Same old Fire, Another Flame…and the Wheel Rolls on…

Mom would’ve sure been proud to hear that her alma mater, Lafayette CC, won the Indiana baseball state title! Welcome to a special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. It has been so busy around here lately. The time has flown by this summer. It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the summer. We have seen the summer solstice come and go and are officially full-on in to summer. The weather has been very nice. We finished up with Luke & Abby’s regular season baseball / softball…and we started the next season. For Abby, it’s fast pitch softball. We heard from her coach and her first practice will be on July 1. For Luke, it’s all-star baseball. He plays first base for the team and is the clean-up hitter. Last Monday, Matt returned to his routine of football early in the morning and then went to school all day and had a pair of football practices at night. Luke had a baseball game vs. the Rangers (most of his other buddies on the all-star team). He batted leadoff and went 1-1 with a single, walk, 6 stolen bases and 2 runs scored. We lead the entire game up until the final batter (Luke’s friend Brendon) who hit a walk-off grand slam, unofficially (he actually had an RBI single that ended the game, but we like Brendon so it was a grand slam!). We were so happy for him but sad for Luke and his team who lost 10-11 officially.
On Tuesday Matt had football, school, football and football again. Abby was in the zone to begin her slow-pitch softball tourney. Their first round game was vs. Smith Implements (wait till you see how far in the zone below with the facial shots we got!). We put a hurting on them in the pouring rain, 24-5! Bu batted 3rd and went 4-4 with three singles and a triple! She had 3 RBIs while scoring 4 runs and defensively she had 3 putouts and 1 unassisted out while letting one ball get by her. Towards the start of the game but during one of the delays (there were two), I ran Luke over to Kohler park for an all-star baseball practice.

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Matt had school on Wednesday. Abby had her second tourney game, this time vs. Fifth Third, and got hammered by the top-seeded team in the league, 3-22. Abby batted 3rd and was 2-2 with a single, triple, 1 RBI and a run scored. She was very aggressive on the base paths and ran like a cheetah! Defensively, she played 1st base well again – with 5 putouts…but did let one ball get by her.

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Thursday was crazy busy! Matt returned to football and school. He had a doctor appointment w/ Dr. Guse in Columbus. He received great news – he is clear to do all lifting now and only had a few weeks until he can have contact! He attended a 7-on-7 football event at South Decatur where he got to work on his snapping. Meanwhile, Luke had a baseball game against the Twins, which have the 2nd best record in the league. We played them tough this time and nearly beat them. We left a runner stranded on 3rd base with 1 out in the final inning and lost 4-5. Luke lead off and went 0-0 but got on base all 3 times with 2 walks (good battle in the first at-bat…he probably saw 10 pitches!) and took one for the team with a hit-by-pitch. He had 5 stolen bases and scored two runs from the leadoff position. He played 1st base and had three really nice plays – one was a double play – he fielded a ground ball, tagged the base, threw a strike to Drew on 3rd base and Drew laid a perfect tag on him for the DP!! Then, on the next pitch Luke ranged backwards and caught a pop fly to have a hand in all 3 outs of the inning. Next it was off to all-star baseball practice and a parent meeting afterwards – we might get 16 games in this summer with two or three tourneys! Then, Abby played Walters’ Tires (neighbor’s team) for the 2nd game of the tourney and got to call the coin flip as she is the captain of the team. We beat them easily, 15-2. Abby played 1st base also and had about a dozen putouts but let one ground ball get by her. She batted 3rd again in the lineup where she almost hit for the cycle tonight!! She had a triple, double & single and a line-out to the pitcher. She again ran the bases very well, scoring 3 times and getting 2 RBIs. We came home, grabbed a quick dinner and watched as the Heat won the NBA finals.

