…Like it Never will Again, Never Again…

Well we knew it was inevitable. This stretch of about 30 days has been a tough one as memories of Mom come flooding back – from Week 19 and Mother’s Day to Mom & Dad’s anniversary to Mom’s birthday and then Father’s Day. Historically, these have been the days when we have caught back up with each other – they were always big family holidays for us. This was the first time we experienced them without Mom. To be honest, it seems like a blur, like it’s not real or like a void or a dream. It obviously hasn’t been the same; I think I’m still just numb – like I’m just going through the motions still.
This week they finally broke ground on one of the lots directly behind our house. We have enjoyed the last three or four years of having the extra playing space back there for football, baseball, softball, Frisbee, golfing and shooting bb guns. So it felt like another loss with not having access to that area this past week due to large dirt piles and machinery constantly making noise back there. It was another gorgeous week in south central Indiana. We had a little rain and a little heat, but mostly it was perfect summer weather. Matt was upset this week that he couldn’t be with his wrestling teammates who had all gone to a summer camp in Iowa – he really wanted to go. However, with him still rehabbing the shoulder, he wouldn’t have been able to do much more than listen and watch…and who wants to do that? Besides, he chose to take summer school for Government class, so I doubt he could’ve gotten away anyhow. Abby and Luke were winding down there regular season baseball and slow-pitch softball seasons and getting ready for the next thing (for Luke it will be all-star travel team and for Bu it will be fast-pitch softball). And our beloved Reds have been winning as well, now only 2.5 games out of 1st place in the NL Central division.
On Monday, Matt returned to his normal routine: football practice in the early morning, followed by summer school and then two more football practices in the evening. He pretty much does football, school and sleeps. That’s about it. Luke and Abby made cookies (and quite a mess as well!). Abby had softball in the rain that evening against the Excel (Duck Dynasty) team – you’ll see what I’m referring to below in the pictures. Abby continued her good hitting with a 2-3 performance from the plate but lost again, 6-8. They had their chances in this game but played flat. Matt tried to get a lab puppy and pretty much had us convinced of it – only to find out that someone else had claimed it. It was popcorn night back at the house due to getting in late. We found out that the deep sea fishing trip didn’t quite go as planned when tropical storm waves rocked the boat so hard that Sharon and Dave both got sea-sick and Dad fell, splitting his head and hurting his shoulder pretty bad. He had to go to the hospital and put a damper on the rest of the trip/honeymoon.

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On Tuesday, Matt continued his football and school routine. Luke had baseball practice and it was taco night. The bigger thing though was that it was Mom’s 64th birthday. It was a tough day and I know a couple folks mentioned little things to me about being a little preoccupied and gruff. I called Dad and talked to him for a little while. It was the first time in a few decades that I didn’t sing the Birthday Song to Mom. It was a depressing day…
Matt had school on Wednesday. The kids went swimming at a neighbor’s house. Luke and I played baseball in the back lot (where we practiced pitching and hitting). Ann went out with her scrapbooking with her friends for a little “porch time” as they call it. :0) They ended up on a sunset cruise on Lake Santee. The kids and I watched the new Oz movie. There was some nasty weather in the area. We’re glad it blew north! It was very hot and humid – it felt like a sauna outdoors. It was still 86 degrees out at 11 pm. I got my Father’s Day present early today when we got our new video camera in the mail that evening…only to find out it was defective. The lens cover would not open, so I physically opened it and then it wouldn’t close. This is the same thing our old camera was doing…what are the odds??
It felt like pea soup on Thursday morning. All the stuff that had blown north came down and it rained and rained on us that morning. By noon however, it was gone…as was the humidity and it turned out to be an awesome afternoon and evening. Matt did the football and school thing. Luke had his first all-star baseball practice. Abby had a softball practice as well. I called Best Buy and they agreed to swap out our camcorder for a new one up in Greenwood. After practice, Luke & I drove up to Greenwood. While we were in the video camera section waiting to be helped, we were looking at the different cameras and Luke handed me the model we had just purchased. When he handed it to me, I noticed that under the hand strap, there was a lever. Sure enough, this newer version doesn’t have an automatic lens cover – it is manual. Our new camera wasn’t defective after all. I felt like a heel and got our old camera back and left the store. Luke & I went in to Taco Bell and had dinner. There were some rough looking folks in that place! We got home in time to watch the 2nd half of the NBA finals where the heat tied up the series at 2-2. There was sad news from the NASCAR world as we heard that driver Jason Leffler died in a crash during a sprint car race that evening. Especially sad is the fact that he was married and had a 5 year old son. We heard from Rob & Sharon today as well. They were hanging out at the beach at the Sand Pebble that evening before heading up to TN later to pickup the grandkids and bring them down to stay the week – fun!! We have lots of new and various Facebook pictures this week, including more from the Daniel & Kels’ wedding, more Week 19 pictures, more of my Scheu cousins, the Bryan family and one of my buddy Bryan with his niece.

