell. Poor Rob I had forgotten how petrified he was of that water but once he got over the fear…we had a hard time getting him out of the water. He wanted to go out deeper with you and Mark!! We stayed at the Big Chief Lodge in Monticello in our own cabin and Grandpa and Grandma came up for a few days also. Loved the happy times we had together!! Thanks again…

  • Sorry for the typo, Mom. In my original draft, I had Mae but spell check must’ve changed it to Moo. 🙂 …and no, the chop is legal on the inside of the arm, not the outside. I thought you’d get a kick of you lushes hanging out at the keg! 🙂 I always liked Linda. Yes, we were very proud of Abby’s work on her SF project. Glad to hear you will see Rob & Sharon soon; we haven’t seen them in quite a while…I seem to remember we had a pool the last time they were here, though i don’t remember using it. LOL
    As for the reception at the 40 & 8, on a second look; you are correct, that is Grandmaw. Good catch! Big Chief Lodge! Yes! That was such a cool time – the Golden Years…what a magical summer. Mark & I met a couple girls at Indiana Beach about mid week…happy times, indeed! 🙂
    Thanks for the comments Mom; we love you.
    Talk to you soon,
    – Tom

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