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On Friday, Luke had a rescheduled baseball game vs. the Indians – it was our final league game. Luke batted leadoff for the Marlins again. He was again was 0-0, officially bud did have 3 walks and was caught stealing once. We won easily 10-3. Luke only a few balls thrown to him at 1st but he did good with the few that came his way. Matt was supposed to do Walk for Life, but got busy with his friends and didn’t make it out to the fairgrounds. Ann sponsored one of her friends in Mom’s honor, which was very, very sweet of her. It made me cry a little. I spoke to Dad, who sounded like he was getting around OK.
Saturday was mow day for Luke & I. I gave Luke the day off for his birthday and he spent a couple hours with Gma that afternoon. They went shopping and afterwards he went to Alex’s house for a while to play. Abby went out to the ball diamonds to watch her friends play in a softball tourney. She came home with her bestie Megan and the two of them went to the movies. Luke had his first all-star game on Sunday. We travelled to Batesville for a doubleheader against their all-star team. We looked terrible. We couldn’t hit, field or pitch. Luke played 1st base and made an error. He batted cleanup and went 0-2 with a line out to first base and a strikeout. We got smoked by 15 runs. During our break between games, we had a big storm roll in and thankfully washed out the 2nd game. We need more practice…

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Monday was Luke’s 10th birthday! We no longer have a child in single digits. We’re old… Matt returned to his daily routine of football early in the morning, followed by school then home to nap and eat before heading back to two more football practices and then coming home after dark to shower, eat and go out with his buddies for a little while. Meanwhile, we held Luke’s birthday party with close friends and family. Gma & Gigi were here, as were Phyllis & Dick and Alex. We had pizza and breadsticks then cake and ice cream after a death march version of the birthday song. That was followed by presents where he got lots of nice things, including shoes, legos, cash and of course the first baseman glove he has been begging for! We had to wrap it up early and head to the ball diamonds for Luke’s first tourney game. We faced the team we just played on Friday again – the Indians. This time they had their whole team with them, including their starting pitcher – something they didn’t’ have last game! They had us down and all the momentum. It was Luke’s buddy, Luke Hellmich (Phyllis & Dick’s grandson), that made a huge defensive play that sparked the team and a big hit by Coach Moore’s son Avery that tied up the game in the last inning and forced an extra frame. In that inning, we managed to score 5 runs and then held on in the bottom of the 6th to somehow pull out a victory, 10-5! Now that I think of it…it all began to turn around when Matt showed up in the dugout out of nowhere after practice – he is our good luck charm. Luke was in birthday mode and really didn’t want to play that night. He tried to go but we did not give him that option. He batted 1st and promptly went 0-3 w/ 3 K’s. He played 1st base with his new mitt and after he let one ball get by him, he switched back to his old glove (my softball glove). We brought Gatorades and baseball-decorated cupcakes. Meanwhile, Abby played in her 3rd softball tourney game – this time vs. Mayhugh’s and got spanked 24-3. Abby, who had been on a tear the past few weeks was off her game tonight, going 0-2 w/ 2 strikeouts (it was a bad night for the Scheu’s at the plate!). Unfortunately, Abby is now eliminated.  I hated that I couldn’t watch her in her final slow-pitch game of the year. At least we’ve got fast-pitch softball coming up next. Luke had Drew spend the night and Abby had Cami spend the night. Matt was thrilled…

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Matt finally got his mop cut on Tuesday in between football, school and more football. Luke & Drew, Abby & Cami and Ann went to Sky Zone for Luke’s birthday. They bounced and played and jumped and sweated and jumped some more (the place is a giant playground…with a giant trampoline for a floor! That evening, Luke and Drew were tired but persevered to attend their 2nd round tourney bball game vs. the #1 seed Royals. Luke lead off again but was still in birthday mode (or just exhausted from Sky Zone and staying up until 5 am last night with Drew!) and went 0-3 w/ 3 more strikeouts…yikes.  He played first base with his new glove but again had to go back to his old glove when he pulled a Billy Buckner and let a ball go right through his legs in the last inning w/ 2 outs and 2 runners on, allowing both to score. Thankfully we had already scored 4 runs and had lead the entire way. Thankfully, Drew was on his game again and shut the door on them with some outstanding pitching and we held on to win 4-2! We now play in the championship game on Thursday!! It rained pretty good overnight but cleared up on Wednesday to make for a really nice day. Matt had school. Luke played outside all day with Alex. That evening, Ann & Abby volunteered w/ Angie & Hannah to work the concession stand at the ball diamonds to help raise money for all-stars. However, the storms returned and all the games were rained out. That allowed Ann to come home and make Lukey his requested birthday dinner of toquitos and pasta salad (yummy!). Good choice, little buddy! We got Luke’s new glove broke-in with linseed oil and tied it up with twine and a ball in the web. He put it under his mattress and slept on it, as we have done with all of the kids’ gloves – just as Dad had me do when I was a kid back in LaPorte. We watched it storm and enjoyed a night off, lounging on the couches. :0)