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Matt had summer school on Friday. Abby had softball that evening and we thought Luke had a baseball game. It turned out that Luke’s game was cancelled but Abby’s game was still on. She went 2-3 again in a losing effort. This time they played Mayhugh’s who routed Bu’s team 2-15. She played 1st base and recorded only one out while batting 3rd in the line-up. Bu’s team simply didn’t come out to play again tonight, but they did get their softball pictures back. Ann went scrapbooking afterwards and the kids and I went out to dinner at El Chile Poblano. Bryan played the Indy Wine & Brew Fest up at Broad Ripple where he and his band mates in Skeeter McGee played for 5,000 people and were sponsored by Corona.

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Abby was up early on Saturday and went to the ball diamonds to watch her male friends play in an all-star tourney. Luke & I took Molly in the truck and mowed at Gma & Gigi’s house then came home and did the same. Luke was a big help. Matt also helped out with yard chores by trimming the bushes. Ann went scrapbooking. The kids and I ordered from our favorite pizza from Adamo’s one last time before they closed forever today and went in to retirement. That sucks. Luke & I got the oil changed and washed the Pacifica before Ann & I took naps on the couch. We woke up and went out to Bryan & Angie’s house to meet up with our Greensburg-couple friends. This was the last party at their old house before our current neighbors move in. We had such a good time that evening, just sitting out next to the pool with our bag chairs and coolers. …So many good memories in that big house…now to make some new ones across the pond at the new house! The highlight of the evening had to be when Jean took one last surprise dip in the pool – thanks to Bryan! They coerced me in to joining them…with no Easter towel! They lied when they said the water was warm!! Still, it was so much fun to get that gang back together in that house one more time.

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Sunday was Father’s Day. I called both Ron and Tom. I talked to Grandpa Scheu but had to leave a message for Grandpa Bryan. I waited for 3 hours and dropped hints to the kids, but I eventually had to get started on my weekly chores. Matt had stayed the night at a friend’s house and came back for only a couple minutes when Abby had talked him in to taking her out to the ball diamonds to watch her friends play ball again. She came home when it started raining and she got cold. Ann made lasagna for lunch and it was amazing! Thanks again, honey!! 😉 Luke, Abby & I got out the BB guns and had fun shooting at targets again today. We had originally gotten them out for a few minutes yesterday but played with them for quite a while today while waiting for the lasagna to bake. We watched the Michigan race (Gordon was wrecked out of the race on lap 6), took a good, long nap (at least two-three hours) and watched a few movies. Luke played outside after it stopped raining. He went on several bike rides and even took the dogs for walks. We watched a couple more movies and Ann made Fireworks popcorn. We ended the night watching the Spurs take a 3-2 advantage with an impressive win by 10. Now the series switches back to Miami where the Heat have to win them both to win back-to-back titles. Although I am not a big Spurs fan, I do like to see the older guys take it to the younger ones – Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all played like they used to a decade ago.

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Next up is our video section, which includes one new family video and several from around the internet.

Next up is our Waybac section. As we said last week, I made sure we had a few more pictures of Mom this week. Leading off, we have Great Grandma & Grandpa Morgan from the 1950’s; Grandpaw Brown from the 1950s; three pictures of little girls from the early 50’s – the first one I think is Aunt Midge’s daughter, the 2nd one I have no idea and third one MIGHT be Mom, but I’m not sure. The 4th one, though, leaves no doubt – from 1952, we have a great pictures of Aunt Brenda Lee at age three along with her sister Aunt Karen Sue at age one. Then we have several newspaper articles of Grandpaw Brown from ’53 & ’54, including an interesting article about a “drunkometer” where Grandpaw and an officer from Greensburg, of all places, are in the picture. Next we have a set of beach pictures – likely one of the twin lakes in Monticello in August of ’55 with Grandmaw & Grandpaw and Aunt Lou; then a picture and flier from August of ’57; a few of Mom and her family from the summer/fall of 1957 to summer of ’58 to summer of ’59 – including Mom, Grandmaw, Grandpaw, Aunt Midge, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Ralph, Great Grandma Brown, and one silly hat! Next we have the Elmwood Ave house in the winter of ’60; Mom in her Easter dress in April of ’60 and later at Easter dinner with all the family; then Grandpaw Brown marching in a parade with the FOP flag in early ’61; then Grandpaw back in the newspaper in 1965; Robby in our first Christmas a the Rockwood St home in ’81 on his new horse, Lightnin’; June of ’82 out on the front porch on Rockwood with Mom, dad, rob, Grandmaw & Grandpaw with me in my Allis-Chalmers baseball uniform. I was an all-star that year and in only one calendar year, that plant would be closed down, along with the adjoining foundry behind our house and LaPorte would be changed forever; also from that day, we have everyone out in the backyard. You can see the old garage still. That summer, I would make some money by scraping and re-painting it. You can also see one of the foundry buildings in the background. Next is June of ’82 still but this time Grandmaw & Grandpaw are attending something called the Grand Promenade (FOP or 40&8 related?) in Bloomington, IN; then Rob at Halloween in ’82; Rob, dad & I in October of ’82 during our birthdays; Uncle Timmie’s retirement party in February of ’88 (Aunt Dorothy is in there too); Rob’s new bike during Easter in ’88; Rob and date at a Rossville dance in about ’94; Luke’s birth at CRH in June of ’03, including big sis holding the newborn; Grandpa & Grandma Bryan with the grandkids in December of ’04 at their new house on the hill in Rossville; Matt & Abby playing in the fire truck tent in about 2004 out in the playroom; Luke on Christmas Day in 2006; Mom, Dad & Sue during Week 19 in May of ’07; and Abby at a cheer camp event in September of 2007 at Shriver Field.

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And that wraps up this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. We want to thank you for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you Mom and hope that wherever you are that someone sang Happy Birthday to you…
Later, Scheu

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  • Aunt Sharon

    Very nice, Heart warming, Hugs to everyone. Thought a lot about Sandy,, and boy do I miss her so much Love, Aunt Sharon

  • Uncle Robby

    Yes it has been a rough time for me as well Tommy. I have been experiencing that feeling of a void as well. I have found myself just starring at pictures of mom and even just holding our little teardrop at moments. I have come to understand things will always be different but that doesn’t help with me getting angry at times about the lose of her in our lives. We will always love you mom and miss you forever. I know dad has been struggling with all his emotions over the past 6 weeks also and sometimes I just wish I knew what to say or how to fix things. Well I just wanted to say I enjoyed the blog and all the old photos talk to you again soon. Love your little Bro

  • Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. We love and miss you guys.
    – Tom

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