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On Thursday, Matt had school and football. He was supposed to have a 7-on-7 competition in Milan but it was cancelled at the last minute. Luke was so excited to play in the championship baseball game. It was the final game of his regular season but unfortunately neither he nor most of the team didn’t really show up to play. They got down early and it got ugly really fast. We played the Twins for the 3rd time and for the third time, we were beat. Luke again played 1st and batted leadoff. He was 0-1 with a walk and a strikeout. He wasn’t real thrilled with getting 2nd place and neither were Bryan or I. Still, the boys came a long way this season. We got our trophies and pictures, headed over to the Sweet Shoppe for cold treats before going through drive through at KFC (Luke’s choice) to celebrate a winning season. Matt ate with his football buddies and we met him back at the house. Ann helped Luke pack to go camping with Alex this weekend.

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Friday was a wet day as storms swept through the area over night and were spotty all day. It dried up enough to have games at the ball park and Ann volunteered to take a shift to help the boys’ all-star team, which was really cool. Luke left with Alex for the woods to go camping. Matt was out with his buddies all night again. Abby had Megan come over to spend the night. They were so silly at times. I mowed over at Mom & Sandy’s house because the rains were supposed to stay with us through the weekend. It was hot & muggy that night. I came home and mowed the front yard as well. Our pool tree on the southeast side of the yard looks just awful. It is half alive and half dead (thanks to the tornado). We need to have it taken out, but the kids love to play on it still. I got up early on Saturday before it started raining again to mow the backyard. They are really making progress on the homes in the edition behind us. I would say there are about a dozen lots with either homes or being developed. Megan went home before Ann made a spicy garlic chicken that everyone loved. Afterwards we headed to Newpoint (about a 5 minute drive) for Hannah’s (Shawna’s oldest child) graduation program. It was a nice little set up. Ann & I discussed possibly having Matt’s reception here next year – YIKES…did I just say that?! The NASCAR event in Kentucky was cancelled as it rained there as it did here. We bummed around the house on Sunday, doing a few weekly household chores. Lukey came back from his camping trip and his all-star practice was moved back till tomorrow night. Matt played basketball with his wrestling and football buddies at the Fieldhouse and ran to the store for us afterwards. It rained on and off all day, much like it did yesterday. Luke, Ann, Matt & I took naps on the couch and Abby only got out of bed a few times today. It was an overcast day that was perfect for us to stay inside and re-charge our batteries before next week. Ann made one of our favorite lunches – biscuits and gravy! We watched the race, movies and our DVR’ed shows and took it easy, lounging on the couches and waiting for the excitement to start all over again next week… We have a ton of Facebook pictures. We have a new addition to the extended Scheu family! The newest member is John & June’s 3rd great-grandchild and Barney’s 3rd grandchild. On June 17th, Haley & Ryan welcomed Lila Grace – the first girl in quite a while! We also have new pictures from my Scheu cousins and their kids, Shawna & kids at a Reds game and of course there are loads of ones of our lovely Bu…

fbp13.6.96 fbp13.6.97 fbp13.6.98 fbp13.6.99 fbp13.6.100 fbp13.6.101 fbp13.6.102 fbp13.6.103 fbp13.6.104 fbp13.6.105 fbp13.6.106 fbp13.6.107 fbp13.6.109 fbp13.6.110 fbp13.6.111 fbp13.6.112 fbp13.6.113 fbp13.6.114 fbp13.6.115 fbp13.6.116 fbp13.6.117 fbp13.6.118 fbp13.6.119 fbp13.6.120 fbp13.6.121 fbp13.6.122 fbp13.6.123 fbp13.6.124 fbp13.6.125 fbp13.6.126 fbp13.6.127 fbp13.6.128 fbp13.6.129 fbp13.6.130 fbp13.6.131 fbp13.6.132 fbp13.6.133 fbp13.6.134 fbp13.6.135 fbp13.6.136 fbp13.6.137 fbp13.6.138 fbp13.6.139 fbp13.6.140 fbp13.6.141 fbp13.6.142 fbp13.6.143 fbp13.6.144 fbp13.6.145 fbp13.6.146 fbp13.6.147 fbp13.6.148 fbp13.6.149 fbp13.6.150 fbp13.6.151 fbp13.6.152 fbp13.6.153 fbp13.6.154 fbp13.6.155 fbp13.6.156 fbp13.6.157 fbp13.6.158 fbp13.6.159

Next up is our video section, which includes three new family videos and several from around the internet.

For our Shit that Luke Says section, we actually have a quote from Ann that I had to pass along. We have spent many nights at the ball diamonds these past couple weeks and Ann has been kind enough to volunteer her time by helping out in the dugout, keeping the book, looking after the boys and generally keeping the peace for us. Ann and I were discussing one of the pitchers in the game that I thought was doing a decent job and she quipped, “He really isn’t that good a pitcher – he throws too many foul balls!” 😉

Next up is our Waybac section. We lead-off this week with a picture of Grandmaw Brown from ’46 and then five from ’48: another of Grandmaw along with a picture of Uncle Keith and a couple from what I believe to be the house on Elmwood (with their dog, Mugsy) and another of Uncle Keith in his baseball uniform. Then Grandpaw in front of City Hall in the early 50s; Aunt Marilou in about ’51; Grandpaw in his police picture in ’52; pictures of the house and car on Elmwood Ave; Aunt Marilou (and is that Uncle Kenny?) in about ’53; Mom, Grandpaw, Aunt Marilou (maybe Lou Atha?) and friends in ’54; Cousin Peggy Timm in ’55; Mom and friends in ’55; several newspaper articles and pictures of Grandpaw in ’57, ’58 & ‘60 (including one with some school children – one of them is a little cutie – can you guess who that is??). Next we fast forward to Christmas of 1980 with Grandmaw, then Grandpaw & Schnapps in June of ’81; another great photo of Great Grandpa Morgan, Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown, Mom & Dad, Rob & I in July of ’82; Rob in October of ’82; Grandmaw & Santa in December of ’82; Rob in ’82; Austin in about ’96; Ann w/ Luke, Matt & Abby holding our newborn Lukey Duke in June of ’03; Matt & Bu at the Fair Parade in July of ’03; Matt’s soccer team in October of ’03; more pictures of our trip to Rossville for Christmas of ’04; Week 19 – Sue & Mike; winter at the Rossville house in February of ’07; and Matt’s birthday party in March of ’07.

Waybac.1946.csm1 Waybac.1948.01.mh1 Waybac.1948.01.mh2 Waybac.1948.01.mh3 Waybac.1948.01.mh4 Waybac.1948.mb Waybac.1950s.galch Waybac.1951.mbh1 Waybac.1952.gpr1 Waybac.1952.gpr2 Waybac.1953.bea1 Waybac.1953.bea2 Waybac.1953.bea3 Waybac.1953.bea4 Waybac.1953.mbh Waybac.1954.sil0 Waybac.1954.sil1 Waybac.1954.sil2 Waybac.1954.sil3 Waybac.1954.sil5 Waybac.1954.sil6 Waybac.1954.sil7 Waybac.1955.09.ptosp Waybac.1955.m1 Waybac.1955.m2 Waybac.1957.05.25.gin1 Waybac.1957.06.26.gin1 Waybac.1957.09.14.gin1 Waybac.1957.09.14.gin2 Waybac.1957.09.14.gin3 Waybac.1957.09.16.gin1 Waybac.1957.09.18.gin1 Waybac.1957.gamin1 Waybac.1957.gamin2 Waybac.1958.09.13.gin1 Waybac.1958.09.13.gin2 Waybac.1958.10.gin1 Waybac.1960.04.21.gin1 Waybac.1980.12.cil1a Waybac.1981.06.26.gsgc Waybac.1982.07.18.vtl10 Waybac.1982.10.rilp1 Waybac.1982.12.cilp6 Waybac.1982.reb.3yo Waybac.1996.ab1 Waybac.2003.06.24.lb10 Waybac.2003.06.24.lb11 Waybac.2003.06.24.lb12 Waybac.2003.06.lbc1 Waybac.2003.07.fp2 Waybac.2003.10.mst1 Waybac.2004.12.cir10 Waybac.2004.12.cir11 Waybac.2004.12.cir12 Waybac.2006.05.15.wn10 Waybac.2007.02.16.wir4 Waybac.2007.02.16.wir5 Waybac.2007.03.24.mbp10 Waybac.2007.03.24.mbp11

Well that does it for this special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. We miss ya, Mom. